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  1. Hi Bill, Sent you a PM with the pass info and Paypaled the money... Thanks Chris
  2. Got my pass today Bill. See you in February. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Bill, Sent you the info and money via Paypal this morning..... Chris
  4. HMMM.. My wifes good friend is getting married the 18th so I have a confilict. I will see if she can reschedule!!!!
  5. Hey that's funny I did 2485 too. That makes 46360+2485= 48845 miles
  6. Great pics. I am going back to the Gaspe for sure now. The view over Mt St Pierre alone is worth the trip. Gaspesie people have to be the friendliest people I have ever met.
  7. Great report Karl! It's the trips like that one you always remember. That route is on my list for next year. BTW I finished the year with 12,200 miles on my sled and it was still running strong!!!
  8. That shouldnt be a problem. Means we can leave at 10am then....
  9. Thanks Guys. See you Saturday around 4:00 Bill. You taking us on the Claremont express next week???? Last time we took 23 from the HI it felt like 1000 miles. 3' whoops the whole way. I though my machine was going to break in half!!!!
  10. Anyone know what the distance is to the HI via 23??? Chris
  11. Hope you make it up. Maybe we all can get out for a ride.
  12. BigBraap and I will be heading up fro some riding with Bill the week of the 22nd. Anyone else going that week?? Chris
  13. Been so busy forgot to post about a great trip last weekend to RDL. BigBraap and I left Jackman bright and early Saturday morning and headed up to the Border. After an easy crossing with no hassle we took 75 up to 35. 35 for a few miles to 545N on to 5. We then took 5 all the way to RDL. The fenced in corral at the Universal was overflowing with sleds. I have never seen it so busy. Traffic on the trails was light though. Trails were fantastic all day. 299 miles for the day and I would say less than 10 miles of anything less than perfect. We took a more direct route on the way back to Jackman.... 526W out of RDL to TQ35. Stopped in at Relais 540 to say hi to Andre and get some oil. Then on to 55 all the way to Beauceville. Back on to 75 to Jackman. Again great trails 95% of the time. 265 miles for the day. For once we actually put more miles on the sleds than the truck 564mi Vs 520mi Doobraap
  14. BigBraap and I will be heading up fro some riding with Bill the week of the 22nd. Anyone else going that week?? Chris