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  1. Still does not look like normal snow levels for your area.
  2. Nice report. Glad to see and hear these places are still busy.
  3. Grosse Pontine extra Fromage avec un verre de vin rouge.
  4. Correct A great spot, and an awesome couple run it. I wish them good luck this winter.
  5. Thanks Iceman. Good morning snowmobilers .. Last hour, please take note that there is no more GASOLINE and TOILET service at Mill 54 between Dore and Chibougamau (North 93 trail) because of COVID We have no control and are very sorry for this situation. thank you and be careful! This means carrying gas is a must for this section of trail. Hopefully it will open next season but could be a sad look at the future.
  6. Don't think I posted this one
  7. That was an awesome bar! Used to be a regular stop when going by Matane. A classic spot in the basement. Maybe seat 25-30 people.
  8. When we left PALC that morning, it was -40°. We stopped once at the cable bridge and talked about how cold it was. I said to Andyman there was crinkly sounds coming from my jacket I had never heard before. When we got to the gas station and you said it was -48° we knew it was not going to be a 300 mile day!
  9. That is bad. Where is the engine in those, would it be submerged?
  10. Thanks Alain. Your videos will be more welcome then ever this season.
  11. I have never seen enforcement that heavy in an area. I have gone full seasons and not stopped once by wardens or QPP.
  12. I would have never guessed, but never been out front.
  13. That is an awesome lookout in the summer with the glass floor.
  14. I have got in that same exact mess before.
  15. Holy! The only person on the board riding and you only post ONE picture. You have to do better tomorrow!
  16. The lookout on the west side of Mont Saint Pierre.
  17. Also home of Moto Ski wasn't it?
  18. Not sure Scorpionbowl, but that sure looks like rhubarb to me, not a trail. Hahaha
  19. Best wishes to your mother Bob.