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Northbound 2018


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Day 6,    To Sept Iles. Caught the 8am ferry to Godbout. Nice smooth ride over with breakfast onboard. This trip, sleds were on first and off first, nice. 

   I hate to keep rubbing this in if you're not up here, but today was another nice mild, sunny day.

    7 other sleds crossed with us. When we all off loaded and took the local to the 3, everyone turned right.

     The first maybe 10 miles was still wide single track, but from there on everything was very good to freshly groomed.

    We stopped for gas and a soup at Tims in Port  Cartier.  From my room at the Quality Inn, looking across the parking lot I can see a St Hubert. I've  got an idea for supper.

     Jeff and Sandy

Sorry for all the boat pics, but I thought somebody out there may not have seen it  before, and it is an impressive boat.









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Day 7 to Baie-Comeau,  More info about the Quality Inn we stayed at last night. Their included breakfast was pretty good,  eggs, bacon, sausage, you know the good stuff. Also on the 4th floor they had a free laundry. Only 1 washer and 1 dryer, but new machines and did I say free? We'd always stayed across the street at comfort inn, but no more. Also pretty cool, we could see a freighter anchored out in the bay from our room.

    I jinxed myself yesterday about the sunshine. Today was cloudy with a few furries but mild. Trsils were all good to Godbout. Between Godbout and BC a few bumps, mainly in the little hills. Still a real nice day to ride. Plenty of snow here.       Jeff and Sandy 





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Mike,  you feeling better yet? Your northern outpost is waiting. And don't tell anyone about the laundry.


Dave, thats almost boating weather,  you can start thinking of the island. I think it was high 50s at home. But at home its rain and mud season.

Jeff and Sandy 

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Day 8 to Sacre Coer,  

       Flurried a little overnight. 100 miles to Mclunch and gas in forestville. I think we passed Roadrunner heading east. 

   By the time we got to lunch snow really picked up. They said 1-3, I beg to differ. Leaving Portneuf, I was having trouble finding the trail in the open spots. As I was deciding to go on or jump on the road for a bit. 4 sleds came from the west. 4 guys from Montreal. I asked them about the trail up ahead he said " not good, but fun".  Not the answer I was looking for butnow we jad tracks to follow. Soon 6 sleds came up from behind, better. 

   The what I thought were 7 sleds that crossed on the ferry went to Sept Iles then  BC and are now in the Coronet where we we landed for the night. We have been leapfrogging them for 3 days. They are running faster than us, but we don't have to stop to smoke. Not a relaxing day but we're here. Trails needed goomed past forestville and about 10 mile from sacre coer, the sun came out and guess what we passed. 1st pic is outside comfort inn in BC. Like I said plenty of snow.

     Jeff and Sandy 

Tomorrow I will post on Saguenay forum







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On 3/1/2018 at 6:43 PM, Northbound said:

Trails needed goomed past forestville and about 10 mile from sacre coer, the sun came out and guess what we passed.




Yeay!  Something to look forward to!

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