Crossing the Taureau reservoir at spring.... video

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We did this strech on our season ender on the 13april19. I had seen that a body of mine did it the day before and it was fine so I was thinking it would still be dry... but it was not! Most of this stake's path is on ice laying in the bottom of the reservoir so the water spots on those sections are more impressive than dangerous. The rivers crossing, especially the sides of them worried me a bit but others sleds infront open us the way. We finally really enjoyed playing like kids in the puddles but not sure I had done it if I had know before!! 

Crank up the sound and enjoy!!!



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17 hours ago, SnomoGary said:

Great video Alan , and I'm loving the music track. 👍

Thank you! I love this music track too, it's similar to Johnny be good song, really nice!

I always use right free music for my videos and it's tought to find some real good stuff but there are, like this one. I had listen many many tracks in right free music libraries on the net and kept those one that I like in my own music bank on my PC. it's in this bank that I "shop" my I do my video editing.

13 hours ago, mikerider said:

Nice fast run, looked fun.

it's a reservoir so we always need to take care, especially at this time of the year but yes it was a funny one! .. and you know the rule on a lake: if in doubt, push the throttle!!!

10 hours ago, GSX800 said:

The laughter at the end tells the whole story.  Good fun, good times, good friends.  Isn’t that the reason we love this sport so much?  

You absolutly got it!!!😁

among other events,  after we got out the last river, before the last stretch around 1:30 on the video there was a big puddle in front and I just didn't think further than hitting the throttle hard to fly over it... but we had our friend Luc behind that was about getting out of the river... he had just the time to put his head down before gettingt a pressure wash shower directly at him 😂 😂 to bad the camera was pointing forward!! 😂  He is real good partner and i'm sure he will take is revenge one of these days! 😅

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