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  1. Thanks for sharing, Steven. I was there just a month ago but I'm still jealous. You guys found some hidden gems that I didn't know even know existed and I am sure there are many more. That area is so special! Look forward to meeting you one day. Have a great summer.
  2. Rob - I have not had problems but yours sounds like the result of possibly just one fill up from a bad source. I would like to hear from someone who lives in QC and could comment on whether: 1) the Government requires ethanol be blended with their gasoline? AND if it IS 2))what percent is the maximum allowed? I made it a point to look at the pumps for labels but never did see one during my travels in QC this winter. To those of you adding dry gas, remember that if the fuel already has ethanol, DON'T add dry gas since you may over do it. Ethanol is hygroscopic (attracts water) and too much is not a good idea.
  3. Agree with dkarwh, people that ride based on hand signals are very foolish due to the always grossly ambiguous information. It is usually very hard to see the fingers, you never know if there are groups traveling close to each other, and I believe we should always ride "watching out for the other guy/expecting the unexpected". Speeds being what they are in QC also leave very little margin for error if one takes their hands "off the wheel". Pure foolishness as far as my $.02 goes - Our group has always used Collett Communicators and these to handle allot of the situations Greg covered regarding intersections, breakdowns, road crossings, etc. Additionally, they can warn of an oncoming group or grooming equipment - but we never depend on this either. 30+ years of riding likes to stick with the "Expect the unexpected" and "Always watch out for the other guy" mantras! Safety is no accident!!