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  1. Starting where and going how far?
  2. Still no sled for me. It's in this pile!
  3. RAVE RE and Renegade are both 137. Renegade XRS has the best suspension Ski-Doo offers in a trail sled. Lynx is next step up, more like a "XRS+". It's geared towards stability in the bumps. Sit and cruise guys will be more happy with the Ski-Doo options. I like them both 😏
  4. The 600 is very, very nice. When it ends up in a red one, I'll have it 😏
  5. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm told it may look like this.😏
  6. 345 heading to the 83 goes within sight, (almost) of the Casey Airport, no worries there. 😏
  7. Same place as always, unchanged. They have 2 ways to get there, (3 if you count the road). Mystery every year what they use. The long way is open park roads, fast, smooth, easy to maintain but you have to backtrack to get to them. The short way is way less miles, routes you directly through their lot. But......... much more narrow, harder to groom, much more prone to wind, ice and snow damage, usually not really worth it.
  8. We stopped in LATE last season, Mario and Celine still there, still "divorced" but running the place. Very civil actually. She was the most friendly I've ever seen her. She is always better when there are less people there. Mario has always been awesome to us. I am rooting for Camp de Casey to get their stuff dialed as the location ON the trail is a bit better, and if you don;t mind roughing it a bit..........
  9. I've seen it not work, twice. Sorry they won't be getting my money........... You should plan on getting yourself out.
  10. I put in all XXX's for everything and it took my money, nothing in the mail yet.
  11. Very fun option. Plan your gas, lodging and ferry very carefully. The ferry waits for no one😏
  12. Sept-Iles and back is a great run, it's after that it gets dicey. You can make a nice loop and easily include a ferry crossing in the mix.
  13. Looks like we are set for another year. Une bonne nouvelle pour nos membres ! Motoneige sur les Monts-Valins : les partis arrivent à s’entendre pour 2023-2024 «Les membres de la Fédération des club… See more Good news for our members! Snowmobile on the Monts-Valins: the parties come to an agreement for 2023 - 2024 "Members of the federation of the clubs de motoigistes du Québec (FCMQ), who have a right of access for the 2024 season, will be able to ride on the marked and federated trails of the Zec Martin-Valin with their snowmobile without registering and without charging an additional passage cost." " - The Daily
  14. I think...... I lost........ my will to live with this news 😜
  15. I'm thinking the 20 hour, 7 days a week, 11 months a year can wear a person out..........
  16. https://www.centris.ca/fr/batisse-commerciale~a-vendre~la-tuque/11968674?fbclid=IwAR0U3eCIjw1FajceT50Gtu03QlnUvUhVNOW5Y7fKSgWkLsTpIPRipcK5Zgk&uc=2
  17. You can live a life of what if's, but it's a terrible way to live.............
  18. McDonalds for 2 cost more these days.
  19. CAN pricing, so almost free for USD.
  20. I would go with one of the available options today that are made for today's skis, that you can depoy when needed if I had to have wheels.
  21. Tiny trail reroute, nothing super interesting that I can see. Likely due to the road reroute.
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