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  1. Just a quick trick i learned out of shear necessity.... To do a defog in the woods when all else fails take helmet off place it upside down under the exhaust pipe of a idling sled for 1 to 2 minutes about 6" -10"or so away from the pipe you will be surprised that thing is as clear as when you came out of the motel in the morning . totally fog free and even slightly warm inside. You may have to dig a small hole in the show to get it in place under the pipe but it sure works great hope that helps
  2. Am I missing the boat here ? I looked on the advertisers tab and could not find a place to sign up as an advertiser if I wanted to do so. Seems to me there should be an easy way to do that if you want to get advertisers on board...... maybe I'm a little slow with this stuff but thinking that most customers would be from Quebec and English is not their first language in a lot of cases, It does seem to make it a lot harder to have to navigate around. A tab on the page may ease things up some just my 2 c
  3. I was wondering the same thing
  4. looks like they came in overweight with 42k tons on board if i'm reading the ship specs. correctly or you got seriously overcharged for the salt. According to this link its only supposed to hold 29,862 tons gross (I think I'm correct) maybe you could get a rebate
  5. Just thought I'd share a tip that I discovered last fantastic when your shield frosts up on the inside. With your sled idling...take your helmet off and place it upside down under the exhaust outlet of the sled...leave it there about 30 seconds to 1 minute with the sled idling and you will be amazed ...shield will be completely frost free and all moisture will be gone from the inside...just like when you leave the motel room in the morning. Really works fast just make sure you don't leave it there too long and try to keep the shield about 10" or so from the pipe outlet use common scene. A lot better than trying to look through a frosted shield
  6. Bobby Boondocker and Johnny Standup LOL that's a good one Bill
  9. ok guys here you go
  10. Hi all We are thinking of doing the Gouin loop in a few weeks. We have never done it before I do have a GPS with the track between Clova ...Obedjiwan then the Barrage marked on it Does anyone have any info for this year on this loop Ie, any sort of grooming ? trail marking? or at least some sort of beaten path? gas stops? how long it takes? etc. Thanks
  11. Be aware of the gas issue between Senneterre and Clova its a long way between the 2 with lac fallon closed this winter. If my GPS mapping is correct it shows about 142 miles . You cannot depend on Balbuzard
  12. Just curious are you past the 300 +- mile break in period now?