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  1. GT 2018

    It was good meeting you guys the other day on the boat, not very often I get my picture taken by someone on Quebec rider, haha I got one of you guys too
  2. First time to Sept Iles

    Port cartier to Sacre Couer today 340 miles, decent day, but bumpy the rest of the way into the coronet wasn't the best way to finish the day, but can't complain!
  3. First time to Sept Iles

    Met GTRider and his wife on the boat. Made it to Sept Isle, rode all around the trails near town, played on the powerline, now back in Port Cartier for the night
  4. First time to Sept Iles

    Heading for Sept isles from Matane tomorrow on the Godbout ferry, couldn't talk anyone into going to Havre...
  5. White Road Run

    Looking at the map to finish planning our Beaucville- Sept Isle then back via Forestville trip and I see this... Wonder if I can convince the old man to head further east?
  6. Mt Valin looking good

    Haha, yeah 6 times I had to "refresh" myself before 11am, whatever horrible concoction of poutine, red wine, and grand mariner I had I won't ever have again on one night!
  7. Mt Valin looking good

    Good riding today, especially after I got rid of the KM 31 flu, haha
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving from KM 31!
  9. So after the ol lady saw my pics from my first trip around the Gaspe, she wanted to go there instead of going to Mt. Valin like we had originally planned. After 8 hours in the pickup we arrived in St. Anne Des Monts Sunday night. She hadn't been to Quebec or really anywhere outside new England since 6th grade, so it was fun watching her see the differences in language, signs, etc.. Only ended up doing an overnighter to Murdochville and back totaling 275 miles as she was nervous to do any more than that, but after going she is already talking about next year's trip and wants to make it 3 days instead of two next time. Now if I could only convince her to ride her own sled! Trails were absolutely a 10/10 besides a couple areas with a few drifts. Met 7 sleds all day Monday. Definitely going to come this time of year next time as the conditions weren't nearly as good when we went the first time. Sunset in St. Anne: She thought feeding Gorbies out of our hands was like the best thing ever. Even in northern Maine growing up we were at the very southern end of their range so she never really saw many. That's gonna be expensive.... Hotel Copper again:
  10. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    Yeah, he's not the biggest fan of snowmobiling anymore. He used to really pound the miles on when I was younger and couldn't handle the 300 mile days. Now he's winding down as I want to ride bigger and farther. Hoping to drag him out to Chibougamu and Matagami next year with a group of people as neither he or I have ever been, not sure I have him convinced yet though.
  11. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    Yeah it was the first one I'd ever seen. Was cool to see. Pretty crazy the way they carved that training section out of the mountain too. 1 mile from valley floor to the top of that!
  12. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    You'd be looking at a long day for sure. Around 275 miles if I remember right going out to Riviere Renard and around. That 597 trail is easy cruising the last 80 miles in to murrdochville though. If you're used to big mileage days definitely doable. Would be a lot shorter to cut through the 597 all the way through and come right back up it.
  13. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    Day 3- Just a Dustin’ Left Hotel Copper at 7am bound for Pointe A La Croix. Little bummed about not seeing Perce Rock, but there is always next time. Cruised over the local trail toward La Cache breaking trail in a couple inches of snow, Hit the 595 and hammered down. Could only get the sled to hit 100 in 4 inches of snow. Started freezing raining closer to New Richmond and needed to scrape the shields every 30 seconds or so. Got to New Richmond and it changed back to snow. Ate at my first Dixie Lee chain restaurant which was pretty good, then headed for Pointe A La Croix as it turned to plain rain. Thank goodness for Gortex Klim geared. Stayed perfectly dry. Eneded the day about 208 miles. Couldn’t believe we finally had a trip that went mostly right after 3 years in a row of breaking trail in over 18 inches of snow, then losing my track in Riviere Du Loop last year, etc.. Must be the new sled got rid of the funk! Snowin’ a bit: Old Olympics and TNTs 595 Hammah Down! Covered Bridge: Nice Spot:
  14. First Time Gaspe Trip Report: 02/28 - 03/01

    Day 2: Change of Plans (Red Line) Got up and on the trail bright and early at 6:30am for our trip over the North Shore bound for the town of Gaspe. Dad only had terrible memories of this stretch doing it in the rain and fog back in 2001. We had a beautiful mostly blue sky day. Absolutely beautiful scenery around Mont Sainte Pierre, pictures don’t really do it any justice. Near Mont Sainte Pierre met a mother moose and a calf on the trail who refused to leave. Kept shutting of the sleds and waiting, then going again. After 10 minutes they finally got off the trail. Was a little skieved out at the cliffs on some of the trails, pretty amazing where they put these trails. Got to Riviere Renard after about 180 miles at 1:00pm for lunch and decided we would push on the last 70 something miles to Perce. Sitting in the restaurant I called the hotel in Perce and they were booked. Found out there were no other hotels with rooms within 50 miles of there that showed up on the internet or the map. Dad told me the rock really wasn’t worth the trip as he’s seen it and there isn’t really anything else worth seeing near there. Finally we made the decision we’d head to Murrdochville to Hotel Copper if they had a room. Called and got the last one, but only one bed in the room… Said frig it, we’ll take and I’ll sleep on the floor if I need it. Left the lunch stop and 2:30 to push on the last 110 miles planning to get in at 7pm. Topped off fuel in Gaspe and got down to the local trail and started squeezing the throttle. Awesome cruising stretch of trail. Hit the 597 and hit the throttle again. Saw the tracks at a bad horseshoe corner where apparently someone had missed the corner and died at 10:00am that morning we heard later. Makes you think… Made it to Hotel Copper just before 6pm. Whole lobby smelled like cigarettes. Asked the guy at the front desk (the owner) if they had any extra blankets so I could sleep on the floor. Since he didn’t speak the best English (and I don’t speak much French) he said we don’t have cots. I said, no I’d just like some extra blankets (with some charades to get the point across). He talked in french to a worker, the worker looked depressed, headed for the basement and came upstairs with an extra Mattress and blankets! Thanked them both multiple times as all I wanted was some extra blankets. Worked out perfect really. Had a good dinner and went to bed. 292 miles total when we were only hoping for 200. Sunrise in Sainte Anne: Clearcut: The first avalanche I’ve ever seen. Definitely would have pushed a sled off that few hundred foot cliff had it hit one when it let go: Pictures don’t do the scenery or steepness justice. Needed the parking brake on. Looking down on Mont Sainte Pierre around 8am. Was fun watching the groups of snowmobiles leave the hotel looking like ants in the valley below: In the valley on top of a 30 foot mound: View on the opposite side of the valley. We were originally in that small bright white spot in the middle top of the mountain: Cant remember this town’s name: Snowblowing up at the windmills: Another sheer cliff spot: The lights of Murrdochville: Hotel Copper, parking on Main Street:
  15. Finally took time to get the pictures off my phone. This was my first trip to the Gaspe, Dad’s 3rd time but first since 2001. We only ended up doing a 3 day trip out of the 4 originally planned due to the snow on Wednesday and lack of availability of rooms near Perce. All in all, a good trip though. 775 miles in 3 days, had perfect weather for the north shore, and saw everything worth seeing (from what I was told) besides Perce Rock, but that can always been seen on another trip. Trails overall were a 6/10. With the warmup and subsequent re-freezing you could tell the groomers were struggling as I think at least 90% of the corners had chop on the inside half the entire trip. Trails definitely weren’t what they usually are in Quebec, but still good enough to have a good trip. Weather was warm, didn’t have to break trail in over 18 inches of snow, and didn’t have any mechanical issues, so really the best luck we’ve had on a saddlebag trip the last three seasons. Here’s the route: Day 1: The Squall (Green Line) Left Pointe A La Croix at a comfortable 17 degrees with fresh groomed trail. From researching on this forum, decided to head east for 9 miles, then take a local trail back across to 5, the across to the 587 regional trail around the Matapedia Valley. Good decision as Trans Quebec 5 in this area was pretty beat. Had a great ride on 587, probably the best grooming of the whole trip. Let the 800 etec breathe pretty good in many places, so got terrible fuel mileage this stretch! Fueled up and headed toward Matane for lunch. Ate at the A & W Root Beer restaurant chain that I like to frequent while in Quebec. Checked a few work emails, took a couple calls, then back on the trail heading for our final destination of Sainte Anne Du Monts. While heading east towards our destination I saw pitch black Thunderstorm looking clouds off in the distance and knew we were going to get something, either rain or snow as it was over 32 degrees on the skidoo air temperature gauge. Ended up getting caught in a snow squall that was nuts. Being from Northern Maine I’ve seen it snow 3 feet in a storm and every type of snow you could think of, but I’d never seen it snow this hard in my entire life. Just pouring out of the sky. At times you couldn’t see 25 feet and Dad following 50 feet behind would loose sight of me frequently. Luckily we were in the woods the entire time during the squall cause Im not sure you could have found your way in a field. After about 20 minutes it cleared out and was almost back to sunny again. Stayed at the Hotel & Cie which was a nice place with a good restaurant. 275 Miles total. Looking at Pointe a La Croix, QC and Cambelton, NB 587 Matane suspension bridge Snow squall. Picture doesn't do it justice at all.