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Perce Rock, the Arch


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1 hour ago, Fuse6 said:

Just read on Facebook that the arch in the rock has collapsed.

First l ever heard that and would think it would be big news.

Any truth to that?

bonsoir fuse !!!


p e  i ......

A must-see jewel of the Prince Edward Island National Park, the "percé rock" collapsed this Sunday, November 13 during the morning. After being weakened by hurricane Fiona, it was storm Nicole that got the better of this natural monument and it was a disaster. If you wanted to visit the Maritimes next summer with your family, your friends or your significant other, you will have to find another park to admire. Luckily, there is no shortage of beautiful landscapes in Canada.

Popular with tourists, the rock formation of MacKenzie's Brook often features on postcards and other trinkets that illustrate the beauty of the island. The place is located on the north coast of the province about thirty kilometers from its capital, Charlottetown.

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11 minutes ago, poltodoo said:

So not the Perce / Gaspie  but a rock in PEI??

bonsoir poltodoo 


yaaa...percé rock.....p e i 

if it would have been the real one, my glass of wine would have spilled !!!😛



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1 hour ago, Fuse6 said:

Thanks Groomer

Glad your wine didn’t spill. 😊

my lucky day ...at least i learned something ...did nt know there was a '' percé rock '' in pei

been there in 74 .....once we landed in borden ( ferry )..we were staying in  a b &b in crapaud  .....private house .....the guy was related to politic in charlottetown (parliament )

frank myers ...his pic on the wall somewhere there





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