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  1. So nice to hear this great customer service at this particular dealership in Matane. Great they were able to get your machines in for first service. Good timing- right before your long ride. Have a great safe enjoyable ride my friends.
  2. FOUR POINTS SHERATON- THINK IS SIGNATURE HOTEL NOW IN CHARLESBOURG. Its right on the trail (3) Take left out of hotel on the trail- cross a street or 2 and gas is on right side. Then back on trail I suggest take 369 to L'Tape-(gas) then trail #23 then continue towards Mt Apica (clubhouse) Continue on 23 towards Sag/LSG. Its a great ride!!! Just my suggestion.
  3. Have not been this year but in all years past, they have 1 pump. Newer clubhouse (2-3 years).We always try to support the local clubhouses, so its really a matter of timing in most cases. L'Etape has multiple pumps and a very good restaurant attached- mostly chicken dishes, but great experiences every time we have stopped for gas/lunch
  4. I stay at the Delta every year and its great. Bill has first hand knowledge of the conditions daily and knows every trail, even the ones that nobody knows. He is happy to help you with planning trips out of the hotel wherever your destination may be or day loops, including mileage, gas stops, restaurants, lodging etc.. If Bill offers his services, like he always does: take him up on them!!!! I think that area offers some of if not the best trails and scenery, the grooming is always great and their is always low traffic. Have fun and go to the Saguenay and the Delta.
  5. Hoping all the free weekenders dont destroy the trails for next week. Especially with no mention of snow in the forecast over the next 5 days. Ride safe and respect the trails the groomers work so hard for us to enjoy. They do incredible work with the little amount of snowfall as compared to what they are used to.
  6. Anyone give us some accurate reports from todays weather up at the Delta and surrounding areas? how much snow? how much snow before if any rain/freezing rain? All snow up in the mountains? Valin? Weather forecasts in the US dont always have accurate reports to whats actually taking place. Apps say Quebec City area 26 degrees and freezing rain/rain showers?? Must be 90% humidity in air for that to happen. Any reports in the Sag/LSJ/Mt. Valin areas would be great. Thank you!!!
  7. Shouldn't be a problem at all, have done it many times. I would suggest getting a copy of proof of insurance on the trailer.
  8. Pretty much sums up this winter in Quebec area for us.
  9. I agree. but no matter how old or how young, digging out that sled is hard work!!!!!!Just goes with the territory. Looking forward to being up at the Delta Feb 11-14. Looks like some more snow in extended forecast. fingers crossed. Btw, Jack & Sandy- Ilove your reports!!!
  10. try the inside of your coat pocket, if no inside jacket pocket, i usually wrap mine in a towel- like a hand towel. never froze in glove box on machine when wrapped in towel.
  11. All those trails are great from my experience. Its gonna depend on snow cover especially this year (oddly) Only concern would be sometimes trail #3 can be a bit rough towards the ferry(Tadoussac) if you were heading north on #3 from lets say the Casino, not the entire way, but maybe 20 or so miles before the ferry- its very twisty and if not a lot of good snow cover its just more work, but it can be fun as well. From the ferry back up 93 is an awesome ride towards the KM31 lots of open highway type riding. Smooth, flat, and fast. That entire area should receive snow in small amounts 1-3" periodically, enough to improve the current conditions to very good by the time you get there. Hope you have a great and safe ride
  12. Sorry if I sound ignorant, I have been riding in Quebec for 10 plus years, rode with Bill last year with team Bite Harder. Can someone please inform me of what this ride to Radisson is? Whats the deal? Is it an adventure because of no civilization around? Is it just a long ride? No lodging? i SAW SOMETHING ABOUT A GAS TRUCK MEETING THEM?? Riding a plowed road for 200 plus miles? Just would love an explanation of this trip. Again, not trying to take away from the accomplishment everyone is congratulating them for being only the 2nd American group to do so. Thank you to anyone who replies... Thanks
  13. This is it!! about as much action you will see here.
  14. I don't know if anyone on this forum may have remembered or heard of the couple of guys that were stranded their for about 7 hours because they ran out of gas at the pump. Well, I was one of those guys. One of the most bizare and rememberable days I have ever had sledding. We pulled in at about 10am to get gas, there was 3-4 other sleds there, when i pulled up, things looked kind of odd, sleds at the pump and no one was doing anything. Long story, short, the gas truck was on its way from Montreal and broke down. Then another truck got lost, meanwhile we sat outside on our sleds on a rather sunny day about 20-25 degrees. Not bad right?, well at about 3pm it starts to get darker and colder after being outside sitting on your sled or lying back on your seat for 5 plus hours watching the town drunks struggle down the roads, yelling, talking to themselves, everyone in town coming to the pumps to see what was going on and looking at us like what are you doing here? They were nice people, they just are different, and assume not many have ever left that town. Kids play hockey in the street with a crushed soda can as a puck. Everyone that came to the store bought either cigarettes or beer or both. It was certainly an interesting day to say the least. The gas truck arrived about 7pm, and when I saw the truck coming down the hill into town, I must admit it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Only problem was, we had about a 120 miles to get to our destination. Not sure about any lodging there, but it would probably not be on my list to stay. What a day, we got to around Parent, and they had heard about the gas issue we had, news travels fast in those areas I guess.
  15. Ah, the Benedict Arnold was the best in St. George. We stayed their for 5-6 years right up to when it closed. Best Prime rib around, hands down. After it closed we just started out of the Bernieres instead.