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  1. Delta renovating restaurant...Boston Pizza is coming..

    What about the bar? Any updates slated for that area?
  2. He is Alive!!!!

    Why did he leave?
  3. Redemption Radar tower

  4. Redemption Radar tower

  5. Redemption Radar tower

  6. Redemption Radar tower

  7. Redemption Radar tower

    Hi Jean-guy. took me a while to find it because I was looking for it where the trail map shows, there is no turn off of that sharp turn. i did pin it on my gps
  8. Redemption Radar tower

    You need to turn before where this map shows.
  9. Redemption Radar tower

    We found it a couple of weeks ago, the trail is plowed almost to the top. There was one sign that said radar tower, up that road and stay to the left at the split.
  10. Suggestions anyone??

    This is what we just did last week. Gaspe Trip Itinerary.xlsx
  11. Gaspe - Best Hotels and Attractions

    These are the places we stayed. Gaspe Trip Itinerary.xlsx
  12. Gaspe - Best Hotels and Attractions

    We did this loop starting on the 2/9. We were checking out the sites so only about 200 miles a day.
  13. Tuesday was a fun filled snow day -

    looks like they still have a ton of snow! -Chris
  14. Updated LA Cache

    We stopped in twice this past week, was out of Super first day but had it the next morning, the bridge is falling apart on the trail south so it is changed from the map.