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  1. Our only hope is Canada opens the border to residents of states with very low Covid numbers. I haven't missed a season yet since 1965. I will ride Maine if that is what it takes to get some sledding in. I expect Maine to be very crowded with sleds if the border does not open. There is some slightly good news should I get stuck in Maine. I ride a 900 ACE in Quebec for its dependability in that some days I ride solo and put on high mileage. . I am due for a new sled this year. If I have to ride Maine this year, I can spice it up. I have for the past few years wanted to own one more performance sled, a little trail burner, before I get too old. Maine riding will be less mileage and more probably rarely riding solo. There may be a Polaris Matryx 650 on the horizon. Zoom Zoom.
  2. Thee are two type of testing. One that says you had Covid in the past and one that tells you that you now have Covid. Most of the testing done is the one that identifies you have it at the time of the test. While testing does help identify who is currently contagious and how many cases are active on a day to day basis, researchers are most interested in the percent of positive tests as the big indicator of how things are going in each state. Maine is doing a very good job keeping people safe and is running about a ONE percent rate of positive tests out of all the people tested. The states currently spiking high are resulting in about a TWENTY percent positive test rate. Also, Canada's positivity rate is around ONE percent. mike We need to get the entire U.S. down to about a ONE percent rate before Canada is going to let us cross the border. Ain't gonna happen.
  3. Maine and a few states are inviting each other to visit state for state between those states with very, very low rates of the virus. People from high rates in their states must be tested before coming to Maine or quarantine for 14 days. Hopefully Canada will consider this type of tourist swap. But Bob is right, we are now an island in the world and nobody wants anything to do with us. People can't seem to be bothered to wear a mask or social distance. Maybe its not a question of making America great again, but figuring out how to convince Americans to make themselves great again.
  4. Best words I have heard: Over the years we have asked our people to come and pick up a gun, travel to far away lands, and be shot at. All we ask now is to wear a mask and social distance.
  5. Maine has now opened its border to 3 more states where its residents can come to Maine without quarantining and without taking a test first. NY, Conn, and NJ were jest added. NH and Vt. were added a few weeks ago. Personally, I think no way is Canada going to let Americans cross the border this winter with our high rates of Covid. Keep a plan B handy!!! mike
  6. Europe has started opening up to tourists from some countries. The US is on the keep out list.
  7. Part Deux: As the aircraft carrier sank to its resting ground, I called the white house and spoke to the president, informing him the mission was a success and no one would know who is responsible. He was ecstatic. I informed him we even had the captain's parakeet. At this news, he went into a rage. 'Don't you know parakeets can talk?, he could ruin everything'. 'The bird needs to walk the gang plank and we'll be done with him. Over the next 24 hours the crew came to love the avian, even naming him "Tweet". At dawn the next morning, Tweet was placed on the gang plank and started slowing walking out to the end, his end. Before jumping, he turned and saluted the crew with his little wing. There was not a dry eye on the ship. What happened next was disastrous and required another call to the president. I listened to him go into a rage for several minutes before I could understand what he was saying. "Who would have know parakeets can fly, this is awful, the birdbrain will spill his guts to the world" We next sailed into the Indian Ocean, through the Straights of Merlot and into the Chardonnay Islands. We dropped anchor. The Island of Pinot sent out the girls volley ball team bearing cases of vin. This turned out to be a diplomatic faux pas when we opened the boxes and discovered it was Zinfandel. A few days later I was in the state room flipping through the channels on TV when I gasped. There was Tweet, spilling his guts, sitting in the guest chair, on none other than CNN with Anderson Cooper. Tweet only managed a couple more years in his short life. He wrote a book that was chosen on Oprah's book of the month club. He traveled the world promoting peace and getting along. He was Time Magazine's Man of the Year. The president's term was coming to an end. His last order of business was to commission a statue of himself. a statue bigger than any other, to tower above all statues and monuments in Washington. The statue was cloaked with tarps while being constructed. Finally, the unveiling was scheduled for dawn on a beautiful morning. Millions came to view the unveiling of the statue. Many more millions watched on TV. The president declared the biggest crowd ever. The tarps were pulled off. There it was, a towering pole of gold shooting into the sky. Something was atop the pole, but people had to wait for the sun to fully rise to see a statue atop the pole, a statue of Tweet, standing at the end of a gang plank. The inscription on the pole was simple. "One Can Send Many tweets That Mean Nothing, But One little "Tweet' Can Make a Difference".
  8. Winter is over, back to my regular job. Steaming into enemy territory, under the cover of fog, in the China Sea. Suddenly the fog lifts, dead ahead a Chinese aircraft carrier. "Fire in the hole", torpedoes fired. Picture of the carrier listing before going down. Only survivor is the captain's parakeet. Mission accomplished by the USS leMayor. We next sail into the beaches of Tahiti for much deserved R & R.
  9. Let's ask our wives if we can take her, then compare notes on how they reacted. mikZ
  10. I want to give an update on Maine and how it may affect sledding in the state this winter, especially should the Canada border stay closed. Maine is starting to slowly open up. Except for three counties, (not good areas to ride), the other thirteen counties have opened their hotels and restaurants including inside dining. Social distancing must be observed as to the layout of tables inside restaurants. Maine has a fourteen day quarantine for out of state tourists. However, New Hampshire and Vermont residents are now exempt due to the low number of cases in those two states. Maine will also allow anyone from ANY state to skip the fourteen day quarantine if the out of stater gets a Covid test from their home state before entering Maine. They must be in Maine within seventy two hours after having the test. When you arrive at a hotel in Maine, and in order to get a room, you will have to sign a waiver that says you took a test in the past seventy two hours and the test came out negative. At the moment you do not have to show paperwork showing your test results, but that is subject to change. So Maine is still looking good as an alternative to Canada should the border not open. About four weeks ago I sent an e-mail to our governor suggesting she allow people from states with low Covid outbreaks to enter Maine as tourists. Maybe she listened. After all, she is a fellow kayaker and fly fisherman. mike
  11. Same here, used to see northern lights in Maine often. Haven't seen them in decades.
  12. Wow, those are wonderful pictures of the RDL area, They really show the beauty of the the city and views of the St. Lawrence. In all the time I have spent there, I have never seen the northern lights. Maybe too much light around the hotel. Might need to start riding at night. Thanks Groomer for posting that link. mike
  13. Card, check or cash? Doo it with one bed so I can sublet the other bed and save you some money! Press '1' now.
  14. Let us hope so, Mark. Right now Quebec has had over 50,000 cases and almost 5,000 deaths. They have over half all of Canada's cases. I think it is time you and I go into business and reserve all the hotel rooms in Aroostook for next winter and sub let them.
  15. Mark, This was taken near your neck of the woods on Cobbossee Lake. My go to lake for day trips. mike
  16. After two freak Maine snowstorms in May, summer finally arrived and kayaking has started. mike
  17. Have a happy birthday. mike
  18. Doing lots of hikes with the pup. Luckily many areas nearby with conserved land and hiking trails. Today's hike into Spirit Pond. mike
  19. Yes Mark, things are looking up in Maine for sure. The precautions have worked and IMO we can't yet let our guard down to early.
  20. If you followed my Riviere du Loup posts this past winter, it is no secret my favorite trail is from Biencourt to Moose Valley. (Thanks to SkiDoo420 for showing me the way). Each time I ride this trail I arrive at Moose Valley with a big smile and I think everyone else that has gone along with me on this trip had the same reaction. mike
  21. Thanks, Andy, that is a great video and makes New Brunswick an easy first choice should Quebec not open up next winter. Trails look amazing. I know when Skidoo420 and I made the loop from Moose Valley to Edmunston back to RDL, every inch of NB was smooth as silk. During that ride, I can't tell you how many cars came stop to let us cross the road. Says a lot of the New Brunswick people and their hospitality. If anyone needs a little taste of sledding during the off season, this is a great video to watch. mike
  22. Well, New Brunswick is certainly beating out my beloved state of Maine. Serpentine Lodge just looks small. I came across Wilson's Sporting Camp's web site by accident and that looks nice, but so far the Host has my vote.
  23. Thanks Andy. Atlantic Host looks like a perfect place to stay. I would be fine pitching a tent, but the group I ride with need their pillows fluffed and chocolates left at the foot of the bed each day. ( JK ) When spending 8 to 14 days at a place it really adds to the vacation to be somewhere that is nice. Atlantic Host looks perfect. I can't believe NB only has only six active C-19 cases, that is incredible. It is really difficult to see how next winter plays out with the US/Canada border. I would guess ether the entire border opens or doesn't, not just some province borders. But a scenario could play out that the border opens and only NB opens their trails and QC does not. Wow, wouldn't NB be some crowded!!! with folks from everywhere. Gutz, I am with Jak's thinking, if stuck in Maine, then Aroostook County. it is Although New Brunswick sounds like a better alternative to Maine if that scenario can play out. Rangeley, Maine is my favorite area to spend time and has some great lodging, but, trails can be crowded and too many sharp turns everywhere.