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  1. Ice scratchers

    We use the ones on a flexible cable so you can go in reverse without any issues with them down. They are a must on those early bitter mornings!
  2. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Haha its fake news... I always notice how many sweet truck are pulling trailers with sleds so its all part of the fun. Lots of nice trucks so far and it will allow people to ask others how certain ones perform if they may be in the market. Nice working area!
  3. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Nice Heated Shop 800Steve what size is it 30X40?
  4. Snowing in Mexico!

    Getting closer and closer to Hell Freezing Over every day...
  5. Snowmobiling & winter camping

    We have stopped at the Hotel Sacacomie once to get gas and were in awe. Check this place out http://www.sacacomie.com/hotel-sacacomie-quebec-winter-individual-activities-en.html its a must see at some point in your travels, kind of high end but good spot to take the wife too. Cool to watch the Planes land on the frozen lake out front and they have a lot of fun stuff on the ice with tubing and hiking... Sure people on here will have many other options as well.
  6. Ice’s new ride

    Nice Ride. Get her dressed up her cans are hanging out. Your installing the heated seat and extra capacity gas tank??
  7. Sad news to announce

    RIP thoughts and prayers for his family.
  8. Whats New?

    Absolute Sweetness! That T-cat is bad ass! Enjoy
  9. Tow Machine for Snow Machines

    Thanks my wife always wonders why I call my truck "her" all the time, I say because she likes a good rub down too!! LOL Thanks Phil! I'm certainly not going to try to follow you to RDL either! Slow and steady for me, until the sled is unloaded at least. Much appreciated, I spend a lot of time in the truck for work. About 55K+ miles a year and the diesel will hold the value better as I click off the miles. Very Nice Truck! I think those window numbers are downhill wind at back numbers they give you on the sticker. I averaged 19 mpg going from VA to CT this monday which was first long trip with it, cruise at 75mph most of the way. About the same or a little better than the old F150 ecoboost.
  10. My buddy rented one of these out west and he was impressed on where the timbersled would go off trail. He spent most of his time boon-docking. Are you able to register a snow bike like a snowmobile so you can trail ride?
  11. Whats New?

    Whats new this year? Anyone get new iron (or plastic)? I'm probably going to kick myself for not snow checking a new one this year (for me anyway) however there seems to be a decent selection of new sleds at the dealers, especially the cats. We did get a new ZR 200 for the kids which is a hoot to ride, even hauls adults around easy in the grass, I had to try it of course before I stored it till xmas. I don't have a picture of it on my phone because kids would find it before they get the sled and ruin a surprise but I will get one on here asap. Hoping fellow QRs can post pictures of their new sleds and/or new goodies for this year to inspire us ALL to go spend some more money...
  12. Like most here, I'm getting excited for the winter to come and have some high hopes for a good season with epic snow! Have my eyes on a new sled for this year but a truck came first, picked out a new Ford F250. There are some things I want to do such as better tires, tint, air ride for back, list is growing fast but really excited about the new F250 diesel coming from a bunch of F150s for many years. Should make for a comfy trip to/from quebec with massaging heated seats if nothing else... ; ) Post up pics of trucks and trailers HERE as we all get them ready for the snow tow season.
  13. Irma in the USVI

    Glad to hear your family survived the storm better than most. She would rather fare the generator for few more months than come spend the frigid winter with bro?... When we have really big storms here and power goes out, there is a major baby boom 9 months later... Not sure whats going to happen there, Just sayin theres plenty to DO when theres no power, TV or internet ; )
  14. Proline Trailers

    Nice trailer! Do you plan on towing the new trailer with that vehicle? Might need some wide mirrors to see behind you.
  15. Good times!! Thanks for sharing!