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  1. Great ground info ! Thanks for this.
  2. That sounds pretty slick. Thanks for that info. We are going to bag there next season for sure.
  3. Interesting. Been curious about riding to Quebec City to stay a couple nights and go into the city to look around and/or chow. Some friends tell the story of riding the Harleys 25 years ago into old QC and being escorted out by QPD. They weren’t too welcoming to bikes. LOL Im sure there is taxi’s and/or Uber ? Are their cab rates similar to US ? How far is it into the belly of the beast from this hotel ? Is this right on a trail or is it a little sidewalk riding into it ? Are the trails leading into the hotel area area decent ? Any recommendations for a nice traditional french QC dinner you guys have tried in this area ? Any QC advice is awesome. As you can tell I haven't been there since I was a kid. Wife saw some foodie show on the city at some point and has been asking if we can sled there. I know we can...but should we is what Im wondering !
  4. Well in that case count me in !!! LOL. No seriously...send me one of those invoices. Im happy to contribute to this site.
  5. Awesome post Gullyrider. You are right on the $325 per....with the exchange its was somewhere around 260 US I think. Do your clubs sometime lack help or members like ours ? Something is drasticly different....
  6. This is brilliant. Makes perfect sense. I admit ignorance on what participation the State of Maine adds to the sport...but it sure brings a lot of trailers into Maine every weekend.
  7. Couldn't agree more on the cost of the Maine trail pass. For a resident I think I pay 45 or 55 per sled for the season....so about $100. Secondarily we support either 6 or 7 clubs by choice....roughly another $200. The majority of sledders here don't generally do that. I know money holds some clubs back in Maine for equipment and even basic fuel sometimes. They need more money in the prime sledding areas in Maine. Quebec surely seems to have it figured out. We have decided after buying the Quebec non resident season pass this year (around 270 a sled I think) and we will continue doing that. It is so worth it for the quality of your trails. Curious...What does a Quebecian resident pay for a sled for the season ? In Maine its about double for a non resident. Sorry to hijack this a bit....the video just shows how much You guys have it together up there.
  8. Why is their trail system so much better than Maine ? What are the major differences in their model compared to Maines ? Im amazed at the quality of the trails and frequency of the grooming and wonder.....
  9. Not a snake fan. Id grab a sharp shovel and make you 2 snakes pretty quick.
  10. Enjoyed the tales from the trails. Thanks for sharing !
  11. Crushed the miles wow ! Nice run....great pics.
  12. Well today went great. Only challenge was we were sledding back to the truck in Jackman to drive home...so time was limited. Out of Beuaceville 75 to 55...flat flat flat and fast. A blast even in the powerline section. Scenery isnt that great there although there is some pretty farmland mixed in.....but the trail rocks. We split off to the left onto 535 and then onto 545 over to Le Morillon Restaraunt which we love. Little french lady lives there and runs it. Well I guess we were first ones in today since she was in a bath robe when we came in. LOL Super sweet lady who immediately remembered us and in 5 minutes had us coffee and Baileys and was fully dressed complete with fresh lipstick. HaHa. She made us a great ham,bacon, and egg breakfast with home made bread and it was awesome. Bought a homemade sugar pie to go and back to the trail. Back on the 545 trail then to 75 to Armstrong club for a quick pit stop....and back to Jackman on nice flat trails. 535 and 545 were not groomed from Fridays 10+” but they have such a flat base on them they were awesome. There is a ton of snow in this area....the road will likely take a hit this week but the trails wow. Only 300 miles somehow but a super fun trip. Its nearly April so we take what we can get ! Im afraid thats it for us this season pending a miracle. Tied up the next 2 weekends.
  13. Just back from a great dinner here. One of the best parts of sledding is reliving the day and laughing with good friends after a day out on the trails. Always an adventure...and always fun memories !
  14. We had a ball. Beautiful day ! They got 10+ Id say. Got turned up 75N instead of 55N then onto a club trail with trees down....right outa the gate. HaHa. First 2 hours we cut 3 trees across trails and u turned twice in the first 20 miles. Yikes. Rough start. Ended up back onto 75 to 35....both ungroomed but good riding. Turned off onto 547 to 549. Very pretty ride thru that park and then back to 55 and looped back. Not many miles overall but big fun. 125-130. Id guess parts of 55 were groomed overnite but it was between good to not bad. Just saw the groomer leave the club here and head down 75S. Basicly for almost April...thrulled to be out there at all. Still alot of snow here. Roads were good today but the sun will make them tough fast. Get out there soon. Back to Jackman to load up and drive home tomorrow.