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  1. The Accidents begin.....

    4 separate accidents in 1 day in Old Forge area this Saturday, the 7th. One fatality, unfortunately. Lot of people coming up there with big iron and not really riding responsibly. Lots of pushing for a "Slow down , stay right" campaign to try to educate people.
  2. Winter Storm Argos

    57" fell in parts of the Tug Hill area. Snowmobiling unfortunately is still closed until after deer season.

    Snow already on the ground in many parts of the north. Good lake effect in all the usual places. Throttle thumb starting to twitch! Stay safe in your travels.
  4. One less Surfacer

    That's what I was saying, can't believe that there wasn't a fire extinguisher. I'm sure that if they hit it when it was just starting, and kill the motor, they should be able to put it out before it got that bad. Unless it was the end of the season and it was time for a new one!! Hmmmm.....
  5. chibuagamau loop

    Must have been toxic lightning!
  6. THE BORDER- Season Ender

    They told me that a DWI, not DUI, is a felony in Canada and anybody with a felony on their record is automatically denied and must get permission to be allowed back. Now, one caveat in my case is that the border guard was asked to work a double shift and was not in a friendly mood. The other guards inside said he was pulling every 3 cars over for inspection just to piss everyone off. So maybe on another day, it wouldn't have mattered.
  7. THE BORDER- Season Ender

    I feel your pain. 15 year old DWI stopped me. Ended my season that year. Had to go to the Canadian Consulate in NYC to get permission to enter again. Funny thing is, never got checked again.
  8. One less Surfacer

    My buddies just texted me this before I logged on. They came across it today. I told them they better not go back that way, might not be too smooth.
  9. Bad Snowmobile Accidents

    Always sobering to hear these stories. Not all cases are speed, lack of ability or alcohol induced. I know of one fatality that was as sorry as it gets. Group of guys were crossing a lake at night in a blizzard. About 3/4 of the way across, the guy next to last notices the guy behind him wasn't there anymore. He comes up along side the others and stops them. Tells them to wait there and he was going back to look for him. I guess you all know where this is going. Guy goes back at a nice clip and with the white out, never sees the guys sled that had died in his path, sled died, no headlight. Guy on the broken down sled could only dive off his sled when he saw the headlight. Guy that went looking for him hits the broken down sled head on at about 50 mph. Guys sled nosed under the broken one causing it to slide up the hood and broke the riders back when it hit him and landed on top of him, killing him instantly. The guy whose sled broke down has never ridden again. That's why a good LED flashlight is a must. This was in the states.
  10. Great report, very descriptive. Never stayed at Trout Lake but now it's on the bucket list. Funny how you took that extra ride up Mt. Diablo to get that odometer to turn to where you wanted. I do the same thing when I'm within 30-40 miles of 400 for the day, I will take off and ride half the distance needed out then turn around and come back to turn that 400. Keep up the good work.
  11. scum bags in Drummondville

    We have all heard the story after story for decades. It's always going to happen. Was told that a lot of it is by the native Indians, (Eskimos). They will come down from say Manawan for instance with about 6 of them in a pickup bed. They will target whatever they can steal be it trucks and trailers or sleds. They usually chop shop them and sell the parts. We will usually try to park at a place with a locked, secure corral. If that isn't possible, we will unload then park the trailers up tight against a snow bank. We will box it in with the trucks and we to have battery cut off switches hidden on our trucks. We also use the bar across the steering wheel. One guy even has a fuel shut off. As for the sleds, we run 1 chain through all the ski loops with a tamper proof lock. Then we also cable lock the sleds together individually. We have been lucky. Been going up there since the mid 80's without a problem as far as theft. Closest we came was someones sleds got stolen who had parked next to us that night. never locked up their sleds.
  12. Vidéo-report Lanaudière/Mauricie trail#360

    That was great Towing. I then went on to watch the rest of your movies, very nice and professional looking I might add. Its been so long since I took that trail out to Marineau that In had forgotten about the new bridge and way around. I remember when you use to come out on the other side of Marineau long ago, had to cross the road and weave your way through the wood to get to the gas stop across the street.
  13. no passport

    You had better luck than I did. We got a random questioning one year and when they asked about a DWI that I had 8 years prior, I admitted it since I knew they already knew. Well guess who was denied entry? Guess whose buddies had to turn around and take me to Plattsburgh to catch the first of 4 buses back to NJ? Guess who had to write to the Canadian Consulate to apply for leniency so I can enter Canada in the future? Guess who sat home the rest of that season cause it took 2 months for the paperwork to go through? Guess who has been going back ever since and never once got questioned again? Yup, all that and never had to use it. Anyway, ever since 9/11, we have all used passports.
  14. 2 Day Run From St Michel Area?

    Gero, Good dealer. Doesn't look like much, at least last time I was there, but they go out of their way to help. At the time, I was on a Cat Wildcat. I had a fox shock in the rear somehow break off the mounts. We were right near them so out of a prayer, we went there to see if he could help. Well he took that Cat right in, told the mechanic to drop what he was doing, and help me out. The mechanic took bushings and hardware off a floor model and modified the ski doo parts to fit mine. Worked through lunch and I was on the trail in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Needless to say, that man got tipped well!
  15. On the trail at last

    Most of us use the Rouski brand.