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  2. March 2013! Damn, time does fly when you're having fun. Trailered out and pac-manned most of the area. Had a memorable tree-hugger experience coming back down from Matagami!
  3. ... " but i'm going to be direct ...great afternoon and night to spend at the '' ballerines '' Always nice to take in a local show once in a while 🙂
  4. Also fcmq does show everything on the south side of the Saguenay as closed currently?
  5. The snow cover in the valley was marginal when we came thru this am, we did talk with some guys from the valley that rode up to the mountain Saturday, but rain Saturday night in the valley probably didn’t help things.
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  7. Pipe, we do purchase the long version HD rear tow bumper, that bolts into the tunnel and runs ahead of where the rear suspension bolts in. We have not damaged any tunnels when doing this reinforcement to the tunnels. Under the back country we have also had tunnel reinforced plates around the rear suspension bolt area. The new expedition seems to have these mounts reinforced already so just the HD rear bumper, so time will tell if these are adequate. Think snow RR
  8. What’s the possibility of launching out of the delta this coming weekend 12-20 and riding Mount valine
  9. Everyone gets there panties in a knot, the start of winter is still a week away. Come the first of the year it will be cold and snowy like it is every year! Riding is rarely good before the 2nd week of Jan. anyway when everything is open and connected. Patience grasshopper! And this is coming from someone without any! LOL
  10. It looks like they have snow on the ground.... Later GutZ
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  12. Does not look good, we went thru from the mountain Saturday and they need alot more snow before they groom the valley. But one big storm could do it.
  13. I'll ask! Try to remind me tomorrow. Later GutZ
  14. It's not a is the truth. No lodging at the Pavillon la vérendrye. Only gas and food.
  15. Thank you for the quick response. Not sure of our loop yet but this is what I’m thinking
  16. My understanding is these guys are the only place for many miles in any given direction. I heard a rumor that the accommodations were going to be shut down this winter though. Just selling gas and food. Would love to be corrected on either comment, but that's what I know.
  17. Looking for a place to stay near the intersection of 63 and 386. Won’t be till the middle of February. Any advise would be appreciated
  18. They and you were lucky in that area, stayed cold and snowed, no rain, it is looking cold with no real snow in lots of Quebec for the next 8 or 10 days, @%$&(<!!. That area will probably get some heavy traffic early this season, there and Mt. Valin
  19. MiOn my way home At the Classic in Lytton having a great (after noon) breakfast Valdor looks to have had about 6-8" last night and closer to a foot around LeDomaine. No sled tracks anywhere up by the domaine where it crosses the 117 a couple tims or here at the Classic where it comes in the parking lot and then crosses the road up the hill. I had a memorable trip that will be hard to beat if I live to be 100 Mission was accomplished with 502.7 on the new machine Thanks for following along and hope to see and meet you on the trails. the Relais, hotel, gas station, clubhouse, camp, bar, pourvoirie....LOL
  20. bonjour !!! sad day in the valley ...i don t know how you say that in english ...but im going to be direct ...great afternoon and night to spend at the '' ballerines ''... rained yesterday afternoon...last night ...this morning ....i was up the hills next to farm about an hr ago...light snow ....but raining in town ... still +2c at the airport ....a bit windy right now... few bad pics....not all fields are part of the trails...just a '' tour de ville '' to show you !!! looks like sunshine wants to come out !!! jean-guy
  21. Any chance of riding out of the delta on Sunday 12 -21
  22. Something of thought, and I may be wrong. You get hurt badly out in the bush, I am guessing you will still have to wait hours for an EMT or police to arrive to evaluate you before they (police or EMTs) call for an air medic. (Remember first responders will have to drive somewhere to pick up a snowmobile on a trailer, then drive to a spot to unload). EMT's will still need to transport you to a place where the air med can land. And the first responders have to find a safe place for the air med to land, and if none, need to transport you to a safe place which could be a long way. And night time throws in more time delaying variables. It would be worth finding out if the air medic would come based on the word of one of your riding buddies describing your injuries. mike
  23. I think Chapais and Chib area are open but there always seems to be a hold up around Lebel sur Quevillon for some reason probably water related I don’t remember but that area always seems to open a little later than the rest for the connecting section of the 93.
  24. Thanks very much for all the post that you do I greatly enjoy following along as I’m sure everyone else does. Have you ever had issues carrying all of the fuel and luggage on your tunnel or have you reinforced the tunnel to tolerate all that weight? Thank you
  25. I had it back in 07' I think they did away with it for years. Remenber having an airmedic sticker on the MachZ. Definitely a no brainer
  26. Steve, Backcountry rider said you stopped by earlier in the week. Yes we ran to Escoumin today, and also took the cross cut trail this afternoon on the way back. Noticed the groomer was doing the Pelchat \school bus trail today, but with the traffic it must have gotten beaten down quick. Hope we can connect another time this year Yesterday we went west to the Peribonka river and explored a retention dam on the west side of the Pip. Than we went to the Peribonka, The last time we were at the Peribonka at this hydro generating dam was 2015, wow time flys.The trip is winding down fast now, we are heading back tomorrow. One of scouting crew ended up with 2500 plus miles, and a couple of us broke 2,000 miles these past nine days. With over 6000 miles collectively on the expeditions, we have no issues, which is a first for us. Back out after the new year. Happy trails and Think snow. RR
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