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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to iceman in Team Iceman 2020 #4 Cote Nord   
    Saturday 7 March 
    after a short week with the ride with the Mrs. 
    Snohorse arrived at Chez Ice at 11:30am, I was ready and waiting. Gear packed, saddle bags ready and sleds in driveway. Trailer was here already but, needed to pin it to the truck before loading them up. Done finished by noon. On the road 12:15. Quick stop at ATM in Cap de Madeline and eastbound Autoroute 40. Lots of police out on this fine Saturday for running the black trail. Hammer down with caution. Great ride to Quebec City. Traffic at the junction for Saguenay and then smooth sail all the way to Baie St Catherine and the Ferry to Tadoussac. Perfect timing right onto ferry no lines no waiting. Quick cruise across and up the 138 to L’Escoumins. Touchdown 5pm. Stop at grocery for supplies and to hotel and all unloaded ready to ride. 
    Calm before the storm literally as it seems we cannot catch a break. Second run in a row with a storm in the middle of it. Not many options as snow will be here and Gaspe and Saguenay so no matter what it’s gonna be snowing somewhere. We are sticking to our plan and it will be what will be. Up TQ3 direction east. We shall see. 

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to Jackstraw in Eastbound from Victoriaville   
    Day 6
    Last day here, time to head back to the trucks in Victoriaville. Up early for a 7:15 departure. 2” of new snow overnight. Off we go, within 10 miles of cabano snow gets deeper now close to a foot breaking trail on the rail bed. Awesome an unexpected  powder day! Into the Tourville clubhouse for a late breakfast. Fresh snow levels drop as we head west from there. Little traffic and blue skies. Closer we get to to victoriaville obvious they got only rain. Trails still good and groomed last night. Into the hotel Le Victorian at 3:15 with 265 miles for the day. This area will be done shortly if no new snow. Awesome 1425 mile ride with a great bunch of guys! Looks to be my last ride this year but you never know! Great seeing groomer and Linda sled girl and Joel in Amqui. Mr and mrs gt rider, Mike rider and farmerold in RDL. Only issues where a blown belt and starter solenoid. Wrapping a rope around the clutch gets old! Hope you All  enjoyed following along!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to Jackstraw in Eastbound from Victoriaville   
    Today’s thought is Amqui . Dusting of fresh snow Last night and onto the 595 towards new Richmond. Freshly groomed last night and in stellar shape.  About 20 miles out blown belt on one of the 850’s quick swap and a stop at the dealer in new Richmond for a spare. Tq5 also in top shape. Lunch in Carlton at the clubhouse. Temps ridiculously warm, trails holding up with lite traffic. Into the select hotel in amqui. 225 miles. Storm coming tomorrow, we will see what transpires in the morning. Only 2 pics today after yesterday’s photo Rama. Gotta keep the picture police happy! Lol!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to Jackstraw in Eastbound from Victoriaville   
    Today was one of the days you remember. Blue skies with the most scenic part of the gaspe ahead! Tq5 freshly groomed! Perfect all the way to Mt St Pierre. Hit all the overlooks, traffic low, never gets old! After Mt St Pierre tq 5 is pretty spanked all the way to the 597 to murdochville which is also in need of some tlc. Lunch at the copper. Thought was new Richmond but rooms all booked. Deceide on easy day into la cache on the orange trail which could also use some tlc for the night. 188 miles


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    There still seems to be folks in the snowmobile community who are continuing to promote hand signals to approaching sleds about the number in your group. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Sunshine and  favorable temps this morning. SkiDoo420 and I agreed;  another trip to Moose Valley for lunch and come up with a new game plan for the second half of the day.
    Left at 8 am and arrived at the Moose 11:30,   125 miles, besting our last trip by 15 minutes. After lunch we decided swinging through New Brunswick and coming into Quebec below the Frontier club house was to much of a stretch. We decided to stay in the mountains and do a loop heading out northeast and circling around to come out near the Quebec border where we entered in the morning. On the way in to Moose Lodge, we chose the right hand trail this time. Almost as good as the left hand one, but not quite.
    For those that have never ventured to Moose Lodge from the Quebec side, it is endless miles of riding in the mountains with big wide logging roads, constant changes in elevation,  fast sweeping corners, and a few 'gotcha corners'.
    Moose Lodge  is nice inside. However, there is no lake by the cabins and I think a stay there overnight would be good but 'basic'.
    Took the longer way back once in Quebec going over to Isle Verte club house with the idea of doing a sunset ride on the green trails down by the island. Just before reaching the club the winds became fierce. Blowing snow was wild. A tree came down across the trail hanging just above head level. I thought a coffee at the club was a good alternative. Surprise, club is closed and for sale. So sad, great food, even greater lady that ran it, and always a warm place to stop.
    Back in to RDL at 285 miles for the day.

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to fredsleds in Manoir du Lac William   
    My wife and I stayed here Saturday 2/8 to Wednesday 2/12.  My second time here, last time with 5 guys and we stayed in the cottage adjacent to the hotel.  This time had awesome room in the hotel.  They got like 2 feet on snow Thursday and Friday.  Guys we talked too said Saturday was tough with huge drifts in the open fields. Great Sunday brunch then a ride to L'Ours Noir for lunch in Warwick.   Trails great, except TQ 25 near the Manoir, it sucked the entire 3 days, maybe the local groomer is down?  Second day to the Club at Bueceville all good except TQ 25 near the hotel.  Third day to RESTO-BAR RELAIS DES MONTAGNARDS, really cool sled Relais and off the charts smoked meat sandwich.  Great riding especially the straits on TQ 35 took the local orange trail fro TQ 25 to TQ 35.  It was like frosting on cake both ways.  Hardly anybody seems to use it and was perfect.
    The Manolir is a great place to go with your wife/GF.  Friendly staff, clean rooms, great gourmet food, valet" sled parking in a heated/locked garage, and an outdoor spa is one of the nicest I've seen.  All in all a nice few days with the Mrs.  Back to Domaine Bazenet in 2 weeks with the guys.  Chaudiere Applaches shouldn't be overlooked bu those coming from the US.  Less time on the "black trail" and more time riding.
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    Two strokes will always be affected more by bad fuel due to the destructive effect of combustion detonation caused by the water. 
    Might just be timing - those that got fuel soon after a delivery got a lot of water and/or dirt stirred up by the force of the delivery nozzle. Water will always be in the bottom of a fuel tank and without a way to drain it off will always become a problem most noticeable after a delivery or when the pickup is at the bottom of the tank. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from Florida Snowman in Bad gas at Repos   
    Two strokes will always be affected more by bad fuel due to the destructive effect of combustion detonation caused by the water. 
    Might just be timing - those that got fuel soon after a delivery got a lot of water and/or dirt stirred up by the force of the delivery nozzle. Water will always be in the bottom of a fuel tank and without a way to drain it off will always become a problem most noticeable after a delivery or when the pickup is at the bottom of the tank. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour a tous !!!
    sorry for the long wait ...busy here in the gaspesie....no time for skidooooooing and ballerines !!!
    long story short....down to st fidele cb ....turned around and up first long hill ....almost on top ...suddenly , motor fell into '' protection ''.....i was on my to turn ignition off......vroooOOOMM...motor started to pick up rpm ....even with ignition off
    took my snowmobile pants....lunch and thermos of coffee outside....while taking pics ...i was thinking ...forgot my head lamp inside + cell...motor still running wide open !!! cant remember exactly ...a few mins.....then dead...
    so , i went back inside with all my stuff....and started to use the radiotelephone....not my cell .....because im stubborn.....i have nt used that radio -telephone in at least 3 years sure....and i think its 4 ...why ???....because i  never liked that telephone....i was using my cell instead when it possible to call the waitress and let her know which trails was groomed...
    so, a few weeks ago , when i installed the telephone inside the cab ....i had in mind , i need to do  a test ...to make sure i remember how to use it...like i said never liked that telephone....so , i forgot ...way too many button to use it ...etc...
    so , last monday , i started dialing and diiiinnnnggg !!! had a memory blank...i tried at least for 2 hrs....and i was still hoping to see someone arriving ..
    so, because trail was freshly groomed , i was nt interested to walk down to the shelter....about 2 miles +....too tough on the legs.....i waited til 4 30 am ...took my lunch ...headlamp and i brought a bit of fuel to light the firewood at the shelter...
    landed there at 5 20 am ....tried to sleep ...no luck .....first sleds to arrive ...a group of 3 ....first guy never saw the shelter....second one  looked for a fraction  of a second...too late..
    when the third one arrived...i screamed so loudly ...he turned his head...maybe i scared him a bit with the face i have....so , i had prepared a paper earlier in the morning ....gave it to him and told him to stop at the clubhouse...instead...he stopped at the esso gas station in town.....
    so, help arrived at 11 am ...and landed home at 1 pm ...
    grooming is like snowmobiling ...always an adventure !!!
    once at home...i checked....it was -9c...and slightly windy 
    that gaspesian girl on the calendar ....she s right behind my snowmobile pants !!!
    the guy who stopped to talk to  me was speaking english ....never saw his sticker....so ,maybe from nb ....ns or from  the other side of the fence....blue polaris
    last night ....first run without my camera in many years....the lake ....local trail ste marguerite....st alexandre and lac saumon...... 8 hrs40 mins.....non-stop !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    good morning blueblood and smclelan !!!
    sorry for the confusion .......you don t pay attention to my pics !!!!....ahahahaha
    i posted pics last tuesday ....you did nt see the smoke coming from exhaust !!!
    while climbing first long west of st fidele cb monday ......turbo kaputt.....i was almost on top .....motor felt into protection ....i was on my way to shut the motor offto reset everything......then suddenly ...rpm went way up even if ignition was off...i went outside..took a few pics and look at the machine died there !!!
    the mechanic from the tractor dealer in amqui with a friend went wednesday to check it ....mechanic was sure to fix it right on the trail ....so ,yesterday they went back and no luck ...hard time to start it ...so, i  met my friend last night coming back with my ex ...half a mile before going down long hill in ste marguerite
    motor was running very poorly...he let my ex at the depanneur in ste marguerite ....and now im grooming with the groomer they have leased from the tractor dealer in amqui ..
    the one i have right have less hp ...like bluebood said.....it ll make longer .....slower in big drifts ...etc...and extra quebec words while grooming !!!
    did nt take long to realize there was less ponies under the hood !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour mike !!!
    special for sure ....my second ride since the late 70' s....back in the old days we had a snowmobile club in town ....and i went grooming with one of my brothers.....must be 78 or 79 !!!
    its a 1948 .....gm 250 .....and automatic transmission ....super clean inside and no smell of gas or oil !!!
    we need to find a personnal '' chauffeur '' ....and buy some wine and go for a 50 miles ride !!!...ahahah
    the only problem...i was seating behind and its kind of trouble to get out ....so , only  a few pics !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    friend of mine brought me for a tour de ville ...about a 4 miles ride !!!
    old days style !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from towing in Joliette/St-Côme(ice sculptures)/St-Zenon photo ride report 1st february 2020   
    Always a yearly treat when you share your trip to St. Come Alain! Excellent!
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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from quebec bob in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    Nearly all of the aluminum trailers have steel/galvanized axels. This cause galvanic corrosion due to the dissimilar metals and is accelerated by the presence of road salt. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to towing in Joliette/St-Côme(ice sculptures)/St-Zenon photo ride report 1st february 2020   
    Here is the path of our Saturday February 1, 2020 ride

    We started directly from the home in St-Thomas (near Joliette) by sled with the primary objective of going to see the ice sculptures in St-Côme. It was around -8C at the start with a layer of fog that the sun was chasing away

    We went through Joliette. Slightly past Lapointe Sport, the trail runs along the railway that we used to follow up to St-Félix de Valois in the past but we must now, almost at the beginning, turn left and make a detour. The trail that goes straight is the ATV trail only that takes the road further.

    The interactive map is up to date and I put a screenshot on which I wrote the old approximate route with red x and an arrow shows the intersection from where I took the pic above

    We connect back along the railway a little north of Notre-Dame de Lourdes

    The snowstorm from the previous weekend did a great improvement and the snow cover is now very good even in the south of my area. Here a little north of St-Félix de Valois. Note I have different pic size on this report,  some come from the camera of my sweetheart and others from my Gopro headset

    North from St-Jean de Matha, just past the BRP  dealer Gero, the Black River is marked and solid

    As we go up from the river, the trail that used to take the wood now runs along the road. A good path that ride very well

    A little further at the junctio we took on the left towards St-Côme

    The snowcover is excellent and the decor is beautiful

    Note that the trail run on a road bridge instead of an ice bridge this year. Here when approaching St-Côme

    The "St-Côme en glace" festival  was just started we were on the first day of it on February 1st, and it run 3 weekends up to the February 16, so you still have a lot of time if you want to come and see. As we expected, the ice sculptures were not yet very advanced and we were rather in the construction phase where we see the artists working on them. Unfortunately as almost every time we go there to take pictures, the sun hides as soon as we set foot in St-Côme! We laugh about it now it happens almost every time but we take pics anyway. Here is a sample of what we saw:
    Some sculptures are small ...

    And others bigger like this plane which is about to have an other wing 

    Several sculptures are well started and will be completely finished  in the next days.

    Several are real life size so always impressive to see

    This one is under realization and will surely be impressive to see when finished, a good one for the dogs lover like me!

    As usual they push the ice concept and go from cute to usefull!

    It was already past noon, so we went to La Marguerite restaurant at the entrance of the village. With the festival, they were obviously a bit overloaded and the restaurant was already quite full when we arrived but I have to emphasize the exemplary service they gave.  We got there around 12:25 and at 13:10 we had already eaten very well, bill paid  and ready to go! I stop eating in many places but efficient like them it's not common and it was the same there last year: my hat to them!
    Being near to leave St-Côme, the sun started to show up! so we took the opportunity to go see a couple of other sculptures at the entrance of the village.
    Here, the fox and the crow ...

    Not sure there was squirrels in this story but they are cute!

    and this fireplace with a lot of details, so realistic that it smelled like a log fire next to it ( it is funny buy was really true !!!)

    We then took back the venture and rode north on #343 trail

    There has been logging in this area in the past years because of the power line construction but it is over and we are now taking advantage of the forest road path they left us. Very nice to ride, wide and clear view.

    We made the detour to go and fuel up at Coin Lavigne

    We then took #33 trail north. The river along the trail offers several beautiful views

    We then took the local trail which brings us on the #63 further east

    We passed La Glacière and took #350 trail

    And then forked on #23 trail to go down south. The trail started to be worn due to the traffic of the day but it was really better than I expected 

    We passed the Pourvoirie du renard Bleu

    And took a break at the #63 junction

    We then continued and passed St-Gabriel de Brandon where the 2 dozers were just leaving to do each their their own runs

    To shape up the ride a bit, we went through Berthierville where we also met the dozer at the height of St-Cuthbert.

    We finally came back home around 6:15 pm with about 170miles on the dreammeter, another wonderful day for us. The suspension of the venture worked well because the sugar pie we had put in the Givi rearcase in St-Côme arrived home in not so bad shape ... and the taste completely intact !!!

    In summary, we are in the heart of the slead season and the conditions are great everywhere. If you want to make beautiful rides let go, it's time!
    For those interested, the St-Côme en Glace festival continues until mid-February and leaves you another 2 nice weekends to go if you don't have time during the week. The trail passes through the village so super accessible and the experience is as beautiful day and evening as most of the sculptures are illuminated. For more details: https://festivalstcomeenglace.com/
    Otherwise for more details on the trails and snowmobile in Lanaudière/Mauricie: https://www.snowmobilecountry.ca/en/conditions/
    I managed to capture quite a few good video scenes and I should be able to put you a montage here later this week ...
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to revct1 in 2020 Jack & Sandi's trips   
    It has been an interesting past week.  We know snowmobiling likes to tap the credit card once in awhile.  Well the Chevy Duramax wasn't starting good when we were up here for Christmas to New Year's so I had the batteries checked back home.  Note: two batteries.  One was bad but they are both original from 2014 so we will replace both of them, almost $400.
    Last week the check engine light comes on.  Of course an individual can't check any of this without a scanner so I bring it to a shop that I know good and he says one code but it refers back to two different items, the EGR or the cooler for the EGR.  To replace the EGR it is only $1,000 the cooler would be $1500.  Lets try the EGR.  He gets the truck ready for late Monday just in time for the trip Tuesday morning which the mechanic knew about.  The truck ran fine for the ride up to the Delta.
    We unload the sleds and as I'm backing the truck and trailer up against the snow bank for the week, I notice in my mirror, the tires on the trailer, dual axle, don't look right.  One of them is tipped in at the top.  I get out and look under the trailer and the front axle is broke in half.  Ugh!  This must have just happened in the parking lot.  I couldn't have dragged this very far because the tire would have blown out or fell off.
    Daniel and Bill put their heads together and found a trailer repair shop just down the street from the Delta.  Tuesday morning I drag the trailer there with Daniel.  The workers don't speak much English.  Daniel does the translation for me and the result is they can't repair the axle it has to be replaced.  OK that is what I figured.  We should replace both of them.  They are the same age, about 15 years old.  Two axles at $600 apiece and $400 labor it will be $1600.  There is a manufacturing shop in Beauce that makes the axles.  They can have them here the beginning of next week and then a half day for the install.  We have to do it.  Go ahead and order them.  Of course Sandi and I were talking this past summer about replacing the trailer because it is getting older and it is really bigger than we need.  Looks like we are going to run it a few more years now.  So we are going home Monday morning still.  The trailer will stay here for the repairs and then I guess I will have to force myself to come back up in a week or so to get the trailer.  I don't know if Sandi is going to make that trip.
    Then lastly, yesterday at the gas station in L'Acension, the TD Bank card was rejected.  I used it yesterday morning at the Ultramar, no problem.  The gas station tried it a half a dozen times.  No good.  I get Sandi to come in and try her TD card.  Same thing.  We use a different card and it goes right thru.  Hmm?
    Back at the Delta last night I call up TD Bank and they look it up and tell me the transaction went thru but for the wrong dollar amount.  It went thru for $37.71 and it should have been $37.00.  So know I have to dispute the charge when I get the statement.  Not a big amount of money but just one more thing to take care of.  The person from TD Bank said the gas stations seem to have the most trouble with cards.  She didn't have an explanation, just her observation.
    Other than that, yesterday was a beautiful ride.  We got a late start because of the trailer issue.  Sandi and I rode up to Mont Vilain for lunch and then looped thru L'Acension and back to the Delta.  The trails were fine.
    Jack & Sandi
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to Cnc in Lac St Jean Nightmare!   
    Pretty much standardized I imagine, but the clubs around here in my area of Que. stake ice crossings that are part of their trail system once the thickness is safe. They regularly check thickness and report dangers, slush, water or changes that could effect safety and or close water course sections as need. The best way to keep up to date with any trail related info these days is to look up the clubs where you generally ride on Face Book and like their page, you will then get news as they post. Again only from my experiences with  these particular clubs, announcements and news gets posted far quicker on their face Book pages than it does on their web sites. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Posi-Trail feedback   
    Collett Communicators equipped groomers with warning beacons (GWBs) that emitted a “wee-waahh, wee-Waahh” tone to your helmet radio. I rarely got an alert In Quebec but regularly heard the warnings in Vt + N.H.  As a groomer operator, it is always a scary thing to meet oncoming sleds
    As others have said, it should never be depended upon to enable riders to ‘own’ a trail like there’s no oncoming traffic. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Saddle bag experts !   
    If your wife would enjoy spa experience, instead of diverting to all the way to Montmagny, go to St. Paul-de Montminy and go here: https://www.appalachesspa.com/en  It is a beautiful place with outdoor hot pools, etc. it is about 30m SSW of Montmagny between TQ35 + TQ55. (If you drew a line between Montmagny + Lac Etchemin, it’s about in the middle)
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    When in RDL I love going out to eat at various places, occasionally enjoy La Cage, love the food at the Levesque, and perhaps my favorite, Symposium Restaurant in the downtown.
    RoadRunner had suggested La Imtiminet Bar in the downtown, he really liked it. I got a second opinion from a young lady at the front desk of the hotel. She loves the place and highly recommended it.
    So off I goes, downtown RDL. First, if you haven't been to downtown RDL, it is kind of neat, a little of the old world. No ice sculptures lining the street this year. Better yet, huge snow sculptures. I need to get there during daylight and get some pics for sure.
    So I find the place and go inside. Luckily a quiet Monday night, only about a third full.
    I am immediately taken with the decor. This place covers all the check marks The atmosphere covers all the occasions. It is REALLY nice inside.
    Romantic evening with the wife:  check     get a window seat.
    Night to pound beers with buddies:  check
    TVs to watch sports:  check
    Quiet enough to carry on a conversation without shouting: check
    Would the mayor entertain Prime Minister Trudeau here:  You bet!
    Food is a big selection of pub food and some higher end food.  The Pub food is at the highest end of the spectrum, yes, that good.
    The beer!!!!  Lots of tap beer. Tons and tons of beer from so many countries. And countless beers, and I mean countless, from microbreweries from all over Quebec.
    I won't mention the waitresses. I want all of you to go for the food!
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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from PLAYHARD in Please   
    There still seems to be folks in the snowmobile community who are continuing to promote hand signals to approaching sleds about the number in your group. 
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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    hi steven 
    great thx...like pic taken with big lens.....he re s 3  excellent shots ...without swelling my head up !!!....tbk !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    good morning !!!
    back from tq 5 ....mild temps ....-1c when i came back a bit after midnight ...windy ...mini drifts on the edge of the trail on my way back ...
    moose still do their jogging on the trail at many places !!!

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    vt_bluyamaha54 got a reaction from doonali in Please   
    There still seems to be folks in the snowmobile community who are continuing to promote hand signals to approaching sleds about the number in your group.