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  1. I've ridden sleds with both tracks, the studded track just feels more stable then an ice ripper. When we are up in Quebec the trails are usually like concrete unless we have fresh snow fall. It really is just a personal preference as I feel the studded track also stops better. As far as the wheel issue goes I've never really had that issue but I do check my studs every so often to make sure they are tight. Biggest down fall is not being able to right north of the border this season, hopefully next year it will be back to normal.....
  2. If you are running groomed trails the 1.25 will be better then the ice ripper hands down. True studs will always out perform the ice ripper track. Especially on a frozen groomed trail.
  3. For true performance not sure how you guys can run the ice ripper tracks. True studs are the only way to go. 😜
  4. Last season I rode Mt Valin thanksgiving weekend, they were grooming too. We rode out to the pelchat house and back. There was a lot of snow.
  5. I hope they open the borders but everything points to no. I’ll sill buy a pass just to help out the club. we rode thanksgiving weekend last year, going to miss it this year.
  6. Wasn’t looking to start an argument but yes I ride more miles a year then most. Every ride is 200 + miles. And here in NH we don’t have the big trails like Quebec does, just got back from a week long trip up there. stay safe.
  7. You miss the whole point of my comment, you should always be riding right weather someone is coming or not. If you are having holy shit moments then someone is riding down the middle of the trail or on the wrong side. Pass so many sleds the are just running the middle of the trail and cutting corners off.
  8. Was up all week, tons of snow . We made it 80 miles in on the trail to HSP. Lots of drifts . Trails were all really good early week. We've been riding out of Pelchat last few days.
  9. We will try it again sometime,was still a great ride. Conditions were perfect.
  10. Iceman I did see one of your stickers on a sign when we were out there.
  11. Do they ever groom this trail? We tried the trek from Sept Isle today and we're unsuccessful at about mile 85. No tracks to follow and extreme conditions.
  12. We are going to start from Les Escoumins
  13. And they should ban the ridelites. 90% of the people I see with these have the light green and don’t notice people are behind them. Best practice is to assume someone is always coming the other way.