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  1. previous day, same places basically....
  2. We are presently open , groomers are out, please be careful as a lot of ditches need to be filled Ride as if it was the beginning of the season Enjoy!!
  3. Hi i was going thru the pics so many are just like back in 2002 photo below onscreen is Groomer's pic from March 02, 2017 , under it is my pic from February 2002
  4. Enjoy your trip , give the Groomer a big hug n kiss from me lol and i am as i write this making a little envelope that says Kosap on it. In this envelope i will be saving $$ for a trip next yr to that area . You may have to pick me up on the Trans Canada ....right where the 401/20 join at the Timmies lol in Riviere Beaudette . Red Yamaha Vector keep an eye out for me
  5. I filmed this a month ago it's a long video almost need to watch all but if you have d--k all to do ...go ahead ...i put some type of music lol And it gives you an idea of how it looks around here :)
  6. a few weeks back i filmed this event and made a little montage
  7. Hey , thanks , I am happy i made the video, damn rain sucks.....yes we made the bridge lol to go north and we have another trail to head south out back of our place. So we avoid town in either direction...And yes there is now a Sidewinder in our garage
  8. just came back from a few km to check things out , looks good . Some of the pipeline needs to freeze over but other than that all is good :)
  9. Happy with my new sled

  10. mustang00

    I am back

    Glad to be back and happy that you were thinking about me! so happy to be riding again. we will ride soon, no worries i can keep up lol my lil vector is quick...
  11. mustang00

    I am back

    As in the Tragically not since 2011 , why do you ask, did i see you there thank you jean-guy, i am so happy to be back
  12. mustang00

    I am back

    We just bought 2 sleds this happy after all these years to be back on the trail...picking them up later on this afternoon