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  1. Awesome trip, with some great guys. Was good to meet Snowmaster2112 and Neksleder along the way. We certainly lucked in with trail conditions, table top virtually everyday. My new 900T worked flawlessly, very impressed with it.
  2. Mundles Towing offer a service with Tilt Decks to get you across the river from Campbelltown to Pointe a la Croix. The Interprovincial on the Quebec side is very snowmobile friendly and newly upgraded.
  3. There was more then enough in Senettere (sp) two days ago
  4. Crossed on the ferry last week, the new one is back in operation. Seems to be working well, hopefully they have the gremlins out of it. I would not hesitate planning your trip around the ferry.
  5. Jean Guy that was the coldest day I have ever been sledding. We were on a 10 day trip, 7 of them had a day time high of -32° or colder!
  6. 5 of us went through yesterday, no gas issues. The girl offered us a "Good bowl of soup" some how we must have got someone else's order! LOL
  7. Hopefully they don't replace your sports car with the one you have now!
  8. My $0.02. Traveling from Niagara to sled in the Gaspesie, then start in Matane!
  9. Great pictures. Looks like you are having a good time.
  10. You can post a picture of your glass of red wine on your second Spa Day, but no selfies of you beside the pool in your Speedo!!!
  11. Heading your way Mon Ami. We will being having breakfast at your clubhouse Sunday morning. Will PM you tomorrow night to fine tune a time..
  12. I also have the Oxygen helmet, Absolute 0 jacket and pants, damn good gear! You will never be cold, if anything heat management can be a challenge. Thin balaclavas and base layers.
  13. We are heading out Sunday doing a run from the NB border to the Ont. border and back, maybe we can cross paths.
  14. A new cable is my recommendation. Plug it in, if the flickering stops take the old cable to your dealer for replacement under warranty. Having a spare is always good. That is a positive point of the Oxygen, 4 years warranty.
  15. What are you wearing for a helmet? I found the BRP BV2S was hard on the neck after a days riding. My new Oxygen helmet is considerably lighter and eliminates the soreness.
  16. smclelan

    Gaspe Run

    Good News! Heading through the Gaspesie Sunday to Matane, Baie Comeau....and all points west.
  17. An extendable flex head magnet for the nuts or bolts that always drop in the bottom of the belly pan. Also, just can back from a trip with a friend that always carried a bottle of gin and a couple limes, great for making a gin and tonic with a slice of lime! LOL
  18. Did you look close at the generator?? A power takeoff shaft came direct off the diesel engine in the the generator, no guards or anything to stop a person from getting too close. He had everything from a kitchen sink to outboard motors in that building!! LOL
  19. smclelan

    Gaspe Run

    Awesome trip report. I have looked forward to your daily updates and pictures. You made a very scenic loop.
  20. Glad it turned out good, glad it wasn't a super cold windy night or snowing heavy. We certainly appreciate what you do week in and week out, so we can play.
  21. Very nice Bob. Thank you for doing that on behalf of QuebecRider.
  22. Wow! You would think everyone would be a little extra careful on ice after the tragedy on Lac St Jean. Very good to hear everyone is safe.
  23. It would provide better security then when you meet a group of sledders and the last rider gives you the fist and another group is right behind him. I do like the concept.
  24. Hmmm? Didn't notice till Nyskidoo.......shire above mentioned it, JG what do you know about all the clothes spread around this clubhouse. What exactly are you grooming up there at night? LOL
  25. Albertville, the trail goes right through the yard. It should be the only building you go by with half a snowmobile sticking out of the wall. Also lots of flags flying.