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  1. 7500 miles on the 2018. Traded. I already had another as my backup sled.
  2. Out with the old..... In with the new!! 2020 900 Turbo Renegade X I ordered it with a 137" X 16" X 1.6. Should be an excellent trail track with a little extra floatation.
  3. Nice looking job putting the pipes in.
  4. Too bad, it is always a loss when we loose a stopping place along the trail. I would have thought the locals would have kept the bills paid. It is a place I have stopped at a few times when heading back to Pointe a la Croix, same as the little bar in St Margarite coming from the other side.
  5. Northern New Brunswick has some very nice trails, well maintained and very consistent snow levels. They have some great accommodation available as well.
  6. New Brunswick is really becoming a nice connection to Quebec trails.
  7. Doing a little research now, thinking of riding the Matepedia Valley area in mid August before moose season starts.
  8. I really like the bike on the waterfall picture!
  9. Just came back, I was up on the weekend. Beautiful weather up there right now.
  10. Looking good Buddy. Things are greening up in the Gaspesie.
  11. When I snow checked my 2020 Renegade I was told with the X package I would get a 7" gauge verses the 5" on the Adrenaline. Could there be two trip meters on the larger gauge and one on the smaller one?
  12. When I look at the Quebec quad site it says you need a rider competency course. What is the deal on that??
  13. I see your getting pictures of all types of wild life.....John Deere and Tigercats!
  14. I wear the choko Adventurer jacket now, before that, the choko extreme touring, choko racing, the choko Bear, and first the choko 400. You can gaurentee you will never be cold in these choko jackets or their pants. The best in my opinion was the Extreme Touring jacket with the zip in zip out liner and the venting. This is what drew me to the waterproof Absolute 0 jacket, super warm even on the coldest days, then for late February early March, put the liner in the saddlebags and pull the venting boppers open. Yes they are a little more then some jackets, but you never want to be cold, sweaty, or wet from the outside in.
  15. I have mixed feelings because of the shield, however I am optimistic that is now resolved with the newest version.  Four big pluses with this helmet: huge visibility, very quiet, very lightwieght, and warm. The visor also works well and a user can quickly and easily switch from the dark shield to the yellow one in seconds on the trail when light conditions change.
  16. I know this isn't the brand's you discussing but last winter I tried a pair of Absolute 0 pants from Ski Doo. Very warm, light, and gaurenteed waterproof. Best pants I have ever owned. This coming season I am purchasing the jacket to go with them. Met a chap at St Paulin with the jacket, he told me he didn't use the liner in till it was -30° or colder.
  17. Yes is was...... obviously an alcohol related misprint.
  18. I have mixed feelings because of the shield, however I am optimistic that is now solved with the newest version. Four big pluses with this helmet: huge visibility, very quiet, very lightwieght, and warm.
  19. On my last trip out I put on a third new shield. The first two were exchanged no questions asked through my dealer. The third one worked well on the last trip, however that was early March and there were no temps colder then -10c. The third shield was a different part # then the first two, my dealer said he thought brp has the previous issues resolved. Time will tell, I hope so, they are an awesome helmet when the shield is clear.
  20. It doesn't look like people will be mowing grass in the Zec for a while yet.
  21. Rule #1 of riding in Quebec: Do not ride through or around Quebec City on the weekend.
  22. That looks like a very cool lookout, I will definitely be stopping there next time in the Gaspesie.
  23. I saw the deer in two pictures. I hope you did the right thing with the quill pig.