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  1. It’s getting closer

    Where is the bridge on page 72-73? I want to see it first hand!!
  2. Whats everybody doing this summer?

    Outside of work this is our summer in the south!
  3. I'm not sure of the exact details but over Sunday night we stayed at Relay 22. As we were eating dinner a guy left out on a sled. Maybe 20 minuites later he came back in and we could tell he was hurt. He was of coarse speaking french so we didn't know what was going on. Later I was taliking to couple others who spoke english and asked what happend. They told me he hit another guy on a 4 wheeler. Now I don't know if it was where the trails crossed or not but it did make me a little more leary of the stop signs where they do cross. Just thought I would put this out there. I am curious as to how the guy made out. I don't think his life was in danger but he was hurting for sure.
  4. Pirate ride.

    I think I seen the evidence when we came back from Chiboogie! I remember thinking to myself that someone had a good work out getting out of there! Pretty sure we passed you guys about 20 miles east of the saw mill!
  5. Starting point  Rapides-des-Joachims question

    Call Eithan 613-586-2300. He is an Outfitter there.Don't know the name right off hand.Trail right to his door. Has safe parking and nice rooms. And he speaks english very well.
  6. I'm boycotting QR!

    We stayed at Drakkars and headed up the river (AWESOME!!) then up 355 then to La Touque for lunch. From there to Robervall. Next day Chiboogie for the night. Back to Relais 22 for the night. Then back to the truck. For the most part it was a GREAT ride. Trails were second to none. Only hickup was one in the group ended up in the trees on the way back to the truck Monday. A little sled damage but no injuries. So as far as I'm concerned it's all part of the adventure. Not really sure what happened. Seasoned rider who is probably more carefull then most. But like I said no one was hurt so I feel no harm no foul! Tonight is the first night I have had time to get back on QR. Thats why no reply earlier. All in all we had a great year! Around 2200 to 2300 miles. Not the most for us but not the least either. I am already looking forward to next year!!!
  7. I'm boycotting QR!

    Were on one Black Gade 850 one white Gade 850 and a Polaris Adveture Black. Might be one more on an Orange 1200, Leaving from Shawininigan Friday and heade tward LSJ, Then hope to make our way west. We are starting with a group of seven on friday but some have to go back early so not sure what the exact plan is going to be, We may break up on Saturday morning.
  8. I'm boycotting QR!

    Looks like we may end up in Chiboogie some time Phil. Maybe we can cross paths! Either way have a safe ride guys!!
  9. I'm boycotting QR!

    Alright couldn't take it. FLIGHT BOOKED I WILL BE ON MY SNOWMOBILE BY FRIDAY MORNING!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm boycotting QR!

    I can't take it anymore. All you people talk about is how GREAT it is to be riding, I know I have already rode 1350 miles this year but IT'S NOT ENOUGH. And to top it off it's 75 degrees here in North Carolina. How can someone dream about riding their new snowmobile when its 75????? Then to top it off I have to come in to the office and read about what a great time everyone is having. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. So........ with that said I guess I'm going to just have to go back in March to see just what the hype is all about. HAPPY TRAILS EVERYONE AND MOST OF ALL BE SAFE!!!! SEE YOU IN MARCH!!!!!!
  11. BRP Linq saddle bags

    PM sent
  12. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    I don't understand why your trails are open. There is obviously NOT enough snow!
  13. Trail conditions Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

    Reading about the four strokes not running brings back a memory for Dad and I. 2012 or 2013 we left Amos heading east. About 20 or so mile in to the ride i noticed my recoil handle coming out. Sure enough something was broken inside. I knew it wasn't an easy fix. We stopped at a couple different places to try to find tools to do such a project but no luck. Being it was a Sunday the day was shot for sure. (keep in mind every time we stopped i left it running.) No electric start on a 2006 800. We end up in Senetere for the night and going to take it to the dealer in the morning. The next morning it's close to -30F. There are two Yamahas and two ski doos in the lot with us. The Yamahas both wont start. I really felt bad for the guys. I REALLY felt bad when they watched me take my rope from the tool kit and put it around the clutch and start my sled on the first pull!!! What made it even worse for them was the two Ski doo guys with them would not let up. It was deffinetly funny to listen! Like I said i did really feel bad for the guys. Nobody wants to buy a 12 - 15 thousand dollar machine and have problems. I hate to hear about it but unfortunately it happens.
  14. Ahead of the Pack!

    That is why we always say we are not going for a RIDE we are going for an ADVENTURE!!
  15. At work with Iceman

    That's really cool Don! Except for the flat tire! That would suck to fix in a snow bank! I have been involved with heavy equipment all my life so to see the stuff they use is always eye candy for me! Thanks for sharing Iceman!!!