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  1. Congrats Bill. Nice to see you being recognized for your efforts. Skip and Mariann
  2. Fozzy, nice to hear you had a good experience.
  3. Been following this with some interest. I have been fortunate to be able to snowmobile in many different locals in the US and Canada. Yes, on weekends The Hill is a zoo. Unless you get out very early the trails are wooped be noontime. With that said, the local all volunteer clubs do an excellent job. The one big problem is that the true "Hill" is probably a 30 mile radius. When I say the true Hill, I mean where the snow really is. When there is no snow anywhere else every snowmobilier heads up, and quit frankly the trail system can't handle it. It would be like if there was only a certain amount of trails around The Delta and 5000 sleds rode those same trails everyday. The other problem is just doesn't snow off the hill like it used to, so it's not always possible to expand you riding. IE-The Hill gets ALL the traffic. Nothing makes me happier than when I see other parts of our state get snow, that means hopefully it will ease the traffic in our area. With this being said, I know someone will chime in with the old 'look how much money the sleds bring in' rebuttal. I'm just stating an opinion from someone that lives here and has spent 40 years volunteering to help make snowmobiling better. I know that Quebec is the Eden of sledding, but I just wanted to add my 2 cents to this post. Be safe and enjoy !
  4. Happy belated Birthday Bill Skip & Mariann
  5. feel better soon. I need someone to look after my buddy Ray!
  6. Selling a Brand New woman's Ski Doo Absolute 0 jacket. Size XL. Got it as a Xmas gift but it doesn't fit. Paid $299.00, will sell for $250 (US) plus shipping.
  7. Hope your having a great day Skip & Mariann
  8. Happy Birthday Bill. Hope your having a good day, Hope to see you at the Big East Show Skip & Mariann (Rays friends)
  9. This is very special. Your group should be very proud of your accomplishment.
  10. Happy Birthday Bill ! From Skip, (Rays Friend)
  11. great job Bill. Your a credit to our sport.