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  1. I've gotten way behind in sending out contributing membership renewals. I'm going to try to get them caught up over the next few days. I know some of you have already renewed on your own. I do this all manually, so if you get an invoice and you have already paid please message me so I can delete the invoice. As always, thanks for supporting
  2. Sorry for my absence lately guys. I've been trying to address the issues with my bad back this summer. I got a pm from @neksledr about this yesterday. I gave him the green light as long as he paid the yearly advertising fee. merch coming soon!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I just sent out reminder invoices that haven't been paid. Please let me know if you already paid it so I can cancel the invoice. Also, let me know aren't interested anymore so I can cancel the invoice. Thanks for the support!
  4. I'll look tomorrow to see if there is a plugin available for that 👍
  5. We completed a software update today that may have a few bugs to work through. Please let us know if you have any troubles.
  6. Glad to do it Stan. They gang here at is second to none
  7. I've gotten way behind in sending out CM renewals. I'm going to try to get out the renewals from December, January andFebruary today. If you get a renewal and have already paid please send me a message so I can delete the invoice.
  8. GSX800

    Could you please look and see if you received my $25 Paypal deposit to become a contributing member.  Screen Name GSX800.  Thanks for this great site.  It is a wealth of information, and enjoyable reading.  

  9. Chris has been supporting and our sister site,, since the beginning. C&T is best known for their Ski Doo clutch tools. They have clutch tools in stock for the XP, XS, Gen 4 850 and the new turbo 900. Thanks again @C & T Powersports for supporting
  10. Sorry about that. I do miss a few if I don't get the email from PayPal, but I did get yours, just been busy. You should be all set now. Thank you for supporting
  11. That's great to hear @iceman Although I have to say I still miss reading Benard's posts 😞
  12. They just have an Ebay store. If you have any questions you can PM him here. His screen name is @Stef41racing