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  1. Mt Valin looking good

    What skis are you running on that Freeride RR? Safe travels.
  2. Relais 22

    Same here. I believe it was on mileage psycho site, but not 100 %. I think my first picture was in 99 at this iconic cross roads. :bc:
  3. Groomer Contest 2016-2017

    Do we all get a participation trophy?????????? :lmao:
  4. Groomer Contest 2016-2017

    Jan. 3rd please! (9am-9pm)
  5. Windshield wanted

    I believe it is the REV-XS. Thanks,
  6. Windshield wanted

    I am looking for a med windshield for my 2013 800 renegade X. If anyone is looking to clean out their garage please message me. Bob
  7. Update

    Thank you John. :bc:
  8. THE BORDER- Season Ender

    Ha I know that island well. :bc:
  9. Summer in Quebec seen differently...

    That's just awesome. Thank you for sharing Alain.
  10. Charlevoix loop

    I should have been there with you. At least my trailer made it to the great white north this winter.
  11. Mont Valin/Lac St Jean 3/7-3/11

    One of my favorite places to stay when up in Mt. Valin.
  12. Baupre to Roberval today

    Not true, I heard they hit 3 bumps and its cold. They may abandon and come home. :bc:
  13. New bridge

    I always wanted to go first. :bc:
  14. Thanks guys - Now I just need to unload my old stuff. Everything happened kinda quickly. Wasn't planning on this and now I have 4 sleds and 2 trailers.