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  1. I am thinking Maine (with a possible 3 day pass at some point) as well Mike. Strange days indeed !
  2. What are you thinking at this point Mayor Mike ? Hope its a great summer for you !
  3. Pipe, Unfortunately you are spot on.
  4. Lets not forget asking us to give away nearly 5 trillion MORE in new expanded handouts for the next generation to pay for, as the existing systems as basic as SS retirement and Medicare are collapsing financially in the near future…trading our future for future Dem votes. How patriotic. And yes he did give away one of the most strategic Military bases in the world….and 80 billion of our best weapons and uniforms…and its trillion US dollars base and airfeild to who…..our most ruthless enemy threats to our homeland. Zero reason for it. He couldnt even blow it all up if he wasnt smart enough to keep this base ? How patriotic. He is the worst US president of my lifetime already in just 7 months. Treasonous what he has already done. Meantime, shoot me but I remain optimistic overall that this can be fixed if it is stopped soon. I just worry what happens between now and the mid term election what it will be stopped. This new spending bill we cant dream of affording. None of it. Gorgeous September morning in Maine ! Enjoy. 🙂
  5. He (his handlers) waits until the Delta is just peaking in most states…literally happening over the next 10 days…just as some earliest hit states are already naturally beginning to drop which will happen quickly according to studies and history…comes up with a bunch of rules so a month from now he can say his “leadership” is the reason for the big drops in the Delta numbers. Dumb like a fox…and the general public will buy it…and the media will push this manufactured “success” for him when it happens. Meantime he deserted one of the most stocked, strategic, and sophisticated military bases in the world and all our awesome weapons there right down to our uniforms…to the most ruthless enemies we have. We will survive, but its pretty scary. He is making it much harder.
  6. Lots of unknowns still unfortunately. Gonna have to wait Im afraid.
  7. Been saying that for a year now. Shame on her. So so selfish and wrong for our country. She is obviously no patriot. She knew he isnt right or capable mentally well before the election. He clearly has diminished capacities….and she knew it. Sad choice on her part to support a run.
  8. No, no, no….Kamala is just too busy assuring there will be no border crisis going forward.
  9. Pathetic for blaming Trump. Biden is useless.
  10. I use a Montana 600 and I'm happy with it. For sure the new feature of some of the GPS's where you can track others riding in your group with similar brand GPS units is very appealing to me. My next GPS will be something that can also go on my wife's GPS so we know exactly where each other is. While the SkiDoo unit that has this feature is really nice it is only compatible with other SkiDoos. Right now I'm thinking the Garmin is the way to go since any brand sled in your group can have one. For sure the GPS technology is changing quickly and is a little confusing right now. There will be a lot of inexpensive non-tracking GPS's available in the next year I would guess.
  11. Contrary to what the mainstream media will tell us this situation with the spike is temporary. University of Florida release this projection last week and it was quickly passed over by the media. End of September the worst is behind us at least for now.
  12. I cant help but question the source,accuracy, and timing of the chart to be honest. First Ive heard of that. Seems it would be all over the news.
  13. It is appalling and a direct insult to all the legal immigrants. Honest to God I swear people are deaf and dumb to believe a 40 year politician.
  14. I have been thinking of the Universel all week, Im not gonna lie. I feel like I need to sled there this season to support the sled folks up there…although Maine was great last year. Im guessing it will be quiet up there too. Lets see what the border deal is before the early season ticket price expires. If they are smart they will extend the early buy date.
  15. No doubt. The FDA still goes on too. That video is still misinformation in context thats spread all over Facebook etc.( and is not censored since it helps a liberal message) When our fearless President decides to name a permanent replacement (vacant since January in a world and national pandemic) finally to be FDA Chief it might be the first thing they work on….but that may make too much sense. Meantime, July ALONE 200k+ lawbreakers came in with Bidens blessing, 20% sick with Covid, the rest untested, put at 100% max capacity on buses together to ensure spreading the virus, and given free rides at our expense and dropped on the street throughout our great country. Meantime the administration states publicly “We are making great progress at the border” and most people believe it. At the same time the solutions discussed for the variant spread…. legal patriotic citizens, including the vaccinated and otherwise, you may have to wear a mask again and reduce capacity or close your business, or negatively effect our next generations education even more and put our country further behind in learning worldwide, if you do not obey what they say is best. It is stunning how many intelligent people dont see this. Scary really. Single source (like China) news will destroy our democracy if people dont start to multi source their information. Its not Walter Cronkite in your living room nightly any more folks. Some (many mainstream) news sources are pure activists…radical activists. We all need to get back to the middle….fast.
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