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  1. laval sled show pics-2019 sleds

    That blue SRX is baddd assss sharp! Doo's front end looks like it ran in to a wall or something, they are not as sharp as the 16 xrs in my opinion. The doo headlight/windsheild keeps getting closer and closer to the front bumper, eventually their rider forward concept will place the engine completely under the rider.... No Cats in pics but maybe you couldn't see them because most are black and white this year which makes absolutely no sense to me why their graphics are behind the time. All good sleds these days... Some cool new technology introduced.
  2. Wow great day on the trail! Sure miss that route this year I have not been able to get away for more than a few days at a time this year. Maybe march is doable. Anyone know what date Masse shuts down? I know they close up near the mid to end of march and head south before spring fishing season starts up...
  3. Westbound from Shawinigan

    They do look like cat skis... Looks like the exhaust of a 4 stroke... Must be a pantera or some kind of touring 7000 model because they are touring running boards. They do not look like the arctic cat team clutches so it could be a model that is older than '17 because the 17 and newer had the new style team clutches. Sucks either way, saw a Polaris on fire two weeks ago and it went up FAST!
  4. Iceman a’ Indy

    Lots of engineering went in to these systems! Looks like fun and more fun to watch them in action. Tell Alain to be careful, red lipstick is very hard to get off....
  5. 2019 ski-doo models released

    I also run the Curve XS, they are a great ski. Went to engineering school with Nick P one of the owners and he set me up right with the Curves XS Skis that have the leading edge and side thrusters. The Curves are superior quality thick plastic and very durable, easy to clean and they look great! The bottom of the Curve has a nice profile (pic 3) to it to help grip the trail rather than most skis with flat bottoms. The side thruster is a very noticeable improvement for cornering and also when riding in loose snow when carbides are not able to dig in... I turn my thrusters over sometimes (shown in pic 2), like this weekend when I was riding on the really hard packed trail but after 3 inches of fresh snow fell I turned them back down and it was a huge difference in being able to keep the front end planted in corners with the fresh loose snow on the trail. The idea of the thruster is that it gives you additional surface area on the outside of the ski to allow the ski to track through the snow rather than slide sideways especially in looser conditions. My dad has had C&A pros on the his last sled and after riding mine with Curves he is now going to Curve once they get more Blue skis in stock. I am considering selling/trading-in my yellow Curves and getting a set of Blue or Green Curves to match the graphics on my new Cross Country Cat.
  6. Saint-Zenon Week Trip 2/3-2/10

    Nice trip looks like you had a great time. We love the Real Masse, thats where we like to stay, great food, great people and heated garage for sleds. Must have been busy time if the trails were that rough around there.
  7. Team Iceman report..... trip 2

    Not to hijack but to add further opinion, We run 20s. The battery has been great for us, will last all day unless -20F then you should put unit in pocket for minute when you stop for gas or break. The distance is decent not great but for most scenarios its exactly whats needed and reconnects automatically most of the time other wise just tap you glove to it ant it reconnects when in range. It connects to your phone if you want to listen to music or be on a conference call... Also can adjust settings and connection through the phone app which is nice. The updates are available regularly through the Sena website so the units are always able to be improved as they find new ways.
  8. New Pet at Groomers camp?

    Thats awesome I bet he left a few hoof marks in the hardwood. lol That guy on the sled looks like he got it! Would like to know more about that and maybe a picture about 1 second later to see if he made it past??
  9. Trailblazer & friends

    Nice ride, thanks for sharing. Cant wait to get up there! The pics are worth 1000 words.
  10. Mrs. Iceman and friends.

    Nice ride and maybe after this successful ride she will be ready for more. Maybe try some communicators so you can talk to her and it will make your life easier without having to watch the rear view all the time. Thanks for sharing the pics
  11. St-Gabriel de Brandon to St-Zenon video

    Great video, hard to believe the trials are that nice with what looks like less than a foot of snow...
  12. St-Zenon up to Taureau reservoir dam video

    Nice, I love taking that trail to the Dam! Thanks for sharing, Looks like they need a lot more snow in that area...
  13. Recommending Businesses on QuebecRider

    Do you have freedom of speech in Canada? Say what you want, when you want, if people don't like it they don't have to listen! My $.02, read if yo want.... As a business owner I do not market or advertise and my business is flourishing! Its because I treat my clients with respect and provide good services they appreciate. This way of conducting business is how I market new business. If you treat people well they will tell others who value the same treatment which will grow the business itself. I assume this is how many small businesses become established to the point where they can eventually advertise. I do not use social media, Facebook or anything like that so we rely on reputation and loyalty to keep growing the business. I would be willing to bet that is the case for many establishments you see along the trails... This BS is all over a measly $100 and who knows maybe the business didnt know if QR, try pissing off the main group of participates here and see where that gets this site... Not to mention I have NEVER been to the advertiser section of this site, my bad I guess....
  14. St Ray to Saguenay

    Nice ride and thanks for sharing the awesome pics!
  15. permit placement

    I hate to put these big ugly stickers on the hood of a new $14K machine but its better than the TWO bigger uglier NY registration stickers that go on the hoods! The tunnels get covered in snow more frequently than not and your leg or gear could block the view of the pass. I would think the windshield would be best because you can see if from the front, oncoming left or right... I thought wrong and will have to find a better spot on the left hood.