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Quebec & New Brunswick trails

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So looking at a trip where I'm  leaving RDL in the morning to do lunch at Moose valley.  Looking at the trails I don't see any legend for mileage or even as to what the trails are like. Wondering if leaving Moose Valley after lunch and heading out towards the Campbellton  side and where I should look to spend the night.

Any comments on this route is appreciated.


Thank You,


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09A20FD9-7FA5-4CEA-81B5-2D0BE22C6F1D.thumb.png.1271ae71d5accb5115fce2d3656b8465.pngGo to Legends to see the grooming delay map.


For mileage hit the Black Diamond with the right hand arrow in the top right corner of the map. Can then drop pin A and B to map your route and show the mileage.


Comfort Inn is what comes up on the map.  Haven’t stayed in Campellton so don’t know if there is other options. 

Most the running in north NB is fast. If your doing 300 km a day in the Gaspe can do 400 in NB in similar time.

We will likely go back to NB next year. Did 1,900 km there in 2018. There is handful of lodges similar to a Moose Valley, more in the interior. Will try to plan our route staying in them when possible.

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