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  1. What a great way to enjoy a birthday! No way to not have a Happy birthday when your on your first snowmobile ride of the season.. Thanks for sharing the pics and trail reports, your the best ride reporter on this site by far!
  2. That bridge always seems too low to the water to be able to handle floods and ice buildups... Was a nice bridge and only like 5 years old, hopefully they get it fixed up to avoid the dam crossing...
  3. Thanks Snomaster, any e-bike is awesome in my opinion, the pedal assist is just amazing. Mark my word, everyone who you let try it will at first pedal say “Holy Crap” then come back with a smile saying “This is awesome I want one, where did u get it”. And that’s why I let my buds try them out a lot so they will all get them and go riding together. It’s still good cardio you just get around places a lot easier and definitely a lot faster if you choose.
  4. Electric battery and motor technology is advancing at an extremely rapid rate in the past 3-5 years and will continue!! Check out my E-bike. Sur-ron 60 Volt. These pics are from after assembling it when I got it. It now has a larger sprocket and x-controller for amazing torque and wicked steep climbs. Also added front and rear fenders for mud protection, even bigger controller is on order for even more power! This bike weighs just over 100lbs and is wicked quiet, not silent but amazing power. With the 60t rear it tops out at around 40mph but its set up for tight woods trails. The stock 48t sprocket tops around 52mph with the x controller. Only one place to get them in the USA right now, videos all over youtube of this bike as its a very popular machine right now worldwide... It doesn't compare to the Alta redshift full size dirt bike if your trying to motocross it but has no trouble keeping up with it in the trails, wicked light and maneuverable. With the 60tooth rear sprocket its sometimes a challenge to keep the front wheel down. https://lunacycle.com/sur-ron-x-bike/ I also have a pedal assist E-bike by Trek. Its amazing fun as Snowmaster mentioned and makes your ride 3 times as far, 3 times as fast and 10 times the fun! I bought my 63year old dad one last year and he's had 3 heart attacks and he rides it all the time! It can literally be set up so you hardly push the pedals and the bike is jumping out from under you. Lakes hill climbing effortless and this is the part most people don't like. Ive got almost 500 miles on this bike and the technology in the market is rapidly advancing to where I may want to upgrade in a few years just like my sleds... There is no sound, basically silent, very very slight wine when pedaling fast but not noticeable, very stealthy. People give me weird looks on the trail when I blow by them going up hill at 20mph... https://www.trekbikes.com/us/en_US/bikes/electric-bikes/c/B507/ So of course I want to get the kids an e-bike to play on too so I found bike called the Sta-Cyc as my kids were 3 and 6 at the time. Its a 20v battery in a stability cycle with a twist throttle. Its great for getting little ones use to the twist action of the gas... My son started on the 12inch and has now taken over his sisters 16inch because he likes that its a bit faster. I would recommend these to any parent because they are very light so if they crash there is nothing big landing on them and no hot exhaust to burn them either! Also very quiet. https://stacyc.com As my daughter grows out of the 16" stacyc I am now looking at Oset electric trials bikes. I want her to learn balance and technique rather than MX jumping and crashing getting all banged up. The trials bikes are something we can have fun with, still jump, still race around and still learn on but again not worry about the weight and gas motors. These have also become a huge hit and I fear once I get one for my daughter my son want on too! https://osetbikes.com/us/
  5. Camouflage color works good! He probably never saw it especially if it was almost dark! The flight crew are probably sitting inside the chopper on their phones when it happened not realizing they were even parked on a marked groomed trail with no lights on? How else could you not see a Big ass chopper? Wonder what the bill was for the expedited part delivery and the bush fix on the Black Hawk wing? That guy has a helicopter flight of his own to pay for and now a helicopter repair bill also, ouch! Hope he is ok at least!
  6. How far in advance do you book your rooms for your saddlebag trips?
  7. Definitely take care of the old man! Better safe than sorry, no fun being sick that far from home! Get back to own bed and doctor and get well soon!
  8. Our new Blizzard also has the single latch style on both fold down doors. Also had it on my last Blizzard trailer from 12 years ago. They always worked great but I do think the old school style is nice because you can use 2 locks to secure the door where the single latch only has one lockable spot unless you add something custom. The single latch style costs more and make it much harder to build the door but any manufacturer can use them I thought... Anyone running heaters in their trailer? We use a buddy heater attached to a propane cylinder but would like a more permanent setup to have for the pit stops and times when we ride from the trailer.
  9. No sense crossing with cannibis if you can just buy it when you get there... Save space in the trailer for cheaper US gas...
  10. Beckers are wicked nice! Prolione has smaller frame than Blizzard, Blizzard aluminum setup is very beefy. We found a better value with Blizzard but they are a mom and pop shop from Northern NY and they are too long of a wait for custom builds than most can accept. Proline has exposed exterior fasteners on the side panels, blizzard does not. Blizzard has the white finished interior with SS kick plates, Blizzard uses the nicer single cam lock for the doors. Just a few reasons why we went with the Blizzard. To each their own and you get what you pay for when you go aluminum...
  11. We updated trailers this year and ordered a new one from Blizzard around the time of the big east snowmobile show. We just picked it up this week as Blizzard is as busy as they have ever been. Right now they are a 12 week wait if you order a new trailer. We sold our 2007 Blizzard 14ft enclosed trailer a few weeks ago so the timing of the new one was perfect for us. The new trailer is 18ft long plus the V so we can get 3 sleds in the trailer if needed. It is all Aluminum frame and Very High Quality Build!! It is also a stagger model so its much easier to see behind you and a breeze to tow...I will say the Blizzard quality is second to none, great quality aluminum materials and workmanship! The main reason why we are buying another from them. This one we had the inside pre-finished, moved the man door and gas doors to the driver side and also the front ramp door to the drivers side which is opposite our last trailer because when you park along the side of a road you cant unload from the passenger side. We ordered it with the spring assist on both doors, you could lift them with a pinky finger... These also come with full length tie down channels on both sides for ease of loading and quick tie down. We added a layer of 1/2" advantek floor sheathing to the new floor to beef it up and protect the factory floor. We also added a Stainless fold down work bench along with a coat rack. We will be adding a few more things like fold down seats, heater and generator quick hookups. Maybe a few cat stickers and posters to make the inside a bit more homey...
  12. That blue SRX is baddd assss sharp! Doo's front end looks like it ran in to a wall or something, they are not as sharp as the 16 xrs in my opinion. The doo headlight/windsheild keeps getting closer and closer to the front bumper, eventually their rider forward concept will place the engine completely under the rider.... No Cats in pics but maybe you couldn't see them because most are black and white this year which makes absolutely no sense to me why their graphics are behind the time. All good sleds these days... Some cool new technology introduced.
  13. Wow great day on the trail! Sure miss that route this year I have not been able to get away for more than a few days at a time this year. Maybe march is doable. Anyone know what date Masse shuts down? I know they close up near the mid to end of march and head south before spring fishing season starts up...
  14. They do look like cat skis... Looks like the exhaust of a 4 stroke... Must be a pantera or some kind of touring 7000 model because they are touring running boards. They do not look like the arctic cat team clutches so it could be a model that is older than '17 because the 17 and newer had the new style team clutches. Sucks either way, saw a Polaris on fire two weeks ago and it went up FAST!