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  1. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    Yes the HJC would melt the ice on the outside too.
  2. Saddlebag Trip Planning?

    We must really go crazy, we leave out of the Delta hit 93 to the ferry and then back up to the delta for a day trip. Love the loop around LSJ day loop too. love that whole area!
  3. Vehicle question

    Looking for info on driving a company vehicle info Canada for riding. My company now pays for my truck and I want to be prepared for any issues I may have. Thanks in advance
  4. Meanwhile today at the Delta...

    Can’t wait!
  5. Gaspe March 5-10

    Have fun! chris
  6. Trail update

    Wow, I hear stories about getting big storms while on a trip in the gaspe. How much did they get? chris
  7. Trail passes at Delta

  8. Trail passes at Delta

    Yes front desk sells them
  9. Trail Conditions

    Pat let me know when you two are going to be in Pittsburg again. chris
  10. First day

    Day 4 left the Delta around 9am, headed up to 93 and went east past Mt Valin, took a left onto the Pelchat trail. Took it all the way into town and fueled up, had lunch on the St Lawrence. left back out on 3 south to 93 and headed west. Pulled back into the Delta around 10 pm with 375 miles for the day, trails were amazing.
  11. First day

    Day 3 left town and headed up 3 in 8" of fresh powder. Broke trail up to 83 and snow was still coming down pretty good. Met the groomer about half way from the Delta. rolled into the Delta with 140 on for the day.
  12. First day

    Day 2 rode out on 83 and down to 23, trails were flat with tons of snow. Headed south on 23 to Le taupe. Took 367 over to 3 and headed north to Baie-Saint-Paul. Started snowing heavily so got into town and booked a room, gas station was closed. 240 miles for the day.
  13. First day

    We left out of the Delta around 10:30, sled wouldn't start. New plugs and away we went. took 83 west and out onto the big lake which was well marked. Continue onto 373 to 93 east and back to town. Trails were in perfect condition except for a few bumps closer to town. 275 miles for the day.
  14. Availability of accommodation

    See you tomorrow! Staying all week.
  15. Trail Conditions

    Getting 10-16" down here today, hopefully the roads will be cleared up in the am.