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  1. Thats a sled track, whoever blew it left it nicely coiled on side of trail to be picked up by the groomer
  2. Maybe leave him in the elevator with a note and a couple bucks?
  3. I see Richard the owner of Auberge Mekinac has posted on HCS that it looks like he will be back open in the future. Been 7 years since he closed. He said right now he has a 2 Bdr cottage available now next to the Auberge. Always loved launching from there, great location at the end of the river. Richard always took care of you with secure parking, sending your truck with a driver for sled retrieval no matter where. Great host, looking forward to the return of the Mekinac!
  4. Well the color is right! Might have to take a better look?
  5. You know this thread is now going to have to show pics of your little buddy on all your adventures this trip! Maybe in the hot tub later?🐵
  6. I agree, have stayed there twice. Is it just me or do they seem to put the sledders in rooms the farthest from the entrance? Seems like a 2 mile walk to your room each time! LOL!
  7. The border is always a crap shoot. Last week when we went through was the quickest ever, super windy and cold. 2 questions and on our way. looked like he just wanted to shut the window!
  8. Noticed that also last weekend headed to la tuque bypassing the 2 biggest hills. So much for the roller coaster ride!
  9. What's the difference between viaexplora and the Imotoneige app?
  10. Great following along with you! Always a plus without a visit to the dealer!
  11. Is it possible to run an Apex in 4t of powder? I would bring a 3ft snorkel Don't forget the powder pics boys!
  12. Spare fuel s always a no brainer. Miss a turn and go 20+ miles and have to backtrack is 50 right there. Heavy dumping of snow and breaking trail in 12" of powder you'll be burning twice as much fuel. One less thing to worry about, to each there own
  13. Yep Got a ticket there about 8 years ago. They hide in the trees then jump out. Like shooting ducks in a barrel
  14. Wow the delta not a sponsor anymore? And I thought they did well off of QR
  15. The Delta in jonquier Also a sponsor, plus saguenay Bill is there to answer any questions
  16. Well, back to the truck in Shawinigan, 1130 miles for the week. The 900t’s ran flawless. Really love this sled, took a little getting used to the throttle but now not an issue. Woke up in La Tuque to -22f and the sound of what I thought was an m80 going off in the lot. A Viper across from us backfired and blew the can wide open along with the side panel into pieces which landed in the middle of the lot. Didn’t look good, surprised no fire. Tq73 to 353 and a bunch of orange and greens and back to shawinigan. Snowed all day, low traffic and smooth trails, great last day. Looking forward to the next one in Feb. Picture of the snowball is funny, I get one in the new linq bag at the end of each day. Great for the cocktail in the room at the end of each day before heading down to fill the ice bucket! Till next time!
  17. Woke up this morning to a brisk-22f Toms apex dead battery. Get the cute hostess to bring her truck over for a jump, cranks over but won’t fire up. Close to an hour later finally fired up. 10am departure on the 360 to Matawin for lunch an say goodbye to Tom as he is headed back to his truck in trois rivieras. The 360 in wonderful shape low traffic for a Saturday. After lunch deceided to head to La Tuque for the night. Up the 355 also in super shape and again very few sleds. Usually headed north on a Saturday afternoon there coming at ya like bullets! Into the Marineau for the night. Back to the truck in the morning. Limited pics, baterry kaput from the cold
  18. Days 3 and 4 Out of Chicoutamee up around LSJ to St Felician to Hotel JUdan for the night. Trails all in mint condition. Passed more sleds in the first hour then the previous 2 days combined. Plan was to head to Windigo to hook up with skidoo 420. Toms sled is done and is at DU Ravage. Tom makes the 320 mile solo run to windigo. Finally all together! Great night with skidoo 420 and his buddy Dave. TQ 83 tracked up with about 6-8” of fresh snow. Groomer was headed East out of relais 22. After saying our good byes in the morning me Eric and Tom headed 83 west to wemaci. Ungroomed . Fueled up and bingo groomer right at the beginning of the 83! SWEET!!!! Took that to the 345 and also fresh groomed! Set up like concrete! Kanawsta for lunch and into Canada Adventure for the night. Tq 33 south good and bad. In the morning tom heads to shawinigan, me and Eric 2 more days of riding.
  19. Day 2 Woke up to blue skies and checked the grooming app, TQ 23 green! Decision made. TQ 23 up to mt apica for lunch. Freshly groomed single pass, I assume the groomer will coming back tonight for the second pass. At letape Eric's fuel I light on mine showing 4 bars? Fuel gage off or is he burning more fuel. Can't chance it into letape for fuel and we take the same. Fuel gage off, just like on the 1200's Contnue on to Apica for lunch. Quick stop at the overlook. TQ 23 to the 368 groomed to perfection! Into the Saguanee for the night. Only a handful of sleds today no oncoming. Like tom said, a blue sky day for sure! Really loving the 900tXRS Feels a lot lighter, love the power. Downsides, colder then the 1200, the throttle is taking a lot to get used to, way to jumpy even In standard mode. Wish they didn't switch to the new throttle. I,m sure I'll get used to it. Snow moving in tonight till Thursday with possible freezing rain. Going to stay North to hopefully avoid it. Hopefully Tom gets his sled back early tomorrow to head North!
  20. After a delayed start to the trip due to a snowstorm that never happened at home. Me and Eric headed up to Lake George where all my stuff is Sunday afternoon to find 2 ft of fresh snow and unplowed driveway. Great, quick call and he is there in an hour. Dig out switch sleds and trailer and we are good to go in the morning. Early start and get to motel Marineau shawinigan around 1:30. Quick unload, saddle up and off to the Roqumont in St Raymond for the night. TQ23, 353, 73 . Super windy, lots of drifts but great going. Quiet here tonight. Both have new 900t's. So far I'm liking it. But with lots of loose snow drifts and high winds tough to really get a feel for it. Northbound in the morning at the moment but not set in stone. Will try to hook up with Florida Snowman tomorrow if possible he's in La Malbie waiting on a new stator for his Apex. We where suppose to be 3 but the non existent storm delayed us. Till tomorrow! No pics unless you want to see blowing snow!
  21. Best security measure is to avoid that area. If something is going to get stolen, more then likely it's in that area.
  22. Maybe Team Ice can haul you around in this. Safely cruise up to 70mph they claim!
  23. I have those same gloves and my hands are always cold. Just bought the ski doo leather ones. Hope there warmer. I'll know next week