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  1. Skidoosctt

    How is the riding in Saint Zenon area?

    Been here for 4 days. Lots of people. Some trails are great and some are icy. Some rocks too. Got a little over 700 miles and another half day ride tomorrow. The cold last night and snow helped alot. There supposed to get up to 10 inches starting tomorrow night.
  2. Skidoosctt

    Any chance ?

    Kylesdad and I decided this was were the best snow was.
  3. Skidoosctt

    Any chance ?

    Yes we did go. Were in St Zenon.
  4. Skidoosctt

    Anyone receive their trail permit ??

    I'm still waiting. Mailed on October 23rd.
  5. Skidoosctt

    Whose Ex is This?

    Plt has an enduro 900t in a crate. Not sure if it's for a customer.
  6. Skidoosctt

    Whose Ex is This?

    It's a friend of mine sled. Are you interested in it?