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  2. Yes there was a green collection box at both park entrance each ends and you should put you payment in an envelop, keep the receipt that was attached to this envelop before dropping it in the green box. If you got ckecked in the park, you need to show your receipt and the agent take the number on it with your personal information and later they verify with the receipt number if your envelop contain the payment... if not, a fine is sent to you by mail. It is a similar process already used for ZEC acces( Z.E.C.= (controlled harvesting zones) ) in the summer for all users(car/atv/motorcycles...) that acces them outside cashier opening hours or by some gates without cashier. Those same ZEC that we travel for free in winter and there are many in Lanaudière that the trail network pass on: Zec des Nymphes, Zec Lavigne, Zec Chapeau de Paille just to name few and they are all independent one from the other... this is also why it's worrysome to see some park organisation starting to bill us for passing in winter, not good at all.
  3. Is there a collection box at both the north and south ends? If there is no one there what proof do you have that you paid?
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  5. bonsoir !!! aujourdhui dans la gaspesie .... last long ride....back to work monday !!! jean-guy
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  7. My friend asked Pascal at Drakkar yesterday and he said that you would have to trailer a little bit from there to ride. Looking at the ATV map it does show that the trail is not there in the summer for ATV's but you can ride from there on them in the winter. ???? The trip to Latuque is exactly what I wanted to do from Drakkar. I am going to check into it further and see if there is a way from Drakkar, as it is a nice and safe place to stay.
  8. Yes this definitely helps. I will look into Rabaska. Were the trails there wide enough for side by sides? I know some places (like bridges etc) can be an issue in some areas. Thanks for the info!
  9. I know they used to ride right out of Safari. Day trip to La tuque.
  10. A group of us rode Tug Hill a few years back, never go back. We rode up in New Hampshire ( Ride the Wilds ) a couple if times, very nice ! Last year we did day trips out of Rabaska. Now that was a Blast ! First time ever in Quebec for most of the group so Rabaska was a Grand Slam, I looked like a hero. Hope this helps out
  11. I bought 2 of them 3 years ago. I kept my supplies bag locked on all the time. then, whenever I would leave fuel onboard overnight, I'd use the second lock. Only problem I had was the plastic cap that covers the key hole kept falling off. Had to replace them twice. Thought about hot glueing or epoxy a tether strap so the cap wouldn't get lost. I'm now riding a GT so no place to use Linq bags. Sold all my bags and the locks.
  12. Damn, a 1000lbs limit including the rider!? I would have trouble riding a bicycle then on those trails in the Berkshire Mass forests to keep under that weight. lol I have heard the ATV trails in Quebec have all different kinds of terrain and I think I would enjoy seeing the area with no snow on it as well. I just love seeing the wilderness and what Canada has to offer. I rode Tug Hill area with it a couple weeks ago and it was fun, but its mostly dirt roads and limited on terrain changes,
  13. I was thinking of Trailblazer as a great source so I hope he finds this.
  14. bonjour !!! half a mile lower than '' school bus '' !!! jean-guy
  15. Hey Chris, That Razr looks DEAD SEXI! Well done! Good luck with it! Too bad the Berkshire Mass state forests have 1,000lb weight limit, including the rider. We trailered the quads up in summer '08 (damn time flies) and did day trips out of St Donut. The trails & services were well marked & mapped. Kinda bumpy along the way, and dusty as hell after the lead machine, when it wasn't raining. Anyway, still fun goofing off and all.
  16. TRAITOR!!! LOL Trailblazer should be able to point you in the right direction. Later GutZ
  17. Well I decided to get back into the side by side game and I purchased one again. I have never ridden on the trails in Quebec with an ATV and I have looked into it but I thought I would see what insight I can get from some of you. I know some of you ride the summer trails so I thought I would ask. I would be crossing from NY on the Northway going through Montreal. We usually snowmobile out of Shawinigan but where we stay the trails do not go to. So would it be better to pick up the trails closer to St. Zenon and go north or trailer further east of Shawinigan like St Raymond and go from there? We would be interested in riding from either a home base each day or even starting from a safe place for truck and trailer and doing a loop returning to truck in 3 or 4 days. Any insight or opinions of where to stay or trails to run etc... are welcome as it is all new to me with the ATV's up there. Thank you.
  18. TOO BAD. but some ruin it for us all.. there is a time to go fast but just shows lack of respect for land owners..
  19. Grumpy I doubt the trail will ever pass there again. In the old days the owner was an avid snowmobiler as was most of us, not much chance of the land being sold, it probably just gets handed down. Lots of rumours but originally what I heard was a fight between the owner and the president of the now defunct St Agathe club was the main reason and they had been freinds. Last winter I had the opportunity to sit down with the owner of the Fort west paint ball park who just happened to have the unfortunate luck of buying the Relais des Pin and changing the name around the time of the closure. In discussing the lost trail and asking if he thought there was any chance of getting it open again, he said he had talks with the owner blocking the trail and the owners grand son even worked at Fort West last summer. Turns out that grand son narrowly missed being hit by a speeding snowmobile when he was younger and that prompted the closure. The family apparently has nothing against snowmobiles and nothing against Fort West, they just never want snowmobiles passing on their land again. I guess that fits in with what I heard.
  20. I believe the stopped that trail up by the saw mill the guy had in his back yard and not much chance to get back unless they change land owner,, but it was sweet and short, now just way out of the way.. I did some work with RB Gauthier ex. when there were down here working on house development at the whitlock golf club.. hope it works out.
  21. That’s the one JG. Think you feel old, I was running that section up from the highway running north and past Barkmere on a 1971 Olympic before it was ever common to groom trails. From there it took a somewhat different route but went to Tremblant and down to St Faustin. Come to think of it, 2 inch suspension travel and Un-groomed trails no wonder I feel old!😁😁
  22. Yes I remember, trail started north by the Venison farm between Weir and Arundel while riding along side of the highway. From Pincourt to St.Jovite going up through that trail it was taking us just under 4 hours and a full tank of gas back then. My god I’m getting old. Lol
  23. bonjour !!! to farm ....vrooooommmm !!! jean-guy
  24. Yes, 10-15 min from my place on the old trail passing near Bark Lake. They still serve and try to cater to snowmobiles but not the same as the way the trail goes now they are no longer in a practical spot.
  25. Thinking about using those Linq locks made by Whiteout Technology. Fully understand that it’s just a deterrent but seems like a good idea especially while touring. Locking 4 gallon can to sled, oil caddy to gas can. Anyone have any experience with these?
  26. Would that be the old Relais Des Pins that turned into a paintball place?
  27. I can’t wait to try it out either JG, now if we could just get back the trail lost between here and the relais ( Fort West now ) and we would be back to 35 minutes to Tremblant.
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