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  1. No problems with mine, 3500 miles
  2. Helmet works awesome, best helmet I have worn so far. Sold my last years model to get the next size bigger. I had no issues with the first one
  3. Yes pops right out, the front curtain does too.
  4. I have the one off of the 850 to put on it .Just hope I can deal with the shorter legs on top. Thing sounds awesome.
  5. out with the old In with the new! Can't wait to try it.
  6. I carry a spare, just in case. But rode all last year with no issues. Ordered a new one for this season, hope it works as good as the first one.
  7. Put 3500 miles on with the original shield and zero issues.
  8. Yes they will be in limited quantities again
  9. I hear they fall off after 85- 90 compared to the 850. I must have a fast one! 😜
  10. How you liking those 900T’s? Any top end numbers on those super highways?
  11. Just got home yesterday, conditions were a 10
  12. We are heading up for the week too, leaving in an hour
  13. Heading up Friday to LSJ, conditions look great.