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  1. Funny that NorthWoods Law comes up. We were talking one evening about a trip to NH as we have never been there and one of the guys in our group had friends that said it was really nice in areas. About an hour later that evening, I was flipping through the channels and stopped on Northwoods Law, not a typical watch for me, but saw whitegold on the screen and a sled and was immediately interested. Watched for a bit and the fish cop was handing tickets out to snowmobilers like candy on Halloween. Texted the boys in our group and said count me out, I will never ride in that state.
  2. About 1200 for me, all North Central PA. A blessing to have a winter there that we haven't seen for 25+ years, but surely missed Quebec. Here's hoping 2022 won't be such a shit show.
  3. WOW!! Looks awesome out there! Bad news on the track!
  4. Well, we surely missed Quebec and Ontario this year, but were blessed to have the best winter in 20+ years here in North Central PA. Riding opportunities almost everyday from Mid December until now. Working in the crazy field of healthcare, I for one, was extremely thankful for some great stress relief 3 hours away from home. Even found some Quebec like conditions on occasion. Sure is an awesome place to ride when they have a winter.
  5. Well, since we all know everything is messed up this year, we decided to visit a place where Covid doesn't exist, at least all the BS associated with it! A quick trip to the Big Horns in Wyoming was great medicine for this crappy situation of a winter. Here's a couple pics. Files are too large to share too many.
  6. Yep you're in the range! It was January 2012, I think Wednesday the 25th if I remember correctly.
  7. Going through some old pics and came across this one. Place and Year Please!
  8. Rode the area yesterday. 140 miles. I would say I wouldn't go back until they get more snow. They have an excellent base most places, so it won't take much to get them going again, but it has seen a significant amount of traffic at this point. Areas around the Grand Canyon were really nice. Very smooth with enough snow for lube and cooling. Icy base underneath, so caution is needed if you aren't running pics. Areas surrounding were a little worse off, especially in the more dense parts of the forest. Base is there, but very hard and the lack of new snow is preventing grooming. Scratchers would be beneficial. 3 inches would help. 6 or more inches, especially in the valleys would really bring it along. As long as the temps stay reasonable the area should hold its base through the season, which is a huge plus for PA! Word of caution, it is a challenging area to navigate if you aren't familiar. We ran into a group yesterday that had been lost for hours and for some crazy reason didn't even have a map with them.
  9. Those bridges will get you every time!!
  10. Do you suppose these two have already been added to the death count???
  11. Well, I guess I won't have to worry about wearing this sled out anytime soon! Sad part about this is, the US is doing this to itself. Self-destruction!!!