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  1. #1 if caught riding while intoxicated lose everything. Sled liscence car ect. NEVER get them back. ( I feel the same about TEXTING and driving. But that's a whole other subject) #2 WHY should someone have to have a licence to drive a car to be able to ride a snowmobile? Even if they are under 18. I know many kids that are better riders than most adults. Take the ability for them to ride on their own and they will loose interest and find something else to do. I do understand there needs to be some restrictions on age but as far as I am concerned 14 year olds are capable of riding on there own. At least I feel like I was. #3 WHY do I care???? If I am riding in NY its on the St,Lawrence river and there isn't much traffic out there! I guess I'll just stick to Quebec!!
  2. We rode that trail Friday. Not great because of brush in places but very passable.You just need to pay attention. I would say 3 out of 5 stars. Gas station in Swisha is open.
  3. We stayed there a few weeks ago. Truck and trailer parking across the street. They have a dedecated place for sleds behind the hotel that looked pretty good. NICE rooms.
  4. I talked to Eathen at Dumoynes Guide service in Swisha on Wednesday and he said 43 wasn't in good shape. They have had equipment troubles. 386 is supposed to be really good though.
  5. That's the truth! I've been 30 kms from a place at for at least 80 km a bunch of times!
  6. OK here it is! The report! Not going to be very detailed. Made it through the storm in NY. Like I said before it was not good but made it. Drove up to Shawinigan on Friday Feb.1. Short ride when we got there.80 miles or so. Saturday Dad wakes up with a bit of a cough. No worries it will get better when we get in the fresh air. Head for the Delta. Long day 285 miles. Great trails until 83 for the last 15 miles or so. But to be expected in a busy area. Sunday Dad isn't feeling too well so I head out for an 80 mile loop by myself. A couple friends Nick and Emily come in Sunday night so we plan to ride together and head up 3 to Forestville on Monday then plan to go up to the ferry to Matane on Tuesday. In MT Valin we find out the ferry isn't running. Too much ice. So lets go to Charlivoix. Nice rooms but too hot inside. Have to run the AC! Dad is going down hill. So Tuesday we decide to head for the truck and make a new plan. Long day again but still nice trails. Get to the truck and run down to Levis and meet up with our friends again.Send the night there. Dad says if we get to RDL and he can rest a couple days at the Universall and he will be good to go. So he takes the truck up and meets the three of us there. It was an excellent ride up there from Levis minus the early morning icy spots from the light rain the day before. Get up Thursday morning and now Emily isn't feeling good either. Dad isn't getting any better either. Yep time to pull the plug and head for home. I did get an offer from MIKERIDER to stick around and ride with him for the day. But there were too many signs that said go home. So down the rode we went. So now we are looking to go back up in a few weeks. Not sure where yet and don;t really care as long as everyone is healthy!!!
  7. Gee can I post on this thread about my Quebec trip or is just about Tug Hill now???! LOL! Anyway I made it to Clayton on Thursday. I will say I’ve been going up and down 81 for a long time and been through many snow storms. Thais one was the worst by far. I actually thought about just stopping a couple times. I’m no rookie to driving in bad weather and it really concerned me a few times. But I made it!! Thursday afternoon Dad and I checked out trailer and sleds and got to hang out with some friends . Loaded up early Friday morning and headed to Shawinigan. Made it there about 2:30 so enough time for a quick 40 mile warm up!! Left there a little later than planned ( 8:30-8:45)but hey that’s how it always goes! Finally made it to the Delta around 8:30 tonight! In the grand scuff things it was a good ride! Food just got here so I will finish today’s report in the morning!
  8. The last thing I am doing before I head north! Just a quick post. Truck is ready ,dad has the sleds ready in NY and I'm leaving North Carolina as soon as I'm done here! Looks like we are starting in Shawinigan on Saturday and headed for the Delta for the weekend then down to meet some friends on 3 and head up the north side to the ferry in Baie Comeau to Matane and back down the south side to Levis and across by truck from there.! That"s the plan anyway! We shall see how that works out! The biggest slow down I see is the weather north of Syracuse. I'm going to drive up into PA tonight and finish the ride in the morning. Hopefully we get to run into some other QR people on our adventure! Looking forward to it! So with that said everyone be safe out there and I will give a report as we go and if not when I get back for sure!! HAPPY TRAILS!
  9. I could not agree more.The consequences are no where near enough. There should also be a Pass that needs to be purchased that goes to the trail clubs that maintain the trails the off trail guys use to get to where they are going. But keep in mind just because someone is an off trail rider doesn't make them a bad guy. I myself like to ride in the deep stuff once in a while. I would like to believe most are just as respectful as most trail riders are. There are some giving each a bad name but not all!
  10. FCMQ is aware that the off trail riding is growing and they have a page with info about where you can go. Yes it sucks that some people are not following the rules. I think it's safe to say that most of the time there is a problem it is usually locals. I could be wrong. But being from the US and talking to many people about Quebec I feel like most who go there from the US are there to trail ride. And most know the rules. The only thing we can do is educate as many as we can and hope for the best.
  11. I know that warming hut well. It's south of LaTouqe. Last year 5 of us left LaTuque in the morning at -30f headed for St.Raymond and had to stop there and light a fire. It is the first time we have ever done that. I don't think I have ever been that cold before. We spent at least an hour there. Thank you to all the clubs that take care of us like that!
  12. I just read on HCS and seen pictures of a Yamaha with an 880 Genisis 2 Stroke. It looks like it has Cats mono rail rear skid in Mountain trim. Maybe they are up to something!!! Anyone else see or hear of this???
  13. Great videos! Last year was my first time from Relais 22 to La Touque. I can remember just about every spot I saw on the video! Especially the bridge on the north side! And the river north of Shawinagan is a must do also! Thanks for sharing!!!!
  14. Check out the amount views? over 1,000,000,000
  15. X2 on the hills before the Indian Res. One could do some major damage there!