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  1. Snow currently.. no rain so far today
  2. Some signs of groomer activity on the 93 .. but I'd say most trail riders wouldn't be having a good time 😉
  3. No ride is complete without seeing...
  4. We Arrived late afternoon ..more to come
  5. Looks all updated on my end ..
  6. Do you own any sled ? If so just get a pass for that one . It's $30 bucks to transfer later , still saves some
  7. This to add as well https://www.tvanouvelles.ca/2022/11/07/de-nouveaux-frais-pour-les-motoneigistes?fbclid=IwAR23WHgbX1XmJvxjBUx6sR2L9_Szd0fYg-FQiO343OsHC0yQU-8MsLs70HI
  8. We made it no problem last February 😉
  9. https://www.dootalk.com/threads/1200-engine-oil-level.525140/
  10. On a related subject Don , Hows the bridge repair just north of Grand-Mere going ?
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/la-fontaine-tunnel-technical-briefing-1.6615102 Well ..that's a bummer Might just have to try that Sorel ferry 🤔
  12. We rode through there late last season ... Heavy logging was happening on a big section , lots of the trail was unrecognizable.
  13. .https://fb.watch/g36VEB3byJ/. pulling cords already up there !
  14. Just my thought here . This isn't really a gas stop, its a huge lumber yard that sold fuel to us riders. Now that is been proven that that sector of TQ93 survived without us bothering them the answer is probably don't hold your breath it'll be available for us in the future 🤔
  15. https://fcmq.qc.ca/en/trail-permit/line-trail-permits/?utm campain=[prévente]&utm medium[journeyen]&utm souce=[simplify]
  16. Surely if there's a statue that was erected in pipes home town it'll have to be un-threaded and taken down asap ! 😁
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