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  1. Some how I just can’t see a biker clubhouse full of dudes tinkering with sleds.😬
  2. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    Posted about an hr ago Jan 23/19 on the Diable et Rouge FB page.the section they are actually talking about is a short section of about 1/2 km closer to Arundel than Weir that runs along the side of the 327 hwy and the elk farm. With high winds and new snow it drifts badly making it a challenge to find or stay on the trail without sliding into a deep ditch. You can avoid this section by riding along the shoulder of the 327.
  3. That would be a good idea, where when and any other circumstances relevant as well as pics or descriptions of the stolen property could be helpful.
  4. But now he is buying a new one. May I suggest static cling signs, something like JG’s emergency septic repairs ought to do it.
  5. A parking cab. A second cab all beat up, duct tape everywhere, windshield broken etc.👌
  6. Well there was no bugs on the windshield today!
  7. I found traffic light compared to other years. We did a loop from my Place near Tremblant to Labelle, up the Pitit train du Nord to Nominingue the 319 down to the 323 and back through st Remi. I did notice more than usual amounts of sleds parked at restaurants etc.
  8. Do any of you guys with enclosed trailers have an alarm wired to the doors or have considered installing one? years ago, installed quite a few car alarms and I used to use these motor driven sirens that were super loud. Seems to me one mounted on the roof under a weather protected hood would attract a lot of attention.
  9. Maybe use camouflage duct tape for a stealth install.
  10. Found an alpine for you. Might just be the ticket as built.
  11. Well that sucks big time, glade you walked away. I honestly don’t know what is going through some people’s heads out there. I regularly meet sleds that are being ridden either beyond conditions, tightness of the trail or the riders skill level. Or hey maybe it is all 3.
  12. Hmm it has wheelie bars, must be power plant mods available too. get well soon
  13. Welcome to the site, I haven’t been on here too long myself and always find new and interesting info about sledding in different areas of my own province.
  14. Thanks for the info on the 53 JG, won’t get much use if it stays like that. We we were there Friday there was a car stuck 50 ft down the 43, turned in from the sanded park road. It was empty the first time we passed, the second, we rode past and stopped 25 ft from it, the person was just sitting in the car with it idling. At one point we were 5 sleds talking and wondering what happened to the 53. We were going to try and push him out but it was pointed out we had been standing there for 10 minutes and if the driver wanted our help, they could have opened the door and asked. Guess they had towing on the way.
  15. The cp tower, often in the clouds and frost clings to the trees and tower like heavy snow.
  16. Guessing this is mostly academic and not a real problem for guys on here but since this is mostly about riding Quebec and for many of you crossing the border into Quebec, I might add that dispute cannabis now being legal in Canada, the individual provinces have different rules concerning it. Since it is illigal to grow it your self in Quebec and the only legal outlet is from The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC), anything bought or brought from else where might result in a bad day.
  17. So sorry to hear of your loss. May you and your family take comfort in the knowledge that he will live on in your hearts and memories. My dad too was passionate about snowmobiles from the early days and I often smile thinking of the adventures and mis adventures I had with him.
  18. Not rated for those hi speed get aways I guess😁😁😁
  19. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    20cm of snow headed our way tonight, that should set us up nicely.
  20. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    Yes some of them are pretty bizarre translations.
  21. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    I am not doing the translations, FB is, or someone from the club is using google translator or something. They are trying. I usually just read the version en français.👍🏻
  22. Cnc

    2019 Tremblant area

    Just Posted Diable et Rouge open all their trails tomorrow.
  23. Copied from FB Diable et Rouge club.
  24. If you do 458 mile days up here, be prepared for the possibility of mandatory contributions, just saying,😁