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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Joliette/Grand-Mere/Riviere Mattawin/St-Zenon/Joliette big loop photo ride-report 15 february2020   
    Here is the 300 miles loop we did from home yesterday, Saturday February 15, 2020

    It is one of our classics that we do every season, many miles but easy to do because there are many fast segments. Yesterday conditions were also ideal: cold to have beautiful solid trails that last all day (-22C at 8:15 when we started) and good visibility to be able to ride easily. In addition being able to do it directly from home: we are blessed!

    We did it starting with the southside. As expected most of the trails were freshly groomed

    Here in St-Barthelemy area, we even passed the dozer which was finishing his run

    Its a good temperature indicator when you see the snow dust staying in the air like that...

    When we make this ride, we always cut between  #3 and #63 near Louiseville on #350 trail , it's more direct.

    As long as the little Rivière du Loup is good which was the case: solid and marked

    The only problem at these temperatures is my gopro that I can't keep alive, it keep shutting off itself. I had to turn it back on maybe 12th time just to get there so I finally give up and left it off. Here St-Barnabé sector.

    Here west of St-Etienne des Grès

    after the stretch from the above pic, we had to turn left at the junction to follow #3 trail and  there is this clown face stuck to a tree ??? there are several of them in different places in this sector that have been there for years ... I had always wonder what was the meaning ???

    After refueling, we cross the St-Maurice near the Gabelle dam. The last storm having left alot snow last week, the river is a bit bumpy but it's not bad

    East of St-Maurice river, pleasant surprise: #3 trail was mint!

    We got on the St-Maurice river in Grand-Mère (trail M19)

    We then went straight at #23 trail junction to continue on the river

    Be careful to follow the stake trail, it's a clear water spot on the left! The trail is well marked and it's impossible to miss it, just follow the safe route..

    The river trail was a bit bumpy but is still rideable at a good pace. The scenery is as beautiful as ever

    Here the little trail as we got out from the river and pass under the #155 car road bridge

    Then back to perfects conditions

    The conditions were so good that we arrived at Marineau at Rivière Mattawin for lunch at 12:10 with 130 miles on the dreammeter

    We shared there a good lunch with Cobra from here on QR that was starting his vacation alone in the area. I was knowing him from the many messages we had exchange in the past about the conditions and more, and the timing was good so we hook up there for some riding together after our meal.

    The #360 was nice and fast with his as always superb views.

    Given the nice trail conditions, we chose to expand the ride a bit by looping on the M20 trail.

    This trail had never deceived us and was even nicer this time. The picture do not do justice to how good it is to do this stretch

    a beautiful large glacier on the mountainside, outstanding when the sun shine

    Good luck for trying to respect this sign!!!

    The last 20% of the length is a little slower but so beautiful

    We took a break at the #345 junction and we then continued south

    We took another break at the Taureau reservoir dam. It was just 3:45 pm and it was going so well that for a moment I had considered looping around the reservoir on the #360 and pass through St-Michel des Saints but by doing a quick calculation, we already had a 300 miles ride with the initial plan so I decided to be reasonable and keep it more relaxed. Big thank you to Cobra for one of the very few pic where we are both Kristine and me on it

    And another one of Cobra and me

    We then crossed the dam and continued south. This red renegade have a darn nice look!

    We met a dozer who was starting his run very close to the Cabanon where I stopped to refuel.

    We then continued on the #23 south of the Cabanon where we passed this other dozer which was doing his south loop

    We arrived at Réal Massé around 5:15 pm to taste a good vegetable soup and have a last good chat with Cobra. With my bad frenglish and the limited Kristine's 4 english words vocabulary, he had a good challenge but when people sharing the same passion meet, it all go well and we had a very good time together (for us at least 😂). Beside being a gentleman, Cobra is a very good experimented rider and we consider ourself lucky to had the chance to share a ride with him.

    We left around 6:15 pm in home direction. The trail conditions were still good even in the evening on this cold day and we've been home a little before 8:00 p.m. with  309 miles on the dreameter, the smile still from ear to ear from this very nice ride.
    In summary, the conditions are at their top right now, can't ask for better. Hopefully mother nature cooperate and the winter conditions continue so that we can still enjoy it for a while!
    For more details on the trails in the area and more:

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    mccaffrey reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    New Oxygen helmet is working out great, loving it. No problems wearing glasses. Only brought thick baclavas on this trip, so have not been wearing any and still toasty warm. 
    Below zero  and windy in most areas today. Disappointed to be chilled on high speed trails. Cold seeping thru the Choko jacket.  Stopped at a club house for coffee and ten minutes of sitting in front of the wood stove and the inside of the jacket was still very cold.
    Found new scenic lookout today, club just starting to groom into it.  South on #35, suddenly Poogahmook Lake (sorry, still can't spell it right) comes into view. Trail is on right, and when you turn into trail there is a sign that says ;Belvedere'.  Half mile in is great view of lake and town.

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    mccaffrey reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Take the short cut thru Squatec via St. Cyriprien,  get gas at Squatec.  Leave Squatec east on 35 to Biencourt and band a right.  Maybe 20 miles or more heading south you get to NB signs and intersection, here both routes will say Moose Valley. I like the left route a little better than the right. Same distance on either. We have done the complete other way, as Viper2 mentioned, Degalis to Edmuston. Also same distance as above. Trails were smooth, scenery nothing special at all. Definetly go via Squatec!
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    mccaffrey reacted to EastMark in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Great trails to Amqui. Went up thru the windmills. Impressive. 
    Late start...long story...but made great time on stellar trails 544 etc. over to 35 were incredible. Super fun. At Selectotel in Amqui. Great spot. Back towards RDL to morrow !

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    mccaffrey reacted to EastMark in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Windmills are cool. The area they are in is awesome. Heres a few more windmill pics. Back to RDL today. Going to check weather and groomer maps at 6.....

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    mccaffrey reacted to mikerider in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Lots of snow from Friday's storm and the groomers were out in force Friday and Saturday nights getting things back to normal and back to hard pack trails.  Some trail berms getting pretty high.
    Lots of friends in and out of the hotel past few days. Yesterday needed a new helmet shield, couldn't find one in stock, walked out of the SkiDoo dealer with an Oxygen. Over 350 miles  now on the helmet and I join the ranks of riders who just love it.  When I started riding in 1965, I would never have dreamed of a helmet that got warm on the inside, actually gets pretty hot.  Luckily friend Skip happened to be at the dealer and showed me the ins and outs of the helmet and I was sold.
    Pics from the last few days of riding. SkiDoo 420 joined me today. He has big plans for tomorrow's ride.

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    mccaffrey reacted to jak in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Holy moly Mike! A new helmet! Knew you would like it. Now just need a new phone? We'll get you into the 21st century yet!
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    mccaffrey reacted to Fuse6 in Gaspe Trip - March 13 (Pre Reserve Hotels?)   
    In Mont Pierre right now having lunch. This is what you have to look forward to.
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    mccaffrey reacted to snowmaster2112 in Bad gas at Repos   
    By deductive reasoning it is my belief two buddies I’m riding with got bad gas at Repos two days ago. So did another guy we met on the trail and all 3 sleds have same symptoms 
    Just a BIG FYI to everyone 
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    mccaffrey reacted to nyskidooerinnewhampshire in Our first time for a day trip from the Double Tree Hilton, Quebec.   
    It was the first time we did a day trip from the DoubleTree Hilton, Quebec. The trail conditions were awesome in some areas & rough & tough in others. Delightful lunch at Hotel Roquemont & delicious dinner at the Archibald micro brasserie. In addition, it was a very warm day 30F + ~ .


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    mccaffrey reacted to PLAYHARD in Delta Jonqiuer - Day trip options??   
    It's all dreamy up in the northwest corner over LSJ.
    Lac Jim , Gerardville etc. 
    Lots of grooming, not so much traffic. 
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    mccaffrey reacted to MrGutz in Delta Jonqiuer - Day trip options??   
    There are several day trips that can really vary the terrain.
    -Tour du Lac 275ish
    -Tour du Fijord 320
    -Up though Onatchaway over to Scooby RAID\Mt Vilain\Plein Air over to Milot. 200
    -Claremont Express 200ish 
    -Lac Brochet Toward 355. 160
    -North of the Lac. 200+
    -95 to 328 to ( cap eu lest ) ( lunch ) up through Valin, out the back to Onatch. 200
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    mccaffrey reacted to mcstar in Mont Laurier   
    Wife and I will be in Mont laurier this Friday,  Saturday and Sunday,  last minute trip,  I know it will be the weekend,  but it should be ok,  I am sure it is better than being at work!!
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    mccaffrey reacted to markusvt in Chenail du Nord   
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    mccaffrey reacted to dooright in Chenail du Nord   
    We made a pass by  Chenail du nord  today on our tour from Valin to Forestville .. Knowing that they are not open this winter just wanted to check it out ! Hopefully next winter they'll be open 😁

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    mccaffrey reacted to viper2 in Gaspe Run   
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    mccaffrey reacted to towing in Joliette/St-Côme(ice sculptures)/St-Zenon photo ride report 1st february 2020   
    Here is the path of our Saturday February 1, 2020 ride

    We started directly from the home in St-Thomas (near Joliette) by sled with the primary objective of going to see the ice sculptures in St-Côme. It was around -8C at the start with a layer of fog that the sun was chasing away

    We went through Joliette. Slightly past Lapointe Sport, the trail runs along the railway that we used to follow up to St-Félix de Valois in the past but we must now, almost at the beginning, turn left and make a detour. The trail that goes straight is the ATV trail only that takes the road further.

    The interactive map is up to date and I put a screenshot on which I wrote the old approximate route with red x and an arrow shows the intersection from where I took the pic above

    We connect back along the railway a little north of Notre-Dame de Lourdes

    The snowstorm from the previous weekend did a great improvement and the snow cover is now very good even in the south of my area. Here a little north of St-Félix de Valois. Note I have different pic size on this report,  some come from the camera of my sweetheart and others from my Gopro headset

    North from St-Jean de Matha, just past the BRP  dealer Gero, the Black River is marked and solid

    As we go up from the river, the trail that used to take the wood now runs along the road. A good path that ride very well

    A little further at the junctio we took on the left towards St-Côme

    The snowcover is excellent and the decor is beautiful

    Note that the trail run on a road bridge instead of an ice bridge this year. Here when approaching St-Côme

    The "St-Côme en glace" festival  was just started we were on the first day of it on February 1st, and it run 3 weekends up to the February 16, so you still have a lot of time if you want to come and see. As we expected, the ice sculptures were not yet very advanced and we were rather in the construction phase where we see the artists working on them. Unfortunately as almost every time we go there to take pictures, the sun hides as soon as we set foot in St-Côme! We laugh about it now it happens almost every time but we take pics anyway. Here is a sample of what we saw:
    Some sculptures are small ...

    And others bigger like this plane which is about to have an other wing 

    Several sculptures are well started and will be completely finished  in the next days.

    Several are real life size so always impressive to see

    This one is under realization and will surely be impressive to see when finished, a good one for the dogs lover like me!

    As usual they push the ice concept and go from cute to usefull!

    It was already past noon, so we went to La Marguerite restaurant at the entrance of the village. With the festival, they were obviously a bit overloaded and the restaurant was already quite full when we arrived but I have to emphasize the exemplary service they gave.  We got there around 12:25 and at 13:10 we had already eaten very well, bill paid  and ready to go! I stop eating in many places but efficient like them it's not common and it was the same there last year: my hat to them!
    Being near to leave St-Côme, the sun started to show up! so we took the opportunity to go see a couple of other sculptures at the entrance of the village.
    Here, the fox and the crow ...

    Not sure there was squirrels in this story but they are cute!

    and this fireplace with a lot of details, so realistic that it smelled like a log fire next to it ( it is funny buy was really true !!!)

    We then took back the venture and rode north on #343 trail

    There has been logging in this area in the past years because of the power line construction but it is over and we are now taking advantage of the forest road path they left us. Very nice to ride, wide and clear view.

    We made the detour to go and fuel up at Coin Lavigne

    We then took #33 trail north. The river along the trail offers several beautiful views

    We then took the local trail which brings us on the #63 further east

    We passed La Glacière and took #350 trail

    And then forked on #23 trail to go down south. The trail started to be worn due to the traffic of the day but it was really better than I expected 

    We passed the Pourvoirie du renard Bleu

    And took a break at the #63 junction

    We then continued and passed St-Gabriel de Brandon where the 2 dozers were just leaving to do each their their own runs

    To shape up the ride a bit, we went through Berthierville where we also met the dozer at the height of St-Cuthbert.

    We finally came back home around 6:15 pm with about 170miles on the dreammeter, another wonderful day for us. The suspension of the venture worked well because the sugar pie we had put in the Givi rearcase in St-Côme arrived home in not so bad shape ... and the taste completely intact !!!

    In summary, we are in the heart of the slead season and the conditions are great everywhere. If you want to make beautiful rides let go, it's time!
    For those interested, the St-Côme en Glace festival continues until mid-February and leaves you another 2 nice weekends to go if you don't have time during the week. The trail passes through the village so super accessible and the experience is as beautiful day and evening as most of the sculptures are illuminated. For more details:
    Otherwise for more details on the trails and snowmobile in Lanaudière/Mauricie:
    I managed to capture quite a few good video scenes and I should be able to put you a montage here later this week ...
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    mccaffrey reacted to RoadRunner in 2020 Riviere du Loup Trail Conditions   
    Mike, glad you got to check the pub out,  we certainly did enjoy it! We got into Perce tonight at Table Roland, great going out here in the Gaspe. Heading west tomorrow, looks like more  blue sky days in the Gaspe! 
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    mccaffrey reacted to quebec bob in trip mtuesdayJan 28th-Sat Feb. 1st   
    We left Cabanon at 3pm on Tuesday and took 345 to M21 then M21 to Matawin River for the night, 100 miles on mint trails and did not see another sled all the way, only 1 other sled there when we arrived.Left for Lac Edward on Wed am, the middle section of the pipe line to La-tuque was groomed when it was too warm, not enough snow to fill it in then it froze, total junk for 15 miles, but the lower and upper half are very nice. Took the right hand turn to Lac Edward, no marks from anyone, mint concrete race way, very nice!! Quick lunch and gas then 355 to Chateau Roberville on Lake st John, super mint again no other sleds in any direction. Thursday am off to relay 22 on 83 south, once again our 3rd blue bird day in a row with temps around 8 f, and no sleds anywhere.The new bridge on 83 above Relay 22 is nearly done, but the section of plowed road needs new snow but quite passable. Relay 22 is packed, even though we see nobody all day long on mint trails. Gas and go to Gouin Reservoir then off to Parent, again trails are mint, only sled we see all the way to Parent is Snow master going east on 83 to Wemotacci, we are headed west, both of us trying to beat dark, we will talk another day. Had dinner at Central and stayed the night, some older men from Ontario share a wealth of info with us about trails to the west where we are headed. Thursday we head out to 100 Lacs for soup and the trial is incredible, could not be better and it is 30 below, not even thinking about the cold weather, we are just amazed that we are on day 4 and still blue bird and mint trail it seems it is our private trail system, still seeing no other sleds!! Below Lac 100 we go left thru the forest, on of the best kept secrets in all of Quebec, this is a gorgeous trail and mint with not a single sighting in either direction, we really cannot believe it. We head for Cockanagog on the north east top of Baskatong Reservoir and arrive at 530, they have a cabin for us with a wood stove, very nice. They are 6 miles down a road, off the trail but a very sweet find, they tell us dinner is in 45 minutes, we arrive to the very best meal we have seen in 32 years of Quebec, that is quite a feat as there is a lot of great food on the trail.Saturday am gas breakfast and west to Point David on Baskatong Reservoir, trails are still mint but we now have company on the trail...everywhere!! When you are in this area have a GPS or know where you are going because the signage out here is a real joke. No east or west signs, no north or south signs, signs on the back of other signs on the wrong side of the trail, signs 3 miles thru an unmarked intersection, etc, do not travel here in the dark unless you know where you are going or have a GPS.We are now trying to figure out which would be the easiest way to get back to the truck, it is 250 miles away at Cabanon and it is 9am Saturday morning. We decide to go to 63 and stay there to St Michelle. The rail bed is quite boring but groomed well and in a blink we are at the airport 150 miles away, very little traffic and we gas and go thru the park from Mecassa, the trail is starting to fall apart in the second half towards St Michelle. We went thru the parking lot of Hautte Matawin ski doo dealer to head toward st. Zenon, and now we are paying for 4.5 days of perfection, the trail is so bad I want to go back to town and call a taxi for a ride!! We arrived back to Le cabanon at 6pm in the dark feeling like we were now members of the Canadian snow cross team, My fault, we should know better to enter this region on a Saturday night or Sunday, but it is a very good place to leave your truck and trailer for safety reasons. Roast beef was great for dinner and we were on the drive home at 4 am.New sleds have 950 miles in 4 1/4 days, and zero trouble, really love this 850 expedition extreme, 2 weeks for the next one , going for 9 days, hope we have the same luck!!
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    mccaffrey reacted to quebec bob in slyvia at hotel central parent   
    We stopped in Hotel central in Parent, had dinner with slyvia's cousin, he said she is at home and doing well, her eye is going to be OK and is now open. The idiot that did this is most likely going to jail, as far as I council tell he should consider that protective custody, he is not welcome in this area and it would be quite wise for him find a new place to be if he would like to stay whole. We left a 100$ donation for her fund on behalf of Quebec rider, these folks are very nice people and have been very good to our community for decades, support them when you are in this area.
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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in Riding with Mrs. Iceman   
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    mccaffrey reacted to iceman in Riding with Mrs. Iceman   
    Been promising the mrs more seat time this season, should not be hard to beat as last season she had none. 
    She is a very good rider and excellent student. She handles that Apex like its nothing. 
    She took me by car this AM to liberate my patient from the hospital aka Moto Thibault. Had no time to get there earlier in the week. 
    Now keep this between us because,  I am not supposed to be out goofing off, I am on call running the show at work as boss Marc is in Hawaii. Boss man Alain was in RDL this weekend at Universal for a couple day loops out and back. I decided to take a chance and go riding on this nice blue sky day. Worst that could happen? I get a call and have to beat feet back ASAP. Well my middle name is danger so that’s how I live dangerously. 
    Anyway the wife drops me at the shop I dress up and hit the trail for home to join her. Sled is in top shape no worries but I am gonna push her just to make sure. Trails about a 7-8 on 10 seen much worse and seen much better. For Saturday I will take it. Quick run up to house, she is dressed and ready to go. I pull her sled out.(well my spare sled) she is ready to run. Plan is to run to St Anne de la Perade to eat at her friends new resto there. Up 3 through Shawinigan not alot of traffic for a Saturday and the blue sky day. Fine with me. 3 it is all the way to St Narcisse I give her some fresh gas here and a bathroom break at Petro T. Few more sleds around here. I was going to take local through St Luc Vincennes but is closed with big sign saying so. Wife says she saw on FB they are having big dogsledding races there all weekend and must be using part of the trails for this. Says closed until monday. No biggie. Stay on 3 all the way through St Stanislas. Have not been this way at all last year some changes here. We end up at the abandoned Roger’s Cabin. Hard to look at. Down another local trail and join with 351 into St Anne de la Perade. Joint is jumping at the fish shacks,  tout le monde est la today. We cruise on through and up into town to her friends new resto next to Esso station. Nice place normal good lunch stuff nothing fancy but real good. Just how we like it. Took our time relaxed a bit and headed out for home. Straight shot 351 to Cap de Madeline then local back up through St Louis de France and back to TQ3 and home. This last part being the second time up this one today for me. Decent trails not terrible for a Saturday. What matters is the wife is happy and we all know what they say....Happy Wife? Happy Life. 
    Great relaxing day. Much different riding with the Mrs than the boys. A different ride. 
    Until next time.

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    mccaffrey reacted to snowmaster2112 in Riding for Kobe   
    I see they fresh groomed the 83 last night. Well.......someone’s gotta do it. Heading to Parent for the night but first not without going to Wemo and back tracking.
    No beavers yet this trip. But I’m looking.............
    here yesterday at 360/M20 intersection 

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    mccaffrey reacted to markusvt in Lepine Road   
    It is groomed to a side trail, (68 miles) that ends in Fer a Cheval.  We were told by Dominic that it cannot be groomed or traveled all the way due to a large section plowed and sanded.
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    mccaffrey reacted to Jackstraw in Westbound from St Come   
    Day 4
    Plan was Amos to Chapis for the night.
    tq 93 was fantastic! Anywhere from 4-6” of light fluff. Stellar day. Lunch in Lsq where Phil had to bury the sled riding 200 yards to get a qt of oil in the center of town. We where going to stay at the opineska but didn’t have the right rooms for 5. So after a stop at the clubhouse off to chibougamau to Motel Chibougamau for the night 288 miles. 93 south in the morning around the top of the LSJ. Plenty of 60 packs in demarisville! Beaver free as of now!