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  1. Do you need to do any testing on the way back into the states?
  2. I use a small soft side cooler , it only holds 4 bottles of water and they do not freeze.
  3. Looking for webcams in gods country
  4. https://fcmq.qc.ca/en/faq/security/what-speed-limit/
  5. I thought I read they were pushing for 43 mph ? I hope not…..
  6. Not really worried about the cost after not being able to cross the border for 2 seasons. More concerned about the new speed limit if it passes.
  7. LOL, welcome to NH! Now you know why we all drive 8 hours to ride in Quebec! And you are correct it’s nothing more then income for the fish and game, they sit on the biggest smoothest trails and hand out speeding tickets while people are crashing in the woods and it doesn’t matter to them.
  8. I've ridden sleds with both tracks, the studded track just feels more stable then an ice ripper. When we are up in Quebec the trails are usually like concrete unless we have fresh snow fall. It really is just a personal preference as I feel the studded track also stops better. As far as the wheel issue goes I've never really had that issue but I do check my studs every so often to make sure they are tight. Biggest down fall is not being able to right north of the border this season, hopefully next year it will be back to normal.....
  9. If you are running groomed trails the 1.25 will be better then the ice ripper hands down. True studs will always out perform the ice ripper track. Especially on a frozen groomed trail.
  10. For true performance not sure how you guys can run the ice ripper tracks. True studs are the only way to go. 😜
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