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  1. Meanwhile, 500 QuebecRider members arrived at the RodeWay Inn without their sleds.
  2. Conditions look amazing. Sounds like it turning out to be a nice trip (while the rest of us sit home with envy). Have fun. Also, how's the new sled going? Like it? I am guessing its a 900 Enduro.
  3. I cringe seeing what you put these new sleds through. Especially all the scratches from limbs and branches.
  4. RR, Hope we get to at least say hi this winter. I assume the remote rides you do out of Mt Valin that you are not running into any outfitters etc. that are open and making you lunch or at least a coffee stop. I think most of us reading your posts are riders like myself who like a mid day destination. If not Club Med, at least a restaurant with some food and a place to unwind and get warmed up.
  5. RoadRummer, Enjoying the stories, sled reports, and pictures. Thank you for taking the time to post these reports. I really enjoy them and know many others do also.. mike
  6. Mcstar, You will be most welcome into the union. We are in dire need of some young blood.
  7. CT Rider, I spend lots and lots of time riding out of Riviere du Loup, doing day trips. We all belong to the Teamsters union of riders, meaning long coffee break in the morning, nice lunch break, and in by 4PM, average 200 mile days. We are mostly in '60's and '70's, ride at a good clip. mike
  8. My permit showed up yesterday, took exactly two weeks, which I thought was pretty good. So do I understand that people wanting a permit for a few days can't get one at a club house anymore? All those people, for example, that cross over by sled in Maine to do a day trip in Quebec need to get their permit online first AND print it out. I am guessing there are many like me who do not even have a printer. It would seem smart for the clubs to have a computer and printer set up to let people stopping in and use the computer to get their permit, as long as they check off that club house as their support club. mike
  9. Towing, Thank you for posting all those great pictures, since many of us are still a month away from getting any time on our sleds. Right now most of us can only dream of riding, you are very lucky! mike
  10. Yes Gullyrider, I had this problem a few days ago, doing it in English and each new page switched to French. As I recall I was able to bring it back to English again but it wasn't easy. What did confuse me was when the form asked for 'plate'. I assume they wanted my Maine plate number but wasn't sure. mike
  11. This week I emailed my dealer to get the sled out of storage and gave a list of things to check over. I also got my state registration renewed and for the first time ever did my Quebec Trail Pass on line. Got my insurance bill and paid that. Only thing left to do is pick my date to head north, first Sunday in January or second Sunday. I suppose the vin rouge will be better if I give it an extra week to age. mike
  12. Agree with Jackstraw, Motel Chibougamau for sure. Downtown has a lot of flavor and is interesting to say the least. Like a last outpost before heading to the unknown. Nice little downtown with all kinds of businesses, etc. You will have some great stories to tell friends after staying there on a Friday or Saturday night. mike
  13. Looks great Terry. Got my order in. mike
  14. Thoughts and sympathies are with you. mike
  15. I normally take a medium everything, but always buy large for sled jackets in case I need to layer up. With the Choko, I tried both med and large and it was a toss up, but I chose the large. As I recall, (jacket is right now in storage), it is a little more roomy down by the stomach and waist. You should really try one on with your vest. (I don't wear a vest).
  16. I bought a Choko Adventurer jacket early on last winter. Loved it, extremely warm. The liner doesn't come out, so may be too hot on a warmer day. It is also heavy, as in weight, but that did not seem to bother me any. But it is a good price and seems to be a quality jacket. I am very happy with it. mike
  17. Eddie, have a great day, happy birthday! Find some time to jump in the hot tub with a good bottle of vin rouge. And George says hi.
  18. Needs to be a cold winter to freeze the tidal ice going out to the island. Also, years ago, the first time I went out to the Isle, the wind had blown the snow off one side of the island and the riding in sections was on dirt instead of snow. It is only a couple miles of riding out on the Isle, but pretty neat with all the 'artist cottages'. farms, history etc. and the great views out onto the St. Lawrence. Worth the trip. The trail leading to the Isle is a nice detour bypassing and then connecting back up with trail #5 east. mike
  19. Sweet looking ride! Guess I will need to buy you a wine to celebrate. (And this winter I promise to remember the promise-damn the old age memory). mike
  20. And free college!!! Steve, we could be brain surgeons in our next life.
  21. lol Steve! I may be popping triple doses of heart meds to make sure I don't have a heart attack in Canada. OR, when I am admitted to the hospital, I will register under jak's name. I already drink the cheap wine. (what did you think was in that 6 gallon gas can in the back of my truck?).
  22. Thanks Gutz, Looks like Imglobal directs you to numerous companies that sell midical/travel Ins and you get quotes for what you need. If it is actually good coverage for that small an amount, well, that is pretty good. They only problem I have, being retired, I come and go, no real plan of dates on when to leave for Canada or when to come home and the more I learn about these travel/medical insurance plans, they need exact dates. And many don't cover pre existing conditions or charge a fortune to do so. So far in my research it is looking like switching over from an Advantage plan to a Medigap plan solves the problem, but the monthly bill goes from $19 a month to around $300 a month. The Advantage ($19 mo.) has out of pocket expenses of about $6,800, where as you will spend more than $6,800 every two years for Medigap, (which will probably pay for medical in Canada). jak probably gets his Medigap for $160 and is supplemented (partly paid for) by his former employer or union.
  23. That is a great deal on the insurance for all you get. When I have the big one in Canada, I will just use your name!!!
  24. Joe, You probably have a 'Medigap' plan through BCBS. I have an 'Advantage' plan. In fact, I never heard of the Medigap plan until just recently. My Advantage plan pays for drugs and runs my Medicare plan and is only $19 a month. I have found my plan has huge money coming out of my pocket for the big medical stuff. A Medigap plan probably pays most of the big out of pocket expenses that come with Medicare. But my understanding is Medigap plans cost a couple hundred a month. And Joe, as far as going slower on your new 4 stroke this coming winter, I seem to remember you racing your high performance 2 stroke against a 95 HP 4 stroke last winter and you had to buy the 4 stroke driver a drink afterwards.