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  1. Moon dog

    Border crossing

    Thank you
  2. Moon dog

    Border crossing

    Does anyone know if two of us can bring four snowmobiles across the border Going next week and we would like to bring our off trail and Trail sled each. I know at the border they always ask if you only have one sled each
  3. Moon dog

    Trailer advise

    Side door convenient for gear and fuel never had a trailer that didn’t have one
  4. Moon dog

    Trailer advise

    18 footer especialy with sleds getting longer all the time I definitely like to drive in and drive out reverse can really be a pain definitely have to pull while somebody else throttles definitely aluminum wheels I got three years maximum out of the steel ones then replace them with aluminum might as well do it right away I’ve had torsion and leave springs don’t think the torsion is worth the extra money
  5. Moon dog

    Real Masse Lodge - St. Zenon Area

    BTW The most secure place in that area. (My opinion)
  6. Moon dog

    Real Masse Lodge - St. Zenon Area

    Real Masse is the only place I stay when in that area rooms and food are awsome. Gilles and Nancy can’t do enogh for you be aware you have to be back by 9:00 for the inside sled storage andgate to parking lot closes at 11:00
  7. Moon dog

    St Donat

    Does anyone rember I believe the name was domaine decoy across the street from park entance owner would sleep off breezeway pound on door any time of night for fuel