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  1. great ckf .just glad it was going in right riders please stay well.hopefully come december we will have positive news
  2. just curious i have been contributing for the past 3 years @25.being taken from my account,quebec rider /john rowe and have not got any acknowledgment or green ink,just a email asking for it again???is something fishy going on??
  3. how about the ride from cabanon out through the park to macaza with berm in the middle and the little building in macaza to grab a snack ,beer ,and watch a little exotic tv
  4. being that ppe gear is scarce around here i have been wearing my bvs helmet in public places.seems to be working for social distancing also.people definitely keeping their distance
  5. gas at sciere 54 camp cash only
  6. i heard the sled was fine why didn't he just grab his arm and ride home instead of walking a mile to a bar ???
  7. i would repost this question march 1st. just sayin🤔🤔
  8. mont citadelle is a good stop food and cocktails .lovely staff
  9. stayed at hotel chimagamu in jan. no restaurant but small bar on premise accommodations were fine. walking distance to food stops. signage to get there is good. if you're looking for 5 star hot tub type place change your route.if you're in it for the snowmobile ride go for it.
  10. driving by with truck looks like mekinac closed up
  11. hotel chimgamu in center of town .can walk to restaurants and bars breakfast etc. hotel nordic has no restaurant and bar across the street is no longer open .so i been told.
  12. looking for info on the trail off587 in st irene towards moose closed?thanks for any input
  13. hey roadrunner what do you know about the 155 out of moose valley into quebec.headed to matane .just wondering if its doable and what am i in for thanks 

  14. all my close calls have been from people using hand seems to me that when i meet you on a turn your first response is to signal and then move to the right .i rather have you on your side then that hand signal. and if your one of those people that get annoyed because we don't signal GET OVER IT. enjoy the ride and have a nice day