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Famous Red Sticks


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Red Sticks

LA BALISE ROUGE (Delineators)


In order to delineate the lateral limits of their trails, snowmobile clubs use red markers. These delineators are installed on each side of the trail at a distance not exceeding 90m from each other in a non-treed area.

The whole delineates THE SPECIFIC LOCATION AND THE ROUTE TO BE FOLLOWED or the owner has granted us the right of way.


The color of the markers makes us recognize our dedicated trails vs. the quad trails which have blue markers.

The markers allow us to orient ourselves during snowfalls

The reflective top of the markers also allows orientation at night (white on the right and yellow on the left)

The beacons are installed in addition to all the precise places where we must avoid or bypass a danger that may not be visible (Rock, stump, ditch, etc.)

Patrollers can also install additional beacons at any time at locations where a new hazard has just appeared (ex. sudden thaw, etc.).

The beacon is the snowmobiler's best friend, because by following it and staying within its protection, it protects us from traps that can be deadly.

The beacon is also our best friend, because by respecting them and riding inside them at all times, we will be able to keep our rights of way and be able to do so for a long time.

Let's respect our friends, the red beacons and their uses.

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white on the right and yellow on the left

Never knew that. But again there are next to zero red stakes where I ride most. I need to get out of the bush and back to some good field riding. Seems like it's always smoother sailing. Problem is it usually comes with a lot of road crossings and towns. The bush has neither. 

Think that might be the later February trip. 

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