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  1. 373. Bright purple this morning!! sun is shining!!!
  2. Day5 Todays plan was to completely wing it. After a stop at the ski doo dealer in the morning to replace the wire for momo’s oxygen helmet that got sucked into his track it was TQ 93 south. Freshly groomed last night, passed the groomer headed back from his 2nd pass. Perfectly set up! Sweet! Quick stop at the sawmill for fuel. No food there anymore. South of the mill not recently groomed but still in great shape. Continued up to Lac au Jim. Thought you could stay there but a no go. Quick map check and Giradville has 2 places about 25 miles out. Into town there for fuel and ask. Motel 1km away, Perfect! Small place with 6 rms. You check in at the supermarket next door which also has a SAQ which was even better! Restaurant across the st. Tomorrow up around the lake on the 373 which is an awesome new trail. 225 miles for the day.
  3. Same here always enjoy meeting other qr riders. Hope you get the sled issues fixed
  4. Day 4 Plan was Amos to Chapis for the night. tq 93 was fantastic! Anywhere from 4-6” of light fluff. Stellar day. Lunch in Lsq where Phil had to bury the sled riding 200 yards to get a qt of oil in the center of town. We where going to stay at the opineska but didn’t have the right rooms for 5. So after a stop at the clubhouse off to chibougamau to Motel Chibougamau for the night 288 miles. 93 south in the morning around the top of the LSJ. Plenty of 60 packs in demarisville! Beaver free as of now!
  5. In chibougamau now Headed that way in the morning
  6. Day 3 awesome day today after a late start waiting for the freezing rain to let up. 63 and 83 freshly groomed! Finally out of the twisties of the last 2 days, time to open er up! Plan was Matagami but wasn’t going to happen with the weather and late start. Rain changed to snow an hour north. Low traffic which was great otherwise trails wouldn’t hold up with these crazy warm temps. Into the Amosphere in Amos for the night. 225 miles Looks to be the direction of Chapais tomorrow. 0 pics with the weather
  7. Trail hoes straight through like it used to dead ends at la verande now
  8. Day 2 The plan was to continue West either Val Dor or Belletere. Quick call and the forestel is all booked up. Ok, destination Paquin in Belletere. 322 to Tq63. Although there is quite a bit of snow here they obviously need more. Ridiculous amount of brush sticking through the snow, especially after Le domaine. Although just groomed the day before it was a mess till it opens up on the forest road. Into la Verande for fuel and lunch. Super nice owner. Said she will definitely be open next year for lodging. She said they lost there Dachsund to a Wolf last fall. From there 63 fast and smooth. It’s been about 4 years since I’ve been out this way, forgot about that 30 mile super tight twisty stretch from lake Truit to Belletere. Not what the doctor ordered to end the day. At the Pacquin now actually a real nice place. Headed over to the local Pub, great time with the locals. I do believe the plan is Matagami next. 265 miles for the day
  9. Yep here now long day! Exhausted From 2 days of twisties headed next door to the Indian bar! Looks packed! Should be interesting!
  10. Anyone ever stay at paquin in belletere? not many options out that way
  11. Enjoy boys, let’s hook up in February
  12. Called this morning, only 3 others here tonight. Food is outstanding as are the rooms
  13. Five of us arrived at motel St Come Wednesday afternoon. Trying a new spot to launch from other then Shawinigan being this is a western run. Reasonable place $45 each a night, only draw back the town is shut tight! No food! The owner ended up cooking us a fettuccine Alfredo, awesome! Morning plan is to head to point Le Daived on the baskatong. Out of the gate head in the wrong direction. 40 miles later back on track. Trails pretty woopped around Mt Laurier. Warm temps and traffic taking a toll. Into la point Daived just as it’s getting dark. Beautiful place with a saq! $116 a night for a suite with breakfast and dinner, can’t beat it! Headed towards belle tier in the morning. 230 miles
  14. Amazing no one around with the lack of snow in the states, nice! 5 of us are headed up in the morning for a western run out of st come, it’s time!
  15. Personally have never heard of it. The Tremblant area is generally not sled friendly, that I do know
  16. Think it depends where tq3 is closed and for how long. Orange local looks to loop around
  17. I hate that little piece of paper, have seen it too many times!
  18. https://youtu.be/ojCPd-_vtJQ JG don't know if you've seen this video from a few days ago by st Zenon pulling a Honda off the trail, too funny!!
  19. That's the party day, strippers and open bar on the ferry!
  20. Roqumont in St Raymond Have left trucks there many times, great place
  21. It'll never happen, no way to run it on pump fuel at sea level, couldn't warranty it