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  1. There's no place like Wyoming!
  2. Well put!!!! This situation has been such an embarrassment. I am proud to be an American, but I am not proud of the American people right now.
  3. Nice chart. Yes, it is unfair to draw conclusions on data unless you understand the data and its source. Unfortunately, there has been absolutely zero consistency across the world and even within the US (State to State) with the way the data has been accumulated and reported, effectively rendering it useless. Obviously, the more you test, the more results and naturally, it's a virus, so you will have positives. Here in PA, we are on a kick to report presumed positives in the numbers without even being tested. For example: if you live with a family of 5 and one person has a positive test, all five immediately became positive statistics, no testing required. If the family chooses to get tested, and they receive a negative result it is deemed to be inaccurate. For some, this may be hard to believe because it makes no sense, but I have personally been involved with this situation on more than one occasion. Furthermore, there is a complete and total disregard for the concept behind false positives results, which if you dive into articles written by expert scientists and doctors you will find that this is not uncommon when testing is done on asymptomatic people. Currently, there is a significant amount of testing be performed on this group, another measure which is not recommended by medical professionals, yet being mandated by government officials. Government and Media have only selected the variables of this that incite fear to focus on and are not providing a clear picture. We must think through all the information that is being presented and seek out the truth. Early May compared to today, I believe PA had around 60k cases in early May, most of which were active. Today we are concerned that there are more positive cases popping up than ever before, rightfully so, the testing has increased exponentially since this time period; however, active cases are much lower today than they were in early May. Many of the major medical systems are reporting that the severity of COVID inpatients has significantly declined today compared to April/May inpatients and have concluded that the virus strain appears to be weakening, a trend that's typical with Animal borne disease. These stories and research are getting zero attention, but it's excellent reading when you seek it out. Extensive research has also shown time and again that transmission is not has easy as officials report, again, not something they want to focus on. For some reason, and I am sure we all have our theories, they are spoon feeding us only the data that incites fear. It is up to us to make sure we are understanding what is being presented and seeking out additional facts so we may fully understand the real story. Many don't get beyond reading their news feeds or FB posts, which is why the lambs are being so easily led.
  4. The world needs more news bits like this. Hats off to these two heroes.! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I hope you're right Ice. I am sure many of us are ready for the day should it arrive.
  6. The problem with all of this, COVID, Protests, etc. on and on, is two fold and its' a chicken vs egg conundrum........ Common Sense isn't Common anymore because more and more of the masses have chose not to actually think things through for themselves and form fact based opinions.........For the last 12-15 years, parts of government have used media to manipulate masses of American people into believing they don't need to think for themselves and they have slowly been feeding them a sense of entitlement. The invention of the internet, which gave way to the smart phone made all of this possible. Now we are truly approaching a crossroads and I am not sure whether there are enough of us left that refuse to be manipulated willing to stand up and take action that will result in change.
  7. Quebec is way nicer, but the UP does a good job maintaining the trails. They just get way more traffic, so they need constant snow to keep things good. A little tighter in terms of stops, but when you need to ride it's not a bad second choice. Off trailing is fun, lots of two tracks and typically lots of snow. Just have to stay out of the swamps.
  8. Wonder if this will land where it did last year, everyone who spring ordered and pushed the issue got the $500. Can't believe BRP is doing this again as last year turned into a nightmare for them.
  9. Does anyone have any experience with the Chatterbox Slim? I had friends years ago that had these and the range was incredible, but not sure about the Mic
  10. Thanks Iceman. We've been using Collet for years and the last set we purchased are poor performers. BTW, saw someone taking after you and Playhard at Kanawata Saturday. He had some form of stuffed bear attached to his Polaris.
  11. Looks like the specs on the Sena 20s Evo state an operating temperature of 14 F or -10 C. Does anyone who uses these have problems with it's cold?
  12. Awesome, thanks all! We will be sure to do our part.
  13. We will be through there in a few weeks. Do you know if they have one at the gas station? Otherwise, we will stop at the hotel.
  14. Thanks Bob! That was very kind of you.
  15. Finally made it up for the first time this year this past weekend. We rode Friday through Sunday in the St. Zenon area, as far south as St Damien, North as Lac Repos, east over to Sacacomie and slightly west of SMDS. About 570 miles in the three days that we rode. We found excellent snow coverage almost everywhere along with excellent conditions, especially considering weekend riding. Classic Quebec trip!!! Introduced two newbies to the sport and got them spoiled out of the gate. As no surprise, we encountered fantastic customer service everywhere we went. It had been awhile since I was in this area. I chose it because of the newbies and our ability to ride day loops without back packing. That concept seems to be a bit scary for a newbie! I noted a handful of trail changes between this time and the last. Just wanted to give a shout out to all of those involved in one way or another in planning, preparing and maintaining the trail system. Many other areas, Ontario, Michigan, NY never seem to take pride in their trail systems in terms of spending time to correct problems. If there's forestry working taking place, they don't seek out a reroute, snowmobilers just have to deal with it or they close the trail down. If there's a road that must be ridden, again, it must be dealt with and they don't even seem to think about grooming the berm. Not the case in Quebec. It seems like every effort is made to make this province a snowmobiler haven! So for those of you who make that effort day in and day out, I sincerely thank you and appreciate all the hard work. It is clear reciprocity, the folks know the importance of snowmobilers and snowmobilers feel important and welcomed. Can't wait to back pack in a few weeks with my traditional group!