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  1. Happy birthday, Iceman. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  2. I'm more interested in short term planning. Will the border open in time to ride my ATV?
  3. This sucks. Going through withdrawal symptoms here. Lack of fresh air and excessive speeds is killing me
  4. So sorry to hear about your brother in law, GT. Please pass my condolences.
  5. Great. This asshat is why I do not ride upstate ny trails. I'll stick to local trails or Quebec. If neither, horseback riding is a suitable alternative
  6. Around 250 for me. Luckily all were within 30 miles from my house and didn't need to travel upstate. Thanks to a mid-December nor'Easter, we had plenty of snow to play locally.
  7. Great. Just what we need...more pissed off land owners and groomed trail closures.
  8. The not secure warning really makes me wonder.... Looks like a great product. Too bad it does not fit my vehicle. Thanks for posting
  9. Yeah, a member of the club I belong to did the same. Why can't people learn how to read French?
  10. This almost looks like a Polaris ranger with skiis
  11. Let the brand bashing begin? Saw this while checking the weather radar map for my area...
  12. Other than the last 10 months, where our restrictions are temporary..... this is a great deterrent to avoid drinking
  13. My guess: chateau Iceman?
  14. And this is why I avoid riding on upstate NY trails.
  15. First one looks like Kanawata.