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  1. So do you have any workout tips to get in shape? 😮
  2. Always like to be high and dry! I have a 1000' of river front but no good way to get to the water without sitting in the kayak and riding the 25' sand hill to the water. One of these days after a few it might happen. LOL! Would probably need a small ramp at the bottom so you don't go in the water like a torpedo, its deep there
  3. Here’s a shot looking the other way , I have 5 sites that I let campers stay on through hipcamp which is private landowners that open up there property to off grid camping. We’ve met some great people so far
  4. This is my spot on the Schroon river tons of tubers and kayakers come by
  5. Looks like a great spot to float in a tube with a couple cold ones 😲
  6. If he wasn't pulling that trailer I bet he would have had some air time
  7. Nice pics JG. Saw me Eric and an old riding buddy Micky!
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I'm always amazed how many things seem to burst into flames when the season ends. Guess it's just a coincidence
  9. 3200 miles for me on 2 trips to QC. Never got to do the end of March run which is usually my favorite. March riding is the best!
  10. Bill Did they ever figure out what was wrong with your 900t?
  11. Whats the name of that auberge in the 2nd to last photo. Looks like the place we ate at after getting caught in a downpour years ago. They where awesome there and put all our gear in the dryers while we ate lunch. Downside we ate in our underwear, luckily only ones there!
  12. Enjoy the ride, Loved that run last year!
  13. Nice shots JG! Watch where you park the sleds the picture police are watching! LOL!!🤣
  14. Also had trouble getting on, guess it wasn’t me. thats how I ended up with that multiple reply on my thread!
  15. Yikes little heavy with the thumb! LOL!
  16. It isn’t easy giving day to day reports, but I enjoy when others do also. Reading the journey from home wishing you where there!
  17. It isn’t easy giving day to day reports, but I enjoy when others do also. Reading the journey from home wishing you where there!
  18. It isn’t easy giving day to day reports, but I enjoy when others do also. Reading the journey from home wishing you where there!
  19. Day 6 Last day here, time to head back to the trucks in Victoriaville. Up early for a 7:15 departure. 2” of new snow overnight. Off we go, within 10 miles of cabano snow gets deeper now close to a foot breaking trail on the rail bed. Awesome an unexpected powder day! Into the Tourville clubhouse for a late breakfast. Fresh snow levels drop as we head west from there. Little traffic and blue skies. Closer we get to to victoriaville obvious they got only rain. Trails still good and groomed last night. Into the hotel Le Victorian at 3:15 with 265 miles for the day. This area will be done shortly if no new snow. Awesome 1425 mile ride with a great bunch of guys! Looks to be my last ride this year but you never know! Great seeing groomer and Linda sled girl and Joel in Amqui. Mr and mrs gt rider, Mike rider and farmerold in RDL. Only issues where a blown belt and starter solenoid. Wrapping a rope around the clutch gets old! Hope you All enjoyed following along!
  20. Day5 woke up this morning not sure what the weather had in store for us. About 2” and snowing, this is good, no rain. Plan is moose valley for lunch. Take the local orange that takes you across lake humque instead of going up to st Irene. Snowing good and as you climb in elevation a good 6”. Absolutely beautiful! Lunch at moose valley and on towards Biencourt. No tracks heading that way see first sign biencourt to the right. Off we go, somethings not right, yep it’s a quad trail rut ro. No packed base. Not easy to turn 5 sleds around in deep snow. After an hour of digging out we get back to the trail and continue farther and find the right trail to biencourt. Continue on to Cabano for the night at motel Royal. 225 miles. Super wet snow all day , wiping the shield every 10 seconds. Last day tomorrow.
  21. Josh was the one running the place when we where there. We had Chinese food that he made. Chicken fried rice, chicken balls and egg rolls. Certainly out of ordinary, but no complaints! We stayed upstairs, apparently the shower still doesn’t work in the motel section as the look on the beautiful young lady that came up to use the shower was surprised to see 5 guys sitting there in the common area next to the bathroom. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman take a shower and dress that quick! Lol!