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  1. Looking at published figures on the web, as of today, 86.6% of total reported Canadian covid 19 cases (120,000) have recovered and 7.4% have died. As of today , 51% of US reported covid 19 cases have recovered and 3.15% have died. These rounded out figures don't reflect testing done, only how many people have had Covid, how many died from it and how many recovered. You are correct that by % more Canadians have died but there is a much higher percentage of Canadian cases that have recovered so there is a huge number of people in the USA that are still fighting Covid and so the figures really don't tell the whole story until all the people who are still sick with Covid on both sides of the border recover or die unfortunately.
  2. Quebec snowmobile trails close for season at midnight this Sunday Communique_COVID-19_2020-03-19_motoneigistes_EN.pdf
  3. you need to take into consideration that your friend in New Brunswick will pay 15% sales tax on the new sled plus whatever tax you pay at home when transferring the ownership into your name. It would likely still be a good deal.
  4. Americans will be exempt from the border closing according to Prime Minister Tru Doh
  5. Tru Doh just announced on television that Canadian Borders will be closed but Americans will be exempt from this policy. That being said, the rules have been changing quite rapidly this past week.
  6. We had a stator going bad on a Yammie up there 3 years ago. We had to boost it every time to get it going but it ran fine from Temiskaming to Amos. Personally and if you have time, and Amos has a stator, I would call and make a deal with the dealer to get it fixed on warranty (if its a warrantable failure) and pay him some extra dollars to do that for you before the end of Friday work day. If he can't fix it until Friday, day trip today around Amos with a booster pack along for the ride . You don't have to go a long way away from Amos to have a good day of riding.
  7. The ferry at Tadoussac runs day and night and its only a 10 minute crossing so if you just miss it its likely a half an hour to 40 minute wait. I'm assuming you will go 3/351/302/3. From Berthierville to Quebec City has a lot of turns and intersections. If you have a dash mount GPS it won't be too bad. From Quebec City on its straighter and good big trails . Recommend fuel at Pont Rouge Ultramar and Le Michelieu at intersection of 3 and 378 for sure.
  8. I'm guessing that you are going via the west side on trails #396 and 307 to Amos. If that is the case it is 178 km. (111 miles) to the first gas at Saint-Felix-De-Dalquier. When you get onto trail 307, you will cross Highway 109. At the second stop sign ( I think) after you cross the highway you will be at (road) Rang 7.8 & 8.0. Turn left on the road and ride into the village to the stop sign at Highway 109. Look to the right and you will see the gas station. From there its about 110 km. (68 miles) to Val D Or depending on what route you take. Personally I like trail 307 south from 93 to 83 but they are all pretty nice.
  9. Permits are available by ordering on line or going in person to any Service New Brunswick location.
  10. Cross the road in front of your hotel and follow 23 down to the junction with 73. Turn left to stay on 23 and go a short way to the first feeder trail on the right. Turn right onto it and in about 1 km. you will see gas stations on both sides of the McDonalds restaurant. Totally its about 4 km. (2.5 miles) from your hotel to the gas stations.
  11. Those cops charge New Brunswick residents if they don't have permits. I don't think it would look good for them to be charging N.B. citizens and giving non resident tourists a free pass. That's likely why they weren't sitting at the border waiting for tourists. They were doing the job that many Ontario sledders wish the Ontario Provincial Police would do a whole lot more of. As mentioned you wouldn't think of trying that in Quebec as they have no tolerance and big fines. Sorry you got charged but I''m pretty certain that some of that money will find its way back to the trail system via government funding or grants..
  12. I did some reading on the Canadian federal requirements for ethanol in fuel. There is an exemption for the far north in western Canada and for"some areas of Quebec". It doesn't give a breakdown of what those areas are. Hence the availability of non ethanol gas in Quebec.
  13. Actually almost all Canadian regular, mid grade and high test fuel has up to 10% ethanol. The only one that I know of that has no ethanol is 91 octane Shell.
  14. When you say bio-stuff are referring to ethanol? Be careful because fuel with ethanol in it will go bad long before you use your sled again. Also, there is no fuel tank condensation when the tank is plastic, only with metal tanks. IMHO use the Stabil. For all it costs it gives peace of mind but only if you let the sled run long enough to get it through the whole fuel system.