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  1. unfortunately we have two different sports going on here .trail riders and off trail riders .it is becoming a big problem for trail riders in the states as well .i don't know if fcmq supports off trail or not .if not it is time to fine off trail riders on private property.trails are defiantly disappearing in north east because of it.
  2. Albieridin

    FCMQ map

    83 out of roberval east,pickup the 3 east to tadousac ferry to forestville. there are some green trails out there also depending on your time could also do the 93 east north of saguenay river
  3. Albieridin

    Jackman Maine to Quebec City help/suggestions

    if leaving in morning from jackman you can get permits at beauceville clubhouse.then you could ride up to levi and stay at hotel beanies for night and catch trailer shuttle in morning to colibri motel in quebec
  4. Albieridin

    Fer A Cheval or 100 Lacs

    both places a good choice.rooms are outfitter accommodations
  5. its either the oxy helmet or gen4 steering😂😂
  6. 🤔any body riding across on sleds .frozen yes or no ??thanks for any info.🤔
  7. Albieridin


    motel central in parent.not much choices.havent stayed there in a while .maybe things have changed.its usually gas and go !!
  8. Albieridin

    Suggestions planning Gaspe trip the end of January

    🤔the weather in and around gaspse can be a challenge.. like mr gutz said keep a close i on weather reports .dont cancel trip just modify it.definately worth it,just be flexible with your days
  9. Albieridin

    Oxygen Helmets

    if your going on backpack trip you better have backup plan ..i have personally talked to 5 or 6 riders with issues.couple guys had moisture issue between shields and other guys had wavy or blurry view.and this was before happy hour
  10. Albieridin

    Question about Balbuzard

    back before forest fire that was a comfortable trip sennetere to clove . you had three pit stops lac fallen,forsyte,balbuuzzard.all with gas
  11. Albieridin

    Question about Balbuzard

    about 6 years ago unexpected trail reroute from clove to balbuzzard,sleds were very thirsty and so were we.trail impassable to fallon .next morning back to clove.really glad to see balbuzzard that night!!!
  12. Albieridin

    Matane Hotel

    quality inn good choice for a 8 am,bar is fine.make sure to fuel up so you can pull the trigger when you get off boat.
  13. didn't know if i would get hit with buying a seasonal at a inflated price like quebec does,when stopped on trail.
  14. I'm hoping i can buy a daily pass if i am just passing through on way to maine??