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  1. Albieridin

    Question about Balbuzard

    back before forest fire that was a comfortable trip sennetere to clove . you had three pit stops lac fallen,forsyte,balbuuzzard.all with gas
  2. Albieridin

    Question about Balbuzard

    about 6 years ago unexpected trail reroute from clove to balbuzzard,sleds were very thirsty and so were we.trail impassable to fallon .next morning back to clove.really glad to see balbuzzard that night!!!
  3. Albieridin

    Matane Hotel

    quality inn good choice for a 8 am,bar is fine.make sure to fuel up so you can pull the trigger when you get off boat.
  4. didn't know if i would get hit with buying a seasonal at a inflated price like quebec does,when stopped on trail.
  5. I'm hoping i can buy a daily pass if i am just passing through on way to maine??
  6. Albieridin

    Cut through New Brunswick at Fort Kent

    no problem going into new brunswick.if you get stopped at a checkpoint they will give you the option to buy a day pass
  7. good trail from st ray to lac st jean get early start, several choices up by the lake.2 good pit stops on the way letape gas and food and apica relay food gas.
  8. Albieridin

    Today’s Superstar

    perhaps a new jeep ad
  9. Albieridin

    Gatineau to 83 trip advice and info

    trail 63 will lead you into laverendrye this year.but when leaving there its a bit of a goat path ,maybe 5 miles back to the 386. if bypass is marked go from domaine to kitcisakik for gas.from there you have gas louvicourt,senneterre, lac fallen.
  10. Albieridin


    trails open and groomed did it on monday
  11. Albieridin

    Hotel - La Tuque

    hot tub or pool going to be a tough find in latuque but the marineau #9 motel good food bar and the outfitter odanak about 10 miles north its another good choice
  12. Albieridin

    Question about St. Raymond to Alma

    just a reminder cash for gas at apica
  13. Albieridin

    Motel Le Quiet

    haven't been in a while because of train wreck there years ago but was a good stop bar restaurant rooms and gas and trail nearby, may have to try it out again glad to hear up and running. benedict arnold was another good stop but that is closed
  14. heading to the delta on sat. is there problem with trail into there and if so which way should i go coming up from the rock on 23