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  1. If I recorded that and looked back Id be ashamed. It would be my darkest secret and a wakeup call. These idiots figure it is cool or funny and share it. Scary stuff.
  2. Camera guy never saw the right side of the trail. Two wide. Total idiots ! Whatever happens to guys that ride like that, dont look for me to feel bad even if its deadly. I just hope it happens before they hurt one of us or a young family out for the day.
  3. Hoping this Malaria drug is a game changer.....
  4. Thanks for the updates. Trying to figure if its worth attempting to pull off a ride in Beauceville area Saturday. Fridays weather was snow and a mix here in Maine but looked like RDL/Gaspe got snow. Any word what this area got ?
  5. I had some type of RDL IPA there and it was great !
  6. All snow in RDL today or did it mix ?
  7. Great update. Looks like they escape the rain for the most part today and get some snow even. Pretty awesome. Wish it wasnt too far for just a weekend ride this time of year.
  8. Thanks ckf. Seems a lot better.
  9. Nobody out here lately ? Threatening one last run next weekend depending on what happens the next week.
  10. Like that common room Mike ! Great idea.
  11. Is it me or has this site been really slow at times the last few weeks....?
  12. EastMark


    Just came home yesterday from RDL. Rode 600 miles of awesome trails there beginning of the week. Go for it.
  13. Back home. Big smiles thinking of our 3rd Quebec trip of the season. Trails were great. Always fun. Enjoyed dinner there too as well as Symposium Sunday nite. Cool downtown area. Yes it is a bummer anytime a club closes for sure. For us part of the allure of BSL is the number of random clubhouses. Hoping that somebody gets that I.V. club back up and running and I actually elect RDL’s Mayor Mike as the perfect candidate ! 😉 Only issue then will be the “Gone Sledding” sign permanently affixed to the door ! Enjoy the ride today.
  14. Super trails today. Out at 8. Mostly all trails were first tracks or nearly. Real nice. Warmed up a lot. Shorter day. About 150 miles. Took 5 to 544/565/85 thru Cabano/563 loop to 35 to Chevaliars club. Then to Poghonhamook for gas...then 35 to 561 and back thru Mikes tunnel. Very fun day and nearly no bumps at all for the day. Great ride.