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  1. Not bad the middle of August , it's coming!
  2. Great photos, and you have the only traffic jams I like!
  3. Yes, really nice shot. What's going on with those clouds?
  4. Great shot, thanks for getting up so early or staying up so late. 👍
  5. LOL, like my dad used to say, the duct tape diet. A piece of duct tape over your mouth... Guaranteed weight loss.
  6. A lot of chipmunks here this year in Southwestern Connecticut digging holes all over my yard
  7. Not good either way, less competition more Monopoly... sleds will be $20,000 soon.
  8. https://lelacstjean.com/faitsdivers/un-corps-retrouve-sur-le-rivage-de-la-grande-decharge/
  9. And keep your helmet on and don't open your face shield
  10. Do you have a link to the source? Or is this your opinion?
  11. To lift the region out of poverty, wow... very interesting story. Would have never thought of that reason. Don't really understand how that could work unless the government was paying everyone for their house that their about to abandon... or they just walk away and head to the city. Crazy.
  12. Just curious, why did it close? Old mining/ manufacturing Village?
  13. You'll need one for every country, so if you like to travel a lot...
  14. Happy birthday buddy! Great picture linda, of what JG loves to do
  15. Not until the vaccine comes out. According to the prime minister. https://www.freshdaily.ca/news/2020/04/social-distancing-canada-will-last-until-vaccine-ready/
  16. Well, crazy but good I guess. I wonder how they enforce that? You're going to what supermarket? Well you passed 1 that's closer to your house, here's your $1,500 fine?