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  1. They have gates on the bridges, but just have to ride on the side of highway for 60 feet or so to by-pass them, so thats what they have been doing...
  2. Well, 3 million in the hole, three times the trail needed to be rebuilt in several areas due to poor construction, and no trail.... the MTQ came out sometime in the last 2 weeks and posted it all with "no snowmobiles or ATV" signs... there are still the group of dorks who are passing on it despite all of the issues, must have been at least 20 sleds on it in the last three days alone(it will be these guys that ruin it for everyone else, just like the PTN).... It is a total cluster-fuck, both by the clubs, the greed of the company who did the work, the government who did not do their job properly in the vetting process at the very start when they studied the trajectory to verify all the wet-zones, creeks and streams that need special attention... the FCMQ should be ashamed of the part they played in this as well... IMHO, this trail will never open in its current state....
  3. Think again, the ministre du transport in all of thier wisdom seemed to over-look a couple of land owners right beside the trail when they did the study and it is blocked.... they put up signs which have the round red circle and slash through with both sleds and atv all the way along from mont blanc, all the way back to gauthiers pit on the 117 on the new trail...... Heard it was already past 3 million dollars of wasted infrastructure dough....
  4. BTW, has any of the moderators looked into granting me my extra photo space since i paid my supporting members fees?
  5. Finally there has been a fair bit of back-tracking, wash-out repairs, and an all out major back up as to where the trail was supposed to be, but things appear to still be advancing....
  6. Looks like the trail passes under the lines further west, back towards Riviere rouge, along the chemin Macaza.... I would venture to say its more in that area.... Cuts off the bar and store from the western section of the trail....
  7. I wonder how close it is to a hydro quebec cut line? Could be riders are leaving marked trail to get to the power line.... starts to be tough if trails need to be fenced to keep riders off private lands....
  8. They had 5 cat excavators working along the trail today, a bulldozer, several 10 wheelers and 2 compactors.......
  9. We had a couple jobs in St. Jovite today, so we took some pictures of the intensity of the work, but i have reached my picture limit...LOL...
  10. This will hit the merchants in Macaza hard for sure... too bad...
  11. Huge work is being under-taken at the bottom of the Morrison hill, about a kilometer past my last picture, they are actually putting an entire stream under ground for approx. 500 feet, and to our count, they have already prepared for a minimum of three bridges so far, and one almost finished... So not just a bit of trimming, this turned out to be a quite expensive venture...LOL... if we had to guess, its up to $1,000,000 and counting.....J&J
  12. turbonator


    looking for a used polaris edge front skid plate, and one for an old wedge chassis also... thanks...
  13. awesome work...👍.. kind of an obvious question, but the dollars are in CDN. or USD?
  14. we have an old "cabane-du-carton" here in Lac Superieur where 4 trails used to meet up,(club here closed way back in 1980) dont know if its even standing anymore, i have not been up there in the bush for 6-7 years, i have a trouble maker neighbor that calls the Po-Po if i even start a sled....LOL