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  1. Mine was actually a phone survey.
  2. Does anyone know if this is still the place to be on Thursday nights?
  3. If anyone has a definitive answer on this, please post. Also if there is gas available at Pensive (I believe that's the name of the place) Thanks!
  4. I read on woodrunner trail that there is a section of 53 closed due to a bridge being out. Not sure if it is the section you have highlighted or closer to Maniwaki. As far as conditions, up last weekend and all was good. You should have no problems making this loop.
  5. Where are these Mid May Pics???? I want to be jealous.
  6. Looks amazing. Thanks for the pictures. Hoping my riding partner can get away from work this weekend for one last spin!!!
  7. Has anyone ridden out of Maniwaki recently? Wondering if it will hold up for the weekend of the 24th. Looking to stage their and head up towards Gouin and then back down. Know that they have some joint use trails in and out of there. Any insight or recent pictures would be great!
  8. I can't comment on Gaspe, but can on the others. You will find Ontario to be a different experience than what you have seen in Quebec. I personally prefer Quebec over the area you've mentioned in Ontario. These areas in Ontario are very fast riding, many rail grades, Hydro lines, straight and flat. Hearst, Kap, Cochrane, Timmins, are all very large towns, similar to Chib, or larger. Never been down towards the Sault before, WAWA area looks to be a bit more remote. You should be to the point in the season where traffic has naturally lighted, but weekends during peak season are crazy, especially around Cochrane. Conditions have always been pretty decent, but I can say I have experienced many more miles of plowed roads in Ontario as compared to Quebec, so when the sun shines and no snow, it can get tough going. They don't seem to put much effort into trail reroutes for logging operations or necessary vehicle traffic. Also, IMO, Ontario doesn't seem to take snowmobiling quite as serious from an economical impact as they do in Quebec, so there seems to be less emphasis placed on it. I feel like Quebec does everything they can to get the trails open as quickly as possible and maintain them to the best of their ability as long as possible, where in Ontario, it seems like they simply put it together when the weather is fit, with the exception of Cochrane, they always seem to be on the ball. Don't get me wrong, This is not meant to bash Ontario, I like both places very well and there is certainly a benefit to the drive when it comes to going to Ontario, I am simply offering up my experiences/opinions on both. Coming from a guy whose chased snow all over, I would say you don't know what you don't know, get out and try something new, whether it be the Gaspe or Ontario, it's going to be new and different. Keep us posted on your ride!
  9. So are we going to get an update on the remainder of your trip? Very curious to hear about the conditions the last part of the week with the warm up.
  10. Thank you much. Doesn't sound like there will be an issue running this then. Appreciate the insight.
  11. Just wondering about gas between Maniwaki and Senneterre. None is shown on the interactive map. Are there stops on 63/386? Would like to avoid going into Senneterre if possible as we would head east on the local over to 83 and Lac Fallion. Any help on fuel stops would be great. Thanks
  12. How were snow conditions in Maniwaki? Planning on heading there next Thursday and notice a forecasted warm up for a couple days. Wondering if conditions are strong enough to with stand a few daytime temps above freezing. We are leaving and heading in the direction you did, hopefully to Lac Fallion for the first night. Assuming gas is available on this run? Thanks!
  13. Thanks. Off trail purposes is why I am interested.