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  1. Quebec Bob, I have your old BC up North of Chibugamu today. Left Val'Dor yesterday morning at 10 AM and rode to Obju-Chibugamu for last night. Had and invite to eat an evening meal with them as they has a festival so we decided to nun north and come back to eat tonight. Tried to get up to Mittissinni today but did not make it. Over a foot of fresh snow and very windy like 30 mph+ today so drifting was insane. Turned around and followed logging roads and pipelines back down to Chibugamu and got a late lunch at 3. Went back the local trail and used GPs to find off trail mountain riding for several hours now at Marina Chibugamu for the night. First time here but nice place.
  2. Is that the sign off 93 behind the clubhouse? Never went up and plan to for Thursday night. I see the trail goes behind the club house.
  3. Is there a need to reserve here or just ride in? Parking in Val-d'or Thursday morning after driving up from PA overnight. 3 guys and we just keep switching off driving. Never stayed here but have stayed in Chib many times.
  4. Headed up that way on Thursday. Not sure how far we will get with the rain coming. Have 4 days to ride and plan to park truck at Forestal. CAPISSISIT LODGE is in Ouje bigamau. Have you ever stayed there? Orange trail to lake so I assume you just cross the lake. Maybe after your trip up there you can message me if you want to?
  5. Just rode thru there 2 weeks ago and did not see any activity at all. Just lodging and food?
  6. I am sorry but I cant seem to use this link and i cant find anything in Google
  7. Is the lake frozen? I assumed so but I am seeing some of the southern lakes are not safe yet per Facebook pages.
  8. Thanks. Was going to ride east further but saw the free weekend is this weekend. Staying FAR away from the popular areas. LOL
  9. I saw they are under construction or something. Can you still park there and ride?
  10. Also we will need to buy 3 day passes so where can I get them in La Tuque? Mike
  11. Schedule didn't allow us to ride in Quebec till next weekend. Was planning to park at St Raymond but the warm temperatures will not be good for the town. Where is a good place to park in La Tuque? Will want to head to Mt Valin and north shore or if that's not good will head north on 93 to chib
  12. Thank you Bob. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Have fun picking out your new one!!! Mike