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  1. This is wonderful news ! Well deserved.
  2. Wow that sure looks tasty. Tell me thats dinner not lunch. Id sleep trailside if I ate that for lunch. 😂
  3. Really enjoyed all these pics. Thanks for uploading them! I have none the level of these but have my early season favorites I took Christmas day 2019 in Mt Valin and Baxter Park 2022 facing Katahdin.
  4. Never went there. Will need to put it on my list ! Do you have to ride much pavement to get there ? FYI….Lakeview wings are incredible as well…very solid...as are their beef loaded nachos.
  5. Some nice club trails up that way Mike ! Hope you have a ball. Wish I was there.
  6. Enjoying some amazing pictures. Keepem coming !
  7. Happy to be able to do it ! Look forward to giving it to them. Thanks Munson.
  8. There is a local Maine snowmobile club here Id love to buy this for. From a recent conversation I had with their trailmaster large areas they groom there is no cell service and the huge concern is the volunteers most somewhat older are in big trouble if they break down in a groomer with no contact especially at night. Walking out is nearly impossible for them. Munson please call or text me so I can buy this from you and donate it to their club. 207- 491- 0873 Mark
  9. Great reports ! Safe travels !
  10. Great report ! If your gas went a little quick its cuz I was riding every turn with you Jack. 😉
  11. Thankful the monkey is masked now. Hahaha !
  12. Home Sweet Home huh Jack. Have fun !
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