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Norton VT to Sawyerville, QC & beyond....


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Molly and I left our camp in Averill, VT on Friday morning and crossed through Norton customs. Trails had been groomed perfectly flat and zero traffic. The fields and road crossings however were showing some snirt. Overall, great cruising, but very slippery in the turns. This was to be just a short test run for a Sunday ride when friends arrived. Came back through Beecher Falls and back to camp with 70 miles in just a few hours.

On Sunday after friends had arrived we headed back through Beecher Falls with plans on running up to the Sawyerville Hotel for a beer and to watch a few laps of the race. There was 3-4 inches of fresh snow and the trails were perfect and fast. Still had to watch for ice in the corners, but that proved to be quite fun after lots of practice! Arrived in Sawyerville around noon to find the doors locked up tight! Apparently Sunday is a day of rest there. So, jump on the railbed of 55 and covered the 8km to Cookshire in what seemed like 60 seconds, Wow, that railbed is fast! However...Resto du Vieux Tonneau was closed as well, so no refreshments here either. Backtracked and took 55 west in search of an open establishment. While on the railbed headed back Molly and friend Julie had a couple of deer decide to cross in front of and between them as they were heavy on the flippers! Could have been a bad outcome, but everyone was fine. Only after arriving in Compton did we find an open watering hole, but no race here as the Olympics were taking center stage. After a quick break we jumped on the 521 and bee-lined for the  Norton crossing. Only 125 mile trip, but the trails were fantastic and we met maybe 8 sleds total. There is a lot of fun to be had in the Eastern Townships for sure, and no competition on the trails.


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