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  1. Ditch Banger

    trail 386 Val D'or to Park La verende

    Still showing red on the Abitibi site. a lot still not open around Val Dor.
  2. Ditch Banger

    Amos or Senneterre?

    You cant go wrong with Amosphere. Enjoy.
  3. Ditch Banger

    Amos or Senneterre?

    Iceman hit the nail on the head. Exact order I would put them in. Bell villa in Seneterre for sure if you do end up there. Great Pizza and Pasta just a 200 yard walk.
  4. Ditch Banger


    Awesome Thanks. What were the trails like overall?
  5. Ditch Banger


    Anyone know what is going on in Amos. Big section of 93 closed. Looks like it will be tough to get through from La Sarre to Sennetarre. Is it a land issue? Is the club working on it? Any idea when or if it might open? Thanks
  6. Ditch Banger

    rapides 7

    That sucks. Was a favorite stop. Gas in Winnoway as well on the Indian Reserve.
  7. Ditch Banger

    Rapide 7

    I will be going through on Friday as well. It is open for food and gas.
  8. Ditch Banger

    Rapide 7

    Is it open for gas and lunch I heard a rumor they may not be.
  9. Ditch Banger

    New Trail?

    According to the Temiscaming Club site it is 220 km from Temis to RDJ Trail will be fully groomed by the end of this week.
  10. Ditch Banger

    63 west from 386

    Jack I would go North through the park to Louvencourt way better trail then the Joncas to Belleterre run and its in great shape,
  11. Ditch Banger

    63 west from 386

    Came frome Senneterre to Joncas to Ville Marie last Sunday. Trail from Joncas to Belleterre is very tight and twisty for 151 km. it says 116 on the mape but due to logging they are using the old trail from a few years ago when it was 160 km on the map. The rest of the run was fantastic.
  12. Ditch Banger

    4 Day Trip- See Ya Later!

    Hey Snowbunny I will be up pretty much every weekend till the snow is gone. Heading up this weekend with the boys, will let you know how conditiond are when I get back.
  13. Ditch Banger

    4 Day Trip- See Ya Later!

    Hey Snowbunny its Dave we meet in Belleterre at lunch and then we both stayed at Temi Kami. I never made the conection. Was great to meet you. Trails were awesome and so was the food at Temi Kami. Cheers
  14. Ditch Banger

    Gas on 63

    Thanks !!!!