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  1. Chenail du nord

    Thanks. Finally got a hold of them but they were booked up. We changed our plans.
  2. Chenail du nord

    Chenail du Nord it open? Trying to call and get room for 4 tonight .... Get recording but do not understand french
  3. Trail Conditions 2016

    what kind of loops did you do from La Malbie?
  4. Gathering Run.

    They really like busting on you Phil, hang in there and show them a good time!
  5. 4 day trip report

    Hi Phil. Looks like you and guys were on a few good trips this year. I can't believe you are thinking Polaris 2 stroke, I thought for sure you would be on the 1200 club for your next sled. If you do get the Adventure I think you will really like it. So far a like my Rush but I only have 400 crappy New York miles on it.
  6. Pics from the Matapedia Valley !!!

    Great to meet you groomer. Will be back as as soon as possible... on to the rock today then north shore.. This is Phil on snow racers iPad...they are giving me a hard time imagine that...
  7. Come ride Gaspe with us 3/21

    I am interested in joining your group if some one else wants to go.