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  1. Total round trip straight up and back ?
  2. Sounds great Mike. Enjoy and save us a spot. 🙂 How different is the newer rooms Mike ? This is Lisa’s trip where she likes us to book that big room with the hot tub we generally get this run...and I dont know if that was redone or not. Our friends got a first floor standard room and hopefully its rehabed for them..although they are all pretty nice rooms anyway there. Keep an eye out for current Monday/Tuesday clubhouse stops if you notice any if youre out clubbing. 🙂 We have some first time RDLr’s coming with us to ride Saturday-Tuesday and are excited to show them some different Quebec clubhouse stops.
  3. EastMark

    GT 2020

    Dont forget to share pics with us suckers who are working this week.... We get to Mikes house in RDL Saturday and hope to see you in the round bar and swap a few lies. 😉 B safe and enjoy the adventure. Nothing like or even close to snowmobiling in the great outdoors.
  4. Im hoping that little guy hangs on tight and knows enough not to use those damn hand signals.... 😉 Enjoy. Seems like you have a good point in the season for good predictable trail conditions. B safe.
  5. Well....what can be said, It is sad yet understandable, You deserve the best my friend....whatever that is for you. Like so many others that look at and enjoy your pictures...I dont reply here either...but know both the pictures and your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by many. You are a true grooming legend and we all wish the very best for you.
  6. Trails must have set up tight overnite ! Plenty cold. Back in RDL next Saturday. Cant wait.
  7. MikerRider did this run for lunch from RDL 2 weeks ago. PM him.
  8. So cool they did this.....love it. The Beast stayed down on the flat....still cool.
  9. Great tip. Rest Bar’s suggestions are great. Thanks for that. Especially with this many clubs not open on certain days...and some closing. Loooove riding but these stops are important ya know ! Haha Joking aside it can make a great day of riding a really great day if you hit a great spot to stop for lunch.
  10. We have stopped for a coffee and baileys twice at Citadelle. Like it. Its different. Have to try the food there. Anyone eaten at the Belle club on the corner on 5 ? Always pretty busy there. Whats the good size club in a wooded area with the big parking lot in front maybe on 35 ? thats on the way back from Squatec on the right ?
  11. Ever stop at the tiny club right on 5 outside of RDL ? Tiny place..no frills..little wood stove. Neat as a pin. Pretty cool. One brochure displayed for each Skidoo, Arctic Cat, Polaris,Yamaha. Haha. Miss that Squatec spot. Mont Citadelle have food ? It must....
  12. Monday and Tuesday clubhouses/restaurants.....? Anyone have any info on ones either open or closed on these days,..and/or your fav stops on any day ? Going back in a few weeks and riding these day....I know many close these days. Trois Pistoles open but no food on Monday Adventurers seems always open Intel on Voyagers near Pohengamook Mook club (tiny)closed Tuesdays Belle on 5 seems always open St Pamphile was closed Wednesday when we went by Tourville Jasmin open
  13. La Manior was great ! Trail 55 to St Pamphile was awesome !