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  1. Trails closing in North Bay/Parry Sound as ordered by health board could potentially lead to more lake riding=more drownings!
  2. Same problem here in Ontario-3 drowned in Georgian Bay yesterday-big lakes very slow to freeze this year including one in front of me!
  3. Yeah-don't hear them saying 'defund the police' right now. Only when it's convenient to make political points!
  4. Where are you staying? Forestel?
  5. Gilles Villeneuvve-Formula 1 driver-father of Jacques!
  6. La Pocatiere-home of Gilles Villeneuve!
  7. Not fast ice then-not attached to the shore-scary!
  8. Yes it's real-I've has 2 acquaintances; a very good friend & an old friend die of it-it's real alright!
  9. As a matter of fact land in Florida looks pretty good right now with this weird Winter we're having!
  10. Same thing up here-poorly educated people/not too bright/with very little real world experience getting into politics just for the $/benefits/pension. Our P.M. is a failed high school drama teacher-scary. If his name wasn't Trudope he'd prob. be a ski instructor @ Tremblant!
  11. No clear train of thought there-scary!
  12. On Hwy. 111 between Amos & V.-D.