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  1. .......just doesn't have the same ring to it! LOL Let's hope we are all riding our favorite Quebec trails next winter and having drinks with fellow riders in the bar at night.
  2. Still isolating at my cabin on weekends. Last night company stopped in unexpectedly for a visit. He understood the rules and sat well over 6' away. LOL He was not invited inside.
  3. It is scary when you think about it. Many of the places we stop for gas, food, and lodgings are supported to a large part by out of province tourists. Think about the Outfitters we depend on in the winter, they are missing spring bear hunts, fishing, possibly fall hunts etc. I am nervous many of these businesses that depend on our American and out of province clients to support them the other three months they will suffer financially. It is going to take years to recover from this.
  4. Saw a set of these last winter, I think they are a great option.
  5. I noticed on the list of towns closed down was St Octave, now known as Grande Nature. A popular snowmobile destination.
  6. Those are very funny looking moose in that last picture, it must have been a tough winter!!
  7. Travel from Whitehorse to Skagway one of the most beautiful mountain drives in the world. Take the ferry from Skagway to Haines and up through the Pass to Haines Junction, tour Klaune Park. From there go to Tok Alaska, then on the Top of the World Highway to Dawson City. It is worth a day or two there ( do the Sour Toe Cocktail), then travel up the Dempster Highway. Then back to Whitehorse. An awesome tour that I have done first hand and certainly recommend.
  8. There is so many it is hard to choose. Here are a few of mine. North shore of Gaspesie from Saint Anne des Months to Riviere Renaud 587 trail from Groomers club to the TQ 5 Baie Comeau to Sept Ilse TQ 93 from Lebel Quevillion to Sennetere TQ 23 from Saint Raymond north to the Saguenay Plus about 32,000 other kilometers I did not mention.
  9. I can't believe you did not mention Serpentine lodge, your second home in New Brunswick.
  10. Let's keep this thread on topic...When is the border going to open?
  11. I have stayed there too. An awesome spot, top notch. You could stay at the main lodge, chalets, or riverside cabins. Only about 40km out of saint Anne des Mont. Lots of moose and incredible scenery.
  12. Sounds like there is more then 4" of snow heading your way tomorrow night!
  13. Paved all the way to Manic 5. Yes it is worth the drive, and yes there are tours available. it would be awesome on a bike, lots of twists and turns getting there. Maybe Baie Comeau is a spot for two nights, a day to Manic 5 and a day east toward HSP. The road to Grand Nature south of Cap Chat has a few kilometers of gravel but is usually in good shape, would be worth it.
  14. That looks like the one I see parked in a yard just outside New Richmond. He has a spot on a hill about 2km up Rte 199 toward Park Gaspesie.
  15. Awesome picture John!! You have been holding out on us!
  16. I would say send him up, but the borders are closed!!
  17. Not near as exciting here for sure. Self isolating at my cabin sipping beer, bbq'ing and watching the ice melt in the lake.
  18. Have a good day Ole Timer! Happy Birthday Jean Guy.
  19. Did not mean to play with words Bon Ami. Just meant from looking at your pictures winter is a long way from over. You will be two or three weeks before the snow has disappears.
  20. Steve that just may be what kills the virus! MikeRider buy this man a drink,!
  21. Doesn't look like there are any mosquitoes out in the Gaspesie yet!
  22. Please post pictures of the following: the departure, one scenic shot during ride, at least one nice meal shot, the roadside stop by QPP, handcuffed picture, court appearance and jail cell. LOL. Hope to read a long Spyder ride post from you mid summer.
  23. My ride was new this season, so it will be my chariot next.
  24. That is getting to be a while ago now! I do remember where you mean.