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  1. Tell Mrs. Ice the Central is right in the downtown core!
  2. Google : Highway cameras gaspe
  3. Andre Halle, Ski Doo dealer: Matane, Rimouski, and Amqui have rental sleds. Not RDL but the Rimouski dealership is close, you could meet your crew mid morning first day.
  4. OMG!!! 70" I can't even imagine that. Chris, that would make the snow you pounded through last winter look like a walk in the park.
  5. Yes a nice spot. Staff always super friendly. There always seems to be a couple super wide tracks parked out front. Locals coming out from their cabins.
  6. Certianly an iconic stop in the Gaspesie. It was a spot there was always sleds at. You could ride from Matane to there not meet a sled, pull in the yard and there would be half a dozen sleds parked out front. Go inside to warm up and before you leave half a dozen more sleds would come and go.
  7. That is sad news. Definitely a regular stop when sledding the Gaspesie. Hopefully someone will take it over. It takes a certian type of person to own and operate a business in a bit of a remote area. I don't believe it is plowed in to there during winter. I always stopped there and had a meal or a drink, it is important to support remote businesses if you want them to survive.
  8. A sad ending to a tragic story.
  9. Did not realize that was an option. There isn't much saving when done online. Full refund would almost be enough to fill the sled with gas once. LOL Thanks for sharing that info.
  10. Bought mine last night. Watched the video, got most of the way through and had to go back a screen.....back to square one, had to watch the video again! Got through the second time missed where you could decline the insurance, went back a screen again....back to the damn video again! LOL watched the video 3rd time, bought the permit at full price with insurance. All good, see you in Quebec!
  11. I saw some pictures on FB that made me think it was on the East side close to where the trail goes up the hill out of town. Very hard to tell, most all the the pictures have been at night.
  12. I heard there was a forest fire on the hill side at MSP. Does anyone know if it caused damage to the trail?
  13. Yes it drives me crazy especially when there are signs or posts to keep riders on the groomed trail and you see tracks going out of bounds! These riders and the ones with loud cans (often the same person) cause 95% of trail closures.
  14. Could a person ride from LSQ up to Matagami then down to Amos in a day?
  15. I haven't done it, but I believe if you drove easy you could get 150-160 miles out of a tank. That said, from my experience it would be impossible do. There is too many awesome straight stretches and too many hills to squeeze the flipper for ski lift! Carry extra gas and drive the Turbo the way it was meant to rode. 💤💤👍
  16. Good digging Iceman. The project has a 12-14 week timeline. Optimistically the trail could be open for early-mid February. Timely for one of my favorite loops, start in Pointe a la Croix down through Quebec city via the shuttle, up the TQ23 through Mont Valin and back across a Baie Comeau on the ferry, down the 595, and back to the truck.
  17. Awesome! Quebec must lead the world in OHV bridges!
  18. Have you heard the lengthof the bridge Iiceman?
  19. Windigo is a must see in my opinion. Super friendly owners, Daniel and Martine, certianly will make you feel at home and welcome. Well worth the drive. The TQ73 is a nice trail, be careful going through LA Tuque the QPP sometimes has speed traps set up on the trail.
  20. Looks good Andyman. Looking forward to snow!
  21. Any word if Motel Metegami ever rebuilt and have rooms available this winter?
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