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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonsoir !!!
    -6c this morning !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Want a summer virtual ride? here's the Isle Verte video   
    I hope everybody have a great summer, Kristine and I have a nice one!
    1rst september today, the daylight started to shorten and the evenings are a little cooler ... good feeling!!!
    I had begin to edit some untouched video files I took last season and leave you this morning this one: The Isle Verte/Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs video overview
    It's Mr and Mrs GT Rider that talked me about this place when we met them in RDL last season. They also did put some nice pics/details in their photo report. They receiveid the hint themselves from mikerider, so I want to thank all of you for having lead us to discover this nice hidden spot!
    It is a small island in the St- Lawrence river approximately 20 mile east of Rivière du Loup which is connected to the south shore via a ferry in the summer, but only accessible in winter by sled via an ice bridge . They have their own groomer that surface the island road and little part of the ice bridge up to the main section of the river. Since there is no car traffic on the island, the trucks and cars are all buried in the snow and they use snowmobile as a daily transportation.
    Their trails are probably not federated because they are not on any trail map, it is not a  well known spot for sure!. It's a small place(around 8 miles long) that comes out of the ordinary with beautiful coastal lanscape/colored houses, also their lighthouse worth the view... by the way it is the 3rd oldest in Canada and the older on the St-Laurence river, built in 1809!
    As usual, it's best viewed in 1080p on large screen with the sound "on"....enjoy! 
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    mccaffrey reacted to GT Rider in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    We are so fortunate to have JG posting his photos.
    Great work my friend.
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    mccaffrey reacted to Je me souviens in ATV trail questions   
    Took a ride last weekend.  Left marineaus in Trois Rives Saturday morning,  hit the repos, Lunic then on to Parent for the night.  Next morning we headed back to Marineaus by way of kanawata.  486 miles for the weekend.   

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    mccaffrey got a reaction from dooright in Relais 22 from VT   
    I wouldn't mind doing that, that's a good question, i bet you Randy,  Mark or Steve would know. I would stay at Windigo.
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    mccaffrey reacted to neksledr in t-shirts, hoodies and hats....   
    That's what I do! Let me know if there is interest and I can mock up some items. Not sure who has to approve of such stuff, but if someone lets me know I can get the ball rolling!
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    mosquito weekend moose !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour jak !!!
    merci !!!
    i have an old rifle in the camp ....just in case....but i don t bring it with me while riding...stay in the camp !!!
    i ve been surprised twice by a black bear right in the yard of the camp....back in 2014  and maybe 10 years ago ,while walking in the woods..
    the one in the yard....right after i unloaded my stuff in the truck....i was at the table enjoying a cold one....that black bear appeared right in the yard.....
    i used to walk tons of miles in the woods....not much now...

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    back to colder temps...strong winds last night !!! 2 moose and 1 deer and 2 bulldozer !!!
    bud worms....getting bad again !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in 2020 Trail Permits - Online Only   
    They're pretty clear about this:
    How can I continue to support my local club?
    You should always purchase your trail permit from the club that maintains the trails you ride most often. A location map allows you to select your club and continue to encourage it. 
    *If you have kept your trail permit from last year, a 3 or 5-digit number (CCC-RR) located in the upper right identifies your club (CCC) and its region (RR).
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    mccaffrey reacted to MrGutz in ATV trail questions   
    Mini GutZ ripping it up yesterday at the MX Track in North Adams, Ma!

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    mccaffrey reacted to 800steve in US Medicare in Canada   
    With all the time we spend in Quebec, we should look into dual citizenship. That " free" health care could come in handy.
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    mccaffrey reacted to skidoo420 in 3 Day loop   
    700 miles and 13 hours later we finally arrived amazing views and fresh air 
    Oh and the dinner was great 

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    few pics from the other long weekend !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    first weekend at my camp...still a bit of snow !!!
    pics of mont blanc !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to Trailblazer in ATV trail questions   
    I don’t have much riding experience out of Shawinagan so I can’t speak much of that area. 
    Most of my/our riding is not in the trail network and done in back country roads and pathes north of Mt.Laurier and St.Zenon, I know these areas very well and have done a lot of riding up there.
    Cabanon would be a good location to do loops out of and/or a 3-4 day trip, Ste Anne du Lac good to start trips from too Rabaska as well good for loops and trips. Cabanon and Rabaska would be safer parking when leaving for a few days all though I haven’t experienced or heard any bad reports of SAdL. In the past I’ve started a few trips out Relais Windigo by the falls but that place burned down a few years back and so we park in SAdL behind the motel and ride out to Rabaska or up to Lunic and beyond, more options there. There’s a new atv/snowmobile bridge built last year crossing the Riviere Lapin so getting to Mekoos on atv from SAdL is now possible with out having to go 10 klms south on the highway risking a ticket to catch a backroad up to Mekoos.
    An interesting ride out of Cabanon, follow the sled trail up to the dam then on up to Repos and Kanawata, visit Casey and the runway. There’s even underground bunkers around the Casey runway that are interesting visits.
    Out of SAdL or Rabaska head up ch Lepine to Clova then on to Martins on the reservoir Gouin, from there head west, some nice dams and dykes to see and you can return via Balbuzard back to Ch. Lepine, more runways to see over there too.
    Good luck with your ventures
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonsoir skidoo420 !!!
    thx...good for you !!!
    i on my way to  post ,saw that you replied ...
    back from another ride...still winter...few more days before landing at my camp ...lots of rain lately ...but cold...saw 2 moose this afternoon !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonsoir !!!
    went to check how much snow left....
    should be able to make it at the end of the  week with my 4w at my camp....unless of  a storm !!!
    and not before 2 weekend with my truck...road still frozen or full mud !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to MrGutz in Jumping the Gun....?   
    Well I booked our first trip of 2020!!!
    Leaving Ma. on 1-1-2020 and staying 5 nights at the Delta.
    Too Soon?
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    sure !!! must be nice during winter too ...
    i know some went and on the patio ...snow was up to the railing...
    looking at the pic...looks like some already been there lately ...can see tracks

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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    bonjour !!!
    back from a quick ride....up to lake and back by logging road....friend blowed the snow at the lake....where i turn around !!!
    no more riding on the trail for now...too soft ..

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    mccaffrey reacted to smclelan in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!   
    My eyes aren't as good as they used to be....anyone see a trail permit on that machine????
    Unreal to still have such good looking conditions.
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    mccaffrey reacted to groomer in Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!! the operator !!!
    went to check if i was still good for one more run !!! ahaha
    im sure i could leave from the 18 miles on logging road and go to my camp easily !!!
    fyi....conditions still great for you as a mod and the administration of qr  to deliver my grosse poutine extra fromage !!!  hahah
    snow melting very slowly ...
    river in town is nt high yet ...i ve seen a lot worse !!!

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    mccaffrey reacted to dooright in Signature hotel , Quebec City   
    Deep base snow conditions and blue sky had a very Wyoming Rocky Mountain feel to it ! 

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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in Signature hotel , Quebec City   
    Launching out of that big ol' soup can is COMPLETELY badass!
    Way to "keep your head!"
    Thanks for sharing!