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  1. Out on TOP E in District 2 near the eastern portion of the Paudash Trail Blazers club today. Spotted this decal LOL A long way from PQ:
  2. Probably use it during the moose hunt LOL Beside TQ83 north of Cloutier
  3. Whereas in southern Ontario they just gripe about it... Great travelogue. Rode thru the Amos area about 10 years ago.
  4. Summer of '18 I was camping @ Esker Lakes Provincial Park east of Kirkland Lake. Did a daytrip to Rouyn-Noranda, La Sarre & La Reine. Couldn't believe all the farms (lots of hay being cut). I checked out the bridge and the FCMQ still has signage on the railbed. Very eerie feeling riding along north of Lake Abitibi. From looking @ the maps over the years, you know you're in the middle of nowhere. Glad to have been able to ride the trail. File that along w/ riding from Longlac thru Manitouwadge to TOP D about 10 years ago before District 16 was folded.
  5. I'll have to check my photos from our trip thru there.
  6. I'm not sure, but I think this winter was the 2nd that A105Q was closed. I will have to check my maps. Looking @ the maps & it was shown on the 2017 version of the Ontario Trail Guide. I'm pretty sure the closure was announced before the start of the 16/17 season.
  7. This is kind of a question pertaining to past use when A105Q was open between La Reine & Cochrane. Over the years there was quite a bit of discussion from Ontario sledders using this trail to complete a loop. Our own group used A105Q to return to Ontario after two days of riding in Quebec. We had entered the province @ Notre Dame du Nord. Did any of you ever use the A105Q as part of a loop while snowmobiling in the Abitibi-Temiscaming & northeastern Ontario regions?
  8. Just bumping this in case anyone is interested. I got an email today about a Quebec database, since my Ontario list is quite popular.
  9. A fellow sledder asked me if I was still looking after a couple of Excel spreadsheets with lodging & mileage listings for Quebec. I said no that my Ontario databases kept me busy enough. If there is anyone out there that would be interested in looking after these spreadsheets, please PM me your email address and I'll pass them along. The lodging spreadsheet lists over 800 businesses.
  10. Pretty much sums it up. Hydro One is a Crown Corporation & is looking @ any way to nickel & dime consumers. The province used to have reasonably priced hydro rates. Not anymore. We now have some of the highest rates in Canada. The governing party has gone on a stupid green energy fit that some states have also gone along w/ while others have said no to. The province pays more to producers of green for kilowatts, than they sell it for. Yes it makes no sense but that's the way how current gov't works. There's been a lot of media coverage about this Bill. It was 2 years old, not sure if it's been pulled back or not.
  11. The gas station in La Reine burned down several years ago.
  12. When we rode thru there was no sign of gas "on trail" in '08. Before that there apparently was someone selling gas on the trail along the A105Q. Can anyone confirm the status of gas in La Reine or Dupuy? Several gas stations in La Sarre. We had no gas problems running from La Sarre to Cochrane w/an Apex, 2 500SS sleds & a 600 SDI.
  13. Thanks. I remember passing thru Dupuy, but it's never been metioned as a gas stop.