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  1. Gas at Scierie 54 also has no change for your cash payment, in our experience. Don’t show up with just hundred dollar bills.
  2. Dick and Sam ride maximum 4 in a group. 400 to 500 km per day. The additional inertia of 6 extra riders, plus the incremental probability of breakdown (mechanical or nervous) is unthinkable, so I give you credit!!
  3. Iceman - I remember the dog from 2010. The pared down Team of Sam and Steve arrived in Mont Laurier from Balbuzard about 5:00 pm, in the teeth of a visor-coating freezing rain storm. Trails from Balbuzard, through the Parent junction, south past Pourvoirie Fer de Cheval were terrific other than a nasty bit of logging as they approached the Parent junction. The trend continued to Saint Anne du Lac, where conditions abruptly deteriorated. It was a rough banging ride the last 90 km into Mont Laurier. Ice, rocks, ungroomable snow conditions. Pouring rain didn’t help. If you’re trailering up this way, don’t stop till you’re at Saint Anne du Lac. In any event, it was another terrific Quebec ride for the Team - 2635 km in six days staging from Mont Laurier, looping through Kanawata, Relais 22, Alma, east side of Lac St Jean, Chibougamou, Matagami, Amos, Senneterre, and the Parent junction. Thanks to all who followed or chimed in!
  4. Scenery west of Balbuzard.
  5. Photos of trail between Lac Faillion and Balbuzard. Divided highway for sleds!!!
  6. 7:00 am Friday morning at Balbuzard. Sam and Steve have had fabulous hospitality and food here. Filet mignon of venison for supper!! They are cannonballing to Mont Laurier today with forecast for freezing rain later this aft. No worries, these horses are heading for the barn!!
  7. Sticker at the bar!!!
  8. Steve and Sam now ensconced at Pourvoirie Balbuzard, enjoying a pre dinner drink. Trail from Lac Faillion to Balbuzard was fabulous, it’s wild burned-over land with gorgeous scenery. Steve was lucky to spot a mama lynx with two kittens. Steve also enjoying himself here.
  9. Sam and Steve arrived for a pit stop at Auberge Lac Faillion at 2:15 pm after 405 easy kilometres from Matagami. Trail from Senneterre to Lac Faillion was 10/10. Lots of snow, blue skies, no troubles. Having a quick glass of milk, then on to Balbuzard.
  10. Update: Sam and Steve arrived in Senneterre at 11:20 am after 305 km. Trail from Matagami to Amos was a bit rough but still managed a good pace. From Amos through Barroute to Senneterre was absolutely impeccable. Team is at the local greasy spoon - Steve having clubhouse sandwich, Sam opting for the more modest chicken ceaser salad. On to Balbuzard this afternoon. Dick and Dave enroute to Mont Laurier, currently about one hour or so out of ML.
  11. The news for Wednesday is the Team split up after lunch in Lebel. Dick and Dave opted for the direct route home, while Sam and Steve swing north to Matagami. They covered 410 km over 10/10 trails, ending at the Hotel Matagami. The place is chock full of snow, in what looks like a never-ending winter. As mentioned, Dick and Dave are hurrying back to Mont Laurier. Accordingly, they covered 590 km of trail yesterday in an epic leg from Chibougamau to Pourvoirie LaVerendre. They arrived just after dark, enjoying rock star status among the guests after their marathon ride. https://www.pourvoirielaverendrye.com/ Today Dick and Dave should be back to Mont Laurier by noon. Sam and Steve continuing their extended loop, planning a leisurely 490 km from Matagami through Amos ending east of Senneterre at Pourvoirie Balbuzard. https://www.balbuzard.com/
  12. The Team arrived last night about 5:00 pm at Hotel Chibougamau. The place is full to bursting with sledders and itinerant workers. Great supper at the house restaurant. 420 km were covered yesterday. Dick and Sam went around the east side of Lac St Jean, the kids took the direct route across the lake, rendez-vousing in La Dore. Trails were 10/10 all the way! It’s off to Lebel sur Quevillion for lunch at the pizza place, then an afternoon run to Matagami! No rain or warm-up here.