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    Yeah and look in your rear view mirror as you pass so you can see my one finger salute!😁😁😁😁😁
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    On the blind twisties which we have a lot of on the trails near me I always ride with 2 fingers on the brake lever, never fails there is always a few sleds every time I go out seriously in the middle or on my side in those corners. When I see the first sled I back off cause it happens often that the next sled or two are using more than their side of the trail trying to keep up with their buddy.
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    Woodrunner loop

    Or you can avoid the back track and keep going if you go left to Hotel Chasseur For gas it’s a bit longer loop via lake Louisa, up through Laurel etc. Maybe 15 minutes longer but you end up at the same station Larose junction, presuming you are headed north from Lac Carling.
  4. My club just posted this and thought it was worth A little reminder. Exhaust Systems Remain Illegal, especially in urban areas where our rights of passage are at risk and where alternatives are non-exist... Even if it's your dad's snowmobile Even if it's your son's snowmobile Even if it's the seller who sold it to you Even if you want to be heard off-track for safety Even if you thought it was original Even if it's just to test your snowmobile Even if you're rich and the findings don't affect you financially Even if your boyfriend is a trail agent or in the police Even if you're a volunteer at the club Even if you're an owner of the club in Northern Quebec 200 km from here Even if you'd tag us for $ 200 Even if you've been a member of our club for 25 years Even if you're a lawyer, or judge! Even if your father is a judge Even if your dad is rich in "Tabarnac" Even if I'm gonna be in shit Even if you're chasing our club Even if you chase the fcmq Even if you complain to the police Even if it's a stolen snowmobile Even if you run away Even if you are a star Even if you walk away Even if you offer us to tow it Even if you swear to take it home Even if you got the wrong snowmobile in the morning Even if you make us a beautiful smile Even if you show us your breasts Even if losing hp you like it Even if you think you'll win 10 % power Even if you like the sound Even if you're deaf and you hear nothing Even if it's to save £ 15 Even if... (do you have any ideas? )
  5. Pretty much standardized I imagine, but the clubs around here in my area of Que. stake ice crossings that are part of their trail system once the thickness is safe. They regularly check thickness and report dangers, slush, water or changes that could effect safety and or close water course sections as need. The best way to keep up to date with any trail related info these days is to look up the clubs where you generally ride on Face Book and like their page, you will then get news as they post. Again only from my experiences with these particular clubs, announcements and news gets posted far quicker on their face Book pages than it does on their web sites.
  6. Guess that works too. 👍
  7. You could start them in Labelle instead, 45 minutes more on the black trail 117 and lots of parking for rigs.
  8. Thanks for the info ride safe👍
  9. Ahh, Devil’s mountain been a few years since we were there last. Nice pics! Did you reserve ahead for La Pointe a David or just show up?
  10. March 1971 we had what some called the storm of the century perhaps you remember. I lived in the West Island of Montreal.Paralyzed the city for 3 days most all the roads were closed. We were driving snowmobiles down the transcanada, the highway 20 and pretty much everywhere. Rescued a few stranded motorists, By the time the snow stopped many cars abandoned on the roads were only discoverable by their antennas.
  11. Been seeing a lot of this on the news as I am sure many of us have been. One person still missing who went out from his house during the storm and never came back. Also they are reporting a house roof collapsed and filled the place with snow, no injuries. Another angle they have been showing on CTV news is the cheerfulness and spirit Newfoundlander’s are displaying about the situation, helping each other out, joking etc, etc. It was summed up by the news caster best when she said” only in Newfoundland could something like this happen and they would make the rest of Canada feel like they were missing out!
  12. Oh man, those poor people.
  13. Widened trail brought to by Honda! funny video. Great trail report guys.
  14. You can head there by the 43 and so your not back tracking completely the next day take this route back, slightly longer but not by much. We often go to Duhamel one way and come back the other way. Also if you have never been to Tremblant, the trail goes right past the Ax hotel, there is a restaurant there but 5 minutes further down the trail ( it passes in front of several grocery stores along the 117 and ends in it’s southerly direction at two gas stations) you have other restaurant choices by sled, cage au sport, mikes, st Hubert. Or you can walk down to the Main Street from the hotel, quite a bit of choice too. I don’t know the schedule ( you probably could pick one up and the routes) but there is a free bus system going around town and up to mt Tremblant village where the ski hill and casino are. Real neat up there.
  15. So your riding there from the west? Where abouts? I live in the area so know most trails very well.
  16. I often wonder if more people are doing stupid things these days or if there is just more of it caught on video.
  17. Don’t try this at home, these are highly trained clowns.
  18. It is indeed the old comfort suites. Depends what you want to do, yes it is dead ended headed south, doubt that will change before next year. However 15 minutes out on a groomed trail things open up, and you have several options and directions to make large day loops or saddle bag further afield from there. Also just for general information, the super C grocery store just 2 minutes south of there on the 117 allows trailer parking, always 1/2 dozen there when I pass, I am not sure if they are day trippers or any of them park and saddle bag from there. Certainly 20 minutes further north on the 117 there are large parking lots in Labelle and many folks park their rigs and saddle bag from there.
  19. Saw videos on the news, people opening their doors and a solid wall of snow greeting them. They had really high winds with this storm too.
  20. Hook him up with a roller derby queen, and see how he likes being beat up by a women for a change.👌
  21. And there in lies a major question. Is it his lawyer reviewing police reports etc trying to find a loop hole?, or is it this scum’s account of how the police handled it? If it is the latter then if he was sober enough to remember how his arrest went down, he was sober enough to know what he was doing when he attacked his victim and IMO should make it clear he can’t duck out on the charges claiming he didn’t know what he was doing.
  22. Yeah that is interesting, since contrary to the way they sell a trail pass and insurance tied to an individual machine, if you register for the free weekend pass it is not the machine that you Register but the person and you just declare that you have liability insurance.
  23. If they went to a ski slope type ticket, they would be registering the person not the sled. Not necessarily a bad thing, I have 3 sleds and can obviously only ride one at a time but that then complicates the mandatory liability insurance for each machine.
  24. This part of 63 is the petit train de nord railway bed then it turns off at Riveire Rouge and the railway bed continues on to Labelle as the 325.