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  1. Muskoka2

    L'Escale Hotel - Val D'or Question

    Have stayed there. Not as sled friendly from an access point but OK. Used to have a heated garage. You have some street running to get there. Gas can be had a few blocks away. I prefer Forestel but to each his own!
  2. Muskoka2

    Border crossing

    They're computers are interlinked-they both know lots about you!
  3. Muskoka2

    When will it stop?

    Yes #1 is always a good thing to have!
  4. Muskoka2

    When will it stop?

    Some years ago on the railbed just north of Temiscamingue we came around a curve and saw what we thought was a deer loping along about a 1/4 mi. ahead. As we gradually got closer it turned sideways to look back @ us and with it's furry tail we realized it was a wolf. When we got within about 50 m. he jumped off and as we got up beside where he'd disappeared he was just down to the side baring his fangs as we rode past. As the last rider past he jumped back on the trail and started loping along behind us! We took off a few mi. up the trail and stopped and wondered what would happen if you broke down/ran out of gas and he came along?
  5. Muskoka2

    When will it stop?

    Take away their motoneige!
  6. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    I think they showed groomer working east from Hearst yesterday on Ontario Conditions-more snow to west so should be open soon
  7. Muskoka2

    Speeding Fines

    A Joe Louis & a Pepsi-oops-typecasting!
  8. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Got the bride with me-she doesn't want to go-I would anytime-quick turnaround tomor. as they want to get train crew back to Cochrane by 7:45 for New Years Eve!
  9. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Over around Smooth Rock Falls knee deep off trail=18"?
  10. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Just checked sched.-only weekdays-leaving @ 9-arrives 1:50 Moosonee-leaves @ 5 arrives back 9:45 Cochrane
  11. Think I saw you there that year Eddie. You helped me jump my SUV-it was d--m cold! You were waiting for Beric to open Mon.?
  12. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    I think train does one return trip each day staying 3 hrs. in Moosonee-we're staying @ Best Western across from station-haven't heard train arrive back yet!
  13. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Train leaves @ 9 in morn.-41/2 hrs. to Moosonee-did it 4 yrs. ago-remember black Escalade on flat car being taken up by one of the elders to run the ice road up to Attawapiskat-sun very low in sky-got frostbite walking 2 blocks in Moosonee!
  14. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    Approx. 14" total of which about 6" is new
  15. Muskoka2

    Mt Valin Early Ride

    In Cochrane right now-about 14" snow-lots of sleds. Two groomers running constantly-high of -11 f. on Tue.!