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  1. Thats alot bigger tunnel than the MikeRider cut thru...so its not RDL. Haha
  2. To us QR’s who are south of the border these current season Quebec snow pictures can be defined as cruelty to animals punishable by law. For reasons stated above, Please refrain from such practices. 😉
  3. Im no conspiracy guy but this vote counting software mess unfortunately seems too plausible to be happening in the swamp.... not to be real. Stay tuned it seems to me and I consider myself to be a pretty open minded and rational patriotic American. They HAVE to make sure the vote and the system are legit by the law or we are in a world of shit down the road. I realize this isnt the thing to do these days...but whomever wins legally, they have my support.
  4. California should split off from the US and be their own country.
  5. Spent yesterday leaf peeping. Height Of Land is always a great view of Mooselookmeguntic Lake. Saturday i spent 230 miles trying to catch up to Lisa on a loop up to Moosehead Lake in Greenville. In spite of the virus we have had an awesome summer. Putting the pontoon boat away next weekend. Starting the sleds and putting the trickle charger on them after work tonite. Fall is here !
  6. I think the manager of the Comfort Inn furnished the vino Mike. For $390000 they could have made that (real) Mayor Mike’s underpass/cut thru pretty damn nice.
  7. I just hope there are riders from the US on them this season.... 🙂 ....thanks for the pictures
  8. Cant picture where that comes off or goes...or why.
  9. Aroostook County has had just 1 death ever from COVID. Over half of Maines 136 deaths are in York County just over the NH line. (aka Northern Massachusetts) Go north young men, go north ! Got 2 trips booked in Caribou in early February and March. We cant wait ! Still hoping for Quebec too. 🙂
  10. That is one big beautiful wall ! Haha
  11. Looks so sweet Mike ! We needed that pic. The virus doesnt scare me half as much as the riots they are afraid to stop. Back to sledding... How many of us here would ride their sled on that right ridge to widen the trail out for the cause ? More here than most groups ! It gives me the feeling of leaving the trail better than I found it so I actually do it often. Besides...Ride Right...right ?
  12. It is really beautiful here no doubt about that. The bugs (Black flies,mosquitos) are fierce for very short periods each year much like most parts of our beautiful country.... However, When asked about bugs we often describe Maine bugs like these as 747’s and bloody horrible. That helps keep the summer infestation of the real bugs (tour-on’s and their traffic) down a little. hahaha
  13. They are intentionally leaving out critical #’s/factors to shape a case for hysteria, failure, and fear. They leave out context daily. Our heavily populated cities are a mess but thats not just Covid. Not going there. I only copied the chart to give context and hope to those seeing gloom on the news daily. We are managing the expected spike pretty well. Thats all. Im really not interested in changing minds or getting into the weeds with a big focus on this mess. Life goes on. Its been a different but great summer here. About 850 miles on the Harley the last few weeks. Big fun. Everyone has their own ideas. Stay safe. Stay Smart. Verify.
  14. Call me crazy but we had to re-open for too many reasons to list. Anyone who has listened to multiple type news sources knew a spike was inevitable during the reopening. Exactly what happened...as expected. Certain news sources exploited it 24/7 and people bought it. Well on our way back according to CDC charts today...pretty impressive given how many wont mask up in crowds. The chart is the truth..unlike CNN who picks the worst state or hospital or nursing home and camps out and reports it 24 hours a day to stir fear. They project the whole country is this way. How many are sick ? Rising positive tests mean little when we are testing 60x more than 4 months ago. The majority of positives never even have to see a doctor. CNN and MSNBC...henny penny...who both obviously want the sky to fall to upset our country. Hate to break it to them...there isnt a democrat in the country that could have done any better in highly populated areas. Its a pandemic. Well... Maybe Joe could ? Haha. It sucks. Yup. Dont trust the media. They are incredibly biased. Verify. This too shall pass. Stay safe and smart. Flatten the fear.