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  1. Send me a message when that rabbit turns white and I will be up!! LOL
  2. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing a summer view of winter areas.
  3. That would catch a Groomer for sure!! LOL
  4. I believe only buying permits online is a good thing. (The other side of the story). Club members like Jean Guy, Bill, and many others spent many, many hours helping snowmobilers get the proper and complete information for their permit. Often sending back emails to get everything needed, then taking this information and money to the club secretary. Then the permit has to be filled out and mailed to the permit holder and to the Federation with at times considerable financial risk.....all this is done by volunteers. I believe having the Federation computer do all the work and then the Federation send a check to the designated club for their portion is long overdue. Thank you to all club members and volunteers that sold us permits in the past!! We certainly appreciate all your personal time you have given up in the past to help us get our permits.
  5. I suspect you will be happy with the 4 stroke. The good thing on top with these is, no concern about detonation!
  6. Definitely have a spare. Better to be looking at it, then for it!
  7. Some mechanical issues??? Every possible light that could be on in the dash was! LOL. That said, we loaded up at the Colibri and $36/sled later he dropped us on the other side. I suspect within two days he was replacing the hub again since he left it wide open to the salt and road debris.
  8. Yes, it is the high windshield. It does appear to only have one trip meter.
  9. I am going to add a set of LED bulbs to see how they work. Funny how better light becomes more important the older I get. Thanks to Trailblazer for jogging my memory to get scratchers install especially with the wider track.
  10. You have a few really nice sunset/sunrise pictures!
  11. 7500 miles on the 2018. Traded. I already had another as my backup sled.
  12. Out with the old..... In with the new!! 2020 900 Turbo Renegade X I ordered it with a 137" X 16" X 1.6. Should be an excellent trail track with a little extra floatation.
  13. Nice looking job putting the pipes in.
  14. Too bad, it is always a loss when we loose a stopping place along the trail. I would have thought the locals would have kept the bills paid. It is a place I have stopped at a few times when heading back to Pointe a la Croix, same as the little bar in St Margarite coming from the other side.
  15. Northern New Brunswick has some very nice trails, well maintained and very consistent snow levels. They have some great accommodation available as well.
  16. New Brunswick is really becoming a nice connection to Quebec trails.
  17. Doing a little research now, thinking of riding the Matepedia Valley area in mid August before moose season starts.
  18. I really like the bike on the waterfall picture!
  19. Just came back, I was up on the weekend. Beautiful weather up there right now.
  20. Looking good Buddy. Things are greening up in the Gaspesie.
  21. When I snow checked my 2020 Renegade I was told with the X package I would get a 7" gauge verses the 5" on the Adrenaline. Could there be two trip meters on the larger gauge and one on the smaller one?