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  1. What an epic adventure, how does one plan this? Looks like they are riding a lot of frozen water ways. Curious on how they planned for this trip.
  2. Oh this ought to be good….
  3. How many miles is that from start to finish?
  4. 90% of the riders I see when I go to Canada for 10 days every year are not doing the speed limit if it is 70 km/h
  5. WOW I have never seen them running radar in northern Quebec, it’s usually just checking stickers or DUI check points.
  6. We were up last week in the same area, trails still look awesome, we put on 1600 miles 🙂
  7. It’s shows up on track maps gps, they should take it off if it’s not open…
  8. is the gas station shown here the one that is closed?
  9. Calling for warm air and rain…..
  10. Do you need to do any testing on the way back into the states?
  11. I use a small soft side cooler , it only holds 4 bottles of water and they do not freeze.
  12. Looking for webcams in gods country
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