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  1. 2019 ski-doo models released

    Hi Mike, had a Polaris Sp Assault 144 last year with the 600. All you need is a clutch kit from NSP and get at least 15mpg all the time. And alot better performance. With the 12 gallon tank, I did over 170 miles a couple times. I used Klotz at $39 shipped to your door. I'm using Polaris VES this year with my SKS 146 at $37 from my dealer. Ran 4 strokes for years but having fun again on the 2 strokes.
  2. Trail 345

    You can go either way. Usually groomed up through Lac Chateauvert to the east, and the road then driveway to Kanawata on the west. Hopefully it is groomed up to Chateauvert this year, one of the best trails.
  3. Is this leg open or not?

    No, it's not open or groomed.

    Great picts and trip. And nice Vstroms. Also had a 2011 DL650. Traveled from home on different trips to WV, Maine, PA, VA. Wonderful touring, do it all bikes. Just sold it this year and miss it.
  5. ELECTION DAY 2016!

    Woo Hoo!!! Great night. Stayed up for it all. All us deplorable rednecks spoke last night.
  6. auberge du Trappeur

    Love snowmobilers. This is where it is off 23. They have signs up also. Go down the road and watch for snowmobile crossing and take right across small river to it.
  7. Helmet Communicators

    We use Sena's. Work good for us.
  8. auberge du Trappeur

    Found this place this year and it's our favorite spot. Should be good for the miles you need. Great food and priced too reasonable. http://www.aubergedespinsrouges.com/index.html
  9. looking for bruce f?

    Thank-you, She was a great lady. Always smiling and so friendly to everyone. She will be missed.
  10. looking for bruce f?

    Hello Linda. Haven't had much time to think about snowmobiling this summer. We've been doing a full remodel of the house since April and my mother just passed away 2 weeks ago. It's been a long month, but we woke this morning to it snowing and a dusting on the grass and vehicles. Got on the computer this morning and started an accessory list for the new renegade. Tell Smiley to get ready for the cabin and pray for snow !!!!
  11. Here is the original post of it on Totally Yamaha in 2007. http://www.ty4stroke.com/viewtopic.php?t=45888&highlight=breathe The rider is a member there, Casey Darke aka Darko. Unbelievable talent on a boosted Apex mt. sled. He makes it look easy. Here are some pictures of his turbo at the time of the video on this page. http://www.ty4stroke.com/viewtopic.php?t=21656&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=30
  12. Saguenay Bill DOING OK

    Just saw this today. Great to see everything is alright and your back home. You got home on our 30th anniversary. See you in July. Bruce.
  13. Happy Birthday Saguenay Bill

    Happy Birthday Bill from one retired snowmobiler to another. See you in July. Bruce.
  14. looking for bruce f?

    Sounds great. See you next winter.
  15. looking for bruce f?

    I'm sure it didn't take much to talk him into taking another ride. He mentioned 'Linda' while we were having breakfast one morning and I asked if she was 'Lindasledgirll' on QR? Didn't know what I was talking about. Too funny!! Just met him that week-end. He was in the corral in the morning alone, so I asked if he wanted to ride with us the week-end. We went to get info on renting a cabin again for next season and Smiley said he would be interested in joining in on it. Well, Smiley is now in a 4 bedroom chalet with us for next season. I not sure if he's slept yet, excited for next year, as all of us are. He loves to saddlebag also, so we'll be leaving from the cabin. He did try and talk me into staying with Yamaha, but I ended up switching to Doo !!! It's going to be a long summer.