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  1. What was the latest you groomed in any year?
  2. I think Blueblood means latest in the year?
  3. 1500 k./900 mi. in central Ontario-Muskoka region-OK but first time missed Abitibi/Temisk. in over 25 yrs.!
  4. And-"hold my beer while I ...... "!
  5. As a friend of mine always says: there are those who have crashed & those who are going to crash-it's just a matter of time!
  6. Over on Ontario Conditions a lot of guys riding Cochrane to Hornpayne on fresh neige!
  7. L' Escale nice but a bit of road running to get to trail!
  8. Depends on trail conditions-if you have to push new snow etc.!
  9. Yep-I've got bolt cutters that easily cut thru 3/8" rebar-1/2" is a bit tougher!
  10. Equally as stupid here in Canuckistan with Trudope @ helm=scary dumb!
  11. Good to go between P.Q. & Ont.!
  12. Of course not because they're 'special'!
  13. Cud easily replace Biden's face with our own genius Trudope here in Canuckistan!
  14. The questioning/curious mind is lacking everywhere including here in Canuckistan spoon fed by the Communist Brainwashing Command!