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  1. Check/call online/Abitibi-Temiscamingue tourism + local club websites-lots of neige up there this year!
  2. It's all about fewer/bigger dealers controlling the market and trying to keep pricing up-less competition!
  3. Over the top-you'd never see that in Ontario!
  4. Heading to Forestel in V.-D., with bride Thur. for 5 days/4 nites of doing loops for Valentines-she never objects to boys saddlebag trips!
  5. Looks like up to 16" and neige for the whole province Tue.-excellent hiver!
  6. Right on-good service there last weekend for 10 of us!
  7. Muskoka2

    M&M tour

    Muffpots are still avail.!
  8. Coming up next Thur.-that whole area is hard to beat!
  9. A.B. Sports is 'doo dealer in Senneterre
  10. Echo that-most neige I've seen in over 20 years of riding Val D'Or/Amos/La Sarre/R.-N.!
  11. Yeah-rode railbed back into Temisk. yesterday-was a bit choppy-lots of neige!
  12. Two machines wouldn't start in Temiscamingue Thur. morn @ -30. Local fellow went home got his booster and one still didn't start. After 11/2 hrs. and some heat from a blow dryer second one started. He refused cash-wouldn't take it-drove a wood chip truck to Rayonier mill in Temisk.! Got into Rapide-Sept @ 5 o'clock & -23-guys were chilled. No longer licensed so owner went to his private stash-poured each rider @ shot of rum & once again didn't want to take $-we forced him to!
  13. Amos etc. fantastic-never seen as much neige in over 20 years of riding there-spectaculaire!