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  1. EastMark

    Best driving route to RDL from NH?

    And dont forget to check your cell phone plan coverage and rate....and notify your credit card companies ! Have a blast and report back. You will love it.
  2. EastMark

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Wow. Those are some impressive miles for one month Mike. Enjoy the hell out of it !
  3. EastMark

    Trailer advise

    Some great advice here ! Id add...buy 2 of the 25’ LED 12v strip lights and tie them into the dome light lining the outer roof. Very inexpensive and work amazing. I used zip ties to attach them in minutes and used the squeeze splicers to the dome light lead. also, I added at build time LED reverse lights on the back. They build them in above the brake LEDs. The difference in confidence backing up at night is huge. Wouldnt order one without these. Lighting increases comfort and function both. My trailers a 7.5’ x 16’ inline hybrid....so not big enough for youre 3. 2 sleds of any size is great though. Backing out is a breeze. I keep a 7’ piece of 2” PVC pipe and drop it on top of the hinges when loading/unloading. Works perfect even with our aggressive Snowtracker carbides. Good luck.
  4. EastMark

    2019 Riviere du Loup Area Trail Conditions

    Glad to see you are back on the trails Mike. Awesome. ...and with a new sled to boot ! Did you say that new one is a turbo Mike ?? <cough> Haha
  5. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Mostly all 5 stars now ! Time for you to start the 2019 thread Mike !
  6. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Looks like RDL updated trail conditions this AM !
  7. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    KylesDad...did you go ?
  8. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Well, I ended up frustrated with lack of snow like everyone else. Looking at a bunch of web pages and factors ended up opting for a shorter drive to the County here in Maine. Worked out great...a few days of great riding. The RDL club hadnt updated trail conditions since 12/22 and hasnt yet...telling me trails hadnt improved. Next time. Love riding RDL area.
  9. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Looks like RDL will have no rain Sat...unlike most of Maine that has some rain or a mix. Thats a plus.
  10. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Kyle At best its thin but hard saying because there are no reports anywhere I can find. I am also contemplating Jackman-Pittson Farm area too instead since neither RDL or Maine are great right now....but there are select trails in Maine that look ok at least. I will go to the best conditions ! If you come across a current report repost it here.....the stuff at FCMQ is fairly vague.
  11. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Oh, 100% Im dreaming and hoping. I have to make a tenative plan based on what is educated guesses are. A gamble. A good guess at best. 🤪
  12. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Hoping its to groom it and let it set up the base for this cold. 5-8” new Snow on the 28th Cold all week..... -3 next Monday nite. ....so theres a chance ! Might ride there next Sat-Sunday after the snow.....
  13. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    https://www.accuweather.com/en/ca/riviere-du-loup/g5r/daily-weather-forecast/55768?day=2 If the forecasters are to be trusted (cough) then RDL seems to be getting a little less of a hit from this rain storm thats tearing thru Maine and beyond,.... Fingers crossed.
  14. EastMark

    Early ride

    Looks nice Yeti ! Anyone else been out ?
  15. EastMark

    Any chance ?

    Ever ride St-George area Mike ? Considering closer ideas for other weekends besides our annual RDL trip thats already booked.