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  2. I would be interested as well. Keep us posted as to what the options are.
  3. I got one of those too, I’m in on more to come from Terry and Co. Dont forget the QR stickers....Iconic
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  5. Anybody happen to have coordinates for those bunkers near Casey? Thanks. Ike
  6. bonsoir pinkm1 !!! great thx... as far i remember ...never been chased...summer time ain t bother me much ..moose can be very curious and friendly...... from late sept till moose hunting , i m more careful ..their attitude change....i don t have that extra knowledges about , im careful i don t tease them for fun...during rut season... like i said, on the other thread (hahaha ) if they have a '' face the boeuf ''....i keep my distances...i don t want to look like a '' clown '' you can see on some videos...and im always alone but over the years...i saw some very closely ... i forgot....friday for supper , while having rouge.....i noticed that a bear scratched the window..forgot to take pics jean-guy
  7. Groomer, Great pictures as always, Merci'. Have you ever had any close calls or been chased by a moose in your time in the woods taking pictures. I know once on my snowmobile I had a cow drop her ears, raised her neck hairs at me and started trotting towards me, I yelled (screamed maybe) at her and she decided that I wasn't worth the effort...
  8. bonjour !!! few pics from the weekend....friday , as soon i entered logging rd...missed a lynx twice... 4 moose and a partridge jean-guy
  9. Beouf place was on the main drag in Thetford, but gotta check out Lac William next time in the area. Highly recommended by Sled Industry Ambassador & Berkshire Snow Seeker Ninja Gary B.
  10. No Pip for me this year JmS, blew my tranny and rear diff, had trouble locating a good used one. In the shop now getting ready. Pip gonna have to wait till next year cuz by the time the bike is back together it’s time for my next holiday then we’ll we we’ll into hunting season and we all know how much hunters like atvs running around in their territory.
  11. COMES with attachments for a lot of sleds incl. grand touring and expeditions . this is the older style .not linq sys, asking $100.00
  12. Id do a few T’s...prefer long sleeve but am flexible.
  13. Slightly used fits lots of sleds with mount kit incl. grand touring and expeditions up to atleast 2018
  14. I can get a pic of the one that Bill used, he did our shirts in 2013. I'd be willing to buy an extra as a give away ,if IceMan want to run the grooming lottery\contest this year again. Thanks GutZ
  15. Gutz hit it on the head! To many options equals lots of headaches! So, here's what I'll do......I will have my graphic dept come up with a few different layouts, both embroidered and printed. As part of our business, we also run 'Order My Gear' stores, so we will create a store so that you can log on and order what you would like, pay by CC and the order will be shipped directly to you. Probably for ease of production, we will take orders and enter into production at the end of every month. That way we are not setting up for single piece runs. All that being said, I still want to make sure this is OK with the Powers To Be, so any assistance is appreciated. Also, I would be more than happy to pay as an advertising sponsor, so I guess that would be the first step. I haven't payed much attention to how that works, so whoever is charge of that, please reach out to me! Stay tuned, designs to follow....
  16. Ha! Oops! Ouch! Hey, by the way, appreciating: this is a family oriented site and all, and Snowhor goes for the extreme stuff, but do you think this is too sexi?...
  17. We have that, we say "New Yorkers!!" HAHAHAHAH LOL Now I'm the beatin' of the week in Brook-A-Lean. GutZ
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