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It is time


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4 hours ago, iceman said:

Make Gaza a parking lot.


IDF will get it done.

Now that's a bold statement that alot will agree with. 

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1 hour ago, poltodoo said:

Unfortunately barbarians holding a medieval grudge over who's religion is best.

The only way it ends is when none of them exist to remember they hate you for existing!!  Make the place a sheet of glass

The barbarians are bullies of the religion and the good people of the religion fear them. The problem I see is there are bullies in our country of this religion and they will start the same here. Lucky for some of us is these people are in large communities where they can hide their true feelings.  Sooner or later they will show them selfs because they will have the money from the true terrorist in the Middle East to supply their needs.  With our new laws of letting the bad people go I think we are in trouble. Only my opinion. 

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I stand with the Israeli woman and children, as well as the Palestinian women and children. If anyone thinks the Israeli gov isn't corrupt like our gov't you haven't been following along the past 7 years. Q said save Israel for last and here we are! It's  ashame more have no clue whats transpiring in the world. Been following this for 7 years now without watching tv and fake msm. It's a beautiful thing when you know what's going on! It's going to get worse before the end of this shit show.   

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